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Below is a list of all the content-based posts since the beginning of Man Vs. Debt. (Things like giveaways and most product launches and link roundups aren’t included.)

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10/11: How to Manage Your Money Through Illness
10/3: 3 Surefire Ways to Lose Your War Against Debt
9/19: How to Kick Your Denial to the Curb
9/13: What Really Matters Most: Joan’s Mid-September Financial Update
8/23: Working From Home: How Do You Find Clients?
8/15: Things Are Looking Up: Joan’s Mid-August Financial Update
8/2: Wil Wheaton and the Value of Passionately Pursuing What You Love
7/25: Working From Home: What Can You Do?
7/18: We’re People Who Try: Joan’s Mid-July Financial Update
7/12: What If You Have A LOT of Crap to Sell?
7/9: 4 Things Every Man vs. Debt Reader Should Know About Me: Meet Oli Lewington
7/2: 5 Devious Mental Blocks That Make You Procrastinate With Your Finances (And How To Defeat Them)
6/27: How to Sell Your Crap Using Facebook
6/21: 3 Great Things About Working From Home
6/13: When It Rains, It Pours: Joan’s Mid-June Financial Update
6/11: Squirrel It Away For the Future: Top 5 Practical Tips For Building a Saving Habit
6/6: Doing A Good Job When No One is Watching
5/30: 5 Things to Do if You’re Behind on Your Bills
5/28: Why Owning Up to Ourselves is the Most Important Step
5/21: Does Online Shopping Change Our Spending Choices?
5/14: Slow, Steady and Straightforward: Joan’s Mid-May Financial Update
5/10: Treasures Vs. Crap: What’s the Oldest Item in Your Home?
5/7: 10 Best Financial Podcasts to Boost Your Momentum
5/3: What Does Wealth Look Like To You? Millionaire Fastlane Book Review
4/30: What, No Presents? Memorable Kids’ Birthday Parties
4/25: Stop! You Don’t Have to Leave to Do What You Love
4/22: Money Management for the Family: Some TRULY Timeless Tips
4/18: 14 Secrets Every Parent Should Know Before Talking To Their Kids About Money
4/12: The Taxes Are Paid: Joan’s Mid-April Financial Update
4/9: Dirty Laundry: Experiments with Homemade Laundry Detergent
4/1: Our Family Bookstore: From Amazon to Antique Mall
3/28: My “Deprived” Son: What I’ve Learned So Far Raising a (Mostly) Plastic-Free Kid on a Budget
3/25: It’s Time to Talk Dirty… About Money
3/18: What I Learned With Gretchen Rubin’s Paradoxes of Happiness
3/14: Luther’s Success Story: Selling $6,000 in Crap and Taking One Backpack to South America
3/11: It’s Amazing What You Can Do When You Hustle: Joan’s Mid-March Financial Update
3/7: Are 401(k) and 529 Plans a Good Idea When You’re in Debt?
3/5: The Beginner’s Guide to Consignment Stores, Thrift Shops and More
2/25: Make a Grocery Plan that Works for Your Family
2/21: Why You Need to Get Rid of the Digital Crap that Weighs You Down
2/18: Are Cloth Diapers Worth It?
2/14: 8 Reasons You Should Break Up With Debt
2/11: The One with the Tax Fiasco: Joan’s Mid-February Financial Update
2/7: The Where to Sell Your Crap Flowchart
2/5: Travel the World for $50 a Day? It Can Be Done!
1/31: What’s the Best Way to Pay Off Debt?
1/24: New Free Resource Kit to Kickstart Your Money
1/21: How I Loaned My Electric Company $800 Interest-Free
1/17: 5 Movies to Teach Your Kids About Consumerism
1/14: Pay Down $10 Million? Absolutely: Joan’s Mid-January Financial Update
1/10: 16 Simple Photo Tips to Get More Money When Selling Your Things
1/7: How to Slash Your Bills: 4 Steps to Paying Less Each Month
1/3: Identity: It Doesn’t Come From the Tasks You Do


12/19: The Gift of Kindness
12/13: Smart Giving: 6 Tips to Help You Choose Your Cause Wisely
12/10: Still Rolling Despite the Bumpy Road: Joan’s Mid-December Financial Update
12/5: Do You Really Need That Master’s Degree?
12/3: A Lesson from Barbie: Screw Bad Days and Move On
11/29: Why I’m Retiring From Man Vs. Debt
11/26: Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Joan’s Mid-November Financial Update
11/20: Rapidly Learn Any Skill (Including Cooking): An Interview with Tim Ferriss about “The 4-Hour Chef”
11/16: Spencer and Laura’s Success Story: Moving to Costa Rica with Two Children
11/13: Holiday Politics: Who’s on Your Shopping List?
11/9: “I’m Fine, Thanks” (Our Movie) is Finally Available!
11/5: Craigslist: Sell Your Item in 24 Hours or Less
11/1: No Leftovers Left Behind: Saving Money in Your Fridge
10/25: Get Your Head Out of the Sand: 5 Steps to Facing What You Owe
10/16: Are You Tracking Your Debt-Payoff Progress? Joan’s Mid-October Financial Update
10/11: Thoughts on Premiering Our Film Across the Country!
10/8: How Do You Define Your Life?
9/17: The Cat Cost Me $600: Joan’s Mid-September Financial Update
9/6: Relaunch Your Life: 5 Lessons from Life After a Double Lung Transplant
8/30: Inspiration from Legos: Use Resiliency and Flexibility to Build Your Dreams
8/14: Whoa, We’re 30 Percent Debt-Free: Joan’s Mid-August Financial Update
8/9: The Minimalist Guide to Visual Goal-Setting
7/31: What the Olympics Can Teach Us About Expensive Hobbies
7/27: Confessions of a Retail Salesman: Beware of These 4 Sales Tactics
7/25: How I Saved $700 a Year in 30 Minutes: A Post about Insurance That Isn’t Boring
7/19: 1 Simple Tool to Change How You Budget as a Couple
7/17: $25,000 Paid Off, and How We’re Going to Fit in a Vacation: Joan’s Mid-July Financial Update
7/12: How We Buy Our Clothes: When Frugal Isn’t Cheap
7/10: Tear Down Obstacles With These 4 Simple Exercises
7/3: 5 Books That Changed My Life
6/28: 6 Reasons We Chose NOT to Use Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation or Bankruptcy to Pay Off Our Debt
6/26: 3 Steps To Help You Stop Wasting Your Life
6/21: Is There Such a Thing as Financial Good Luck?
6/18: 5 Dangerous Questions to Help You Move Forward
6/14: How To Deal With Sentimental Clutter Without Feeling Guilty
6/12: A Hot-Water Heater and New Tires Didn’t Stop Us: Joan’s Mid-June Financial Update
6/7: How to Take Charge of Your Bill-Paying System
6/5: 7 Ways to Live Like a Millionaire (Without Going Into Debt)
5/30: What Do You Do About Your Financial Kryptonite… Is Willpower Enough?
5/29: The 6 Keys to a Flexible Life – Episode 6 – Man Vs. Debt Podcast
5/16: 25 Percent of the Way to Freedom: Joan’s Mid-May Financial Update
5/14: Regrets of the Dying and Lessons Learned on our Film Tour – Episode 5 – Man Vs. Debt Podcast
5/11: The Danger in Comparing Yourself to Others
5/9: 5 Things We Love About Being A One-Car Family
5/7: How To Save Money Doing What You Love
5/2: How Could You Make An Extra $200 This Week?
4/30: How I started Man Vs. Debt for just $74
4/26: Do You Still Keep a Checkbook?
4/25: Renting: The New American Dream
4/24: Conversations With My 12-Year-Old Daughter About Money, Work and Happiness
4/23: Welcome Charlotte Rose Baker to the Team!
4/20: 4 Videos That Inspired Our Amazing Week
4/19: Burn All Your Crap In A Bonfire (If That’s What It Takes)
4/18: Are You Overweight AND in Debt? 10 Tips I’ve Learned For Tackling Both Problems
4/17: The Making of “I’m Fine, Thanks” (Part Two)
4/16: 4 Questions That Changed How I View Work and Life
4/13: Your Body of Work (and Mine)…
3/29: Rethink Risk
3/26: Are You Sick and Tired of Being Broke and Tired? (Meet Joan Concilio)
3/19: The Making of “I’m Fine, Thanks” (Part One)
1/30: I’m Not Qualified For Any of This…
1/26: Rally Your Friends and Loved Ones – Episode 4 – Man Vs. Debt Podcast
1/18: Two Emotional Money Stories I’ve Never Shared in Public
1/17: The 6 Phases of Debt Reduction – Episode 3 – Man Vs. Debt Podcast
1/12: Man Vs. Debt 2011 Income and Expense Report
1/10: The Scarcity Mindset… Beneficial or Poisonous?
1/6: Goals or No Goals? – Episode 2 – Man Vs. Debt Podcast
1/3: Best of Man Vs. Debt 2011… And New 2012 Goals


12/22: Your Big Why and Defining Your Freedom – Episode 1 – Man Vs. Debt Podcast
12/19: My TEDx Talk: Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, Do What You Love
11/30: Raising Entrepreneurial Kids: “Too Soon” to Start?
11/22: Chase Your Dreams: One Drummer’’s Journey to Follow His Passions & Travel the World
10/6: The People Who are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World…
9/28: Uncertainty Book Review: 3 Simple Questions to Dissolve Your Fear of Change
9/15: 7 Tips to Rally Your Spouse & Loved Ones Around Your Change!
9/6: 3 Commonly Overlooked Skills For Turning Around Your Financial Life
8/29: Chapter 5: Asheville and The Evolution of Man Vs. Debt
8/23: What Can We Learn From The Debt Ceiling Debacle?
7/12: You Only Have One Shot, So Ultimately, What Do You Want To Do?
6/16: It’s O.K. to Change Your Course
6/13: Thoughts on Losing an Unborn Child
5/26: Family of 7 Travels from Alaska to Argentina in Veggie-Powered Truck
5/20: Gear I Use to Run My Business From Anywhere
5/9: April Transparency: Income, Expenses, & Future Plans
5/5: “I Don’t Look Back and Regret Anything”
4/20: Do The Work – An Interview With Steven Pressfield
4/11: Why Student Loans Suck [Infographic]
4/7: 24 Quick Actions You Can Do Today That Can Change Your Financial Life Forever
4/4: March Income & Transparency: Why I’m Investing So Much Into You Vs. Debt
3/31: Upside-Down Nation: How Debt Fueled Our Madness
3/21: 10 Truths I’ve Learned On the Open Road…
3/07: Do You Give to Panhandlers?
3/03: February Transparency Report: Investing Back
2/21: Ready, Aim… Aim… Aim…
2/15: Crush $1000 in Debt: Our Tour Sponsor & RV Wrap
2/10: What the Green Bay Packers Can Teach Us About Bouncing Back
2/03: January Transparency: Income, Expenses, and RV Costs
2/01: An Idiot’s Guide to Living with 417 Things
1/25: Travel Hacking Cartel: Get Travel Rewards Even Without a Credit Card
1/19: How to Drive Like a Grandma…
1/13: I Kicked Ass in 2010… Watch Me Do It Again in 2011
1/10: How NOT to Suck at New Year’s Resolutions
1/05: Debt-Free for Life: An Interview with David Bach
1/03: An Adventure Begins…


12/28: The 100 Thing Challenge:  An Interview with Dave Bruno
12/20: What Makes You Cry Tears of Joy?  Do That…
12/13: Announcing Our Next Adventure: 2011 U.S. RV Tour
12/06: What Christmas Is NOT About
12/02: Hit the Ground Running – November Income Report
11/29: Cyber Monday Meets Blogging: $1052 in courses for $97
11/18: Couples and Money: Do You Have Joint or Separate Finances?
11/11: Thank a Veteran: Interview with U.S. Specialist Nic Baker
11/08: Never Work Again
11/04: Learning to Leap: October’s Income, New MvD Changes, and End of the Year Goals…
10/28: Focus… on what truly matters.
10/25: 11 Reasons to Ditch Your Television
10/19: The Architect’s Guide to Breaking Free of The Matrix
10/07: How to Suck at Launching a Product
10/04: The Essential Power of Surrounding Yourself With Like-Minded People
9/27: Yard Sale Tips: The Final Tactic to Purge Your Crap
9/22: Finally: “Sell Your Crap” – Turn Your Clutter Into Cash
9/07: Review: The Art of Non-Conformity Book by Chris Guillebeau
9/02: July/August Income Report!
8/31: Belief, Without Action, is Dead
8/23: The First and Most Important Step when Attacking Your Finances
8/12: Ap-pre-ci-ate
8/09: Screw Robin Hood: New Study Claims Credit Card Rewards Take from Poor to Give to Rich
8/05: If You Don’t Ask, The Answer is Always No
8/02: 3 Reasons Why Most People Will Never Earn More Money And What You Can Do About It!
7/02: June’s Income and July’s Business Update!
6/16: 25 Inspiring Blogs To Help You Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, and Do What You Love…
6/03: May’s Income and June’s Business Update!
6/01: Change Your Environment, Change Your Life.
5/18: How to Build an Empire: 3 Online Business Truths I Learned From Chris Guillebeau
5/12: Ignite Your Passion & Business with Danielle LaPorte’s “FireStarter Sessions”
5/10: Are You Eating Yourself Into Debt?
5/06: The “Do What You Love” Show: Episode 4 – The Quest for Passive Income
5/04: April’s Income and May’s Business Update!
4/27: When to Quit Traveling
4/20: The “Do What You Love” Show: Episode 3 – Speaking 7 Languages with Benny Lewis
4/13: 26 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 26 Years of Living
4/09: “Debt Comes Calling” – A Fictional Short Story
4/02: Man Vs. Debt Turns One Year Old! What’s In Store for Year Two?
3/03: 3 Lessons I’ve Learned in 3 Years of Marriage
2/23: The “Do What You Love” Show: Episode 2 – Put The Freedom in “Freedom Business”
2/17: 8 Effective Ways to Raise Frugal Kids
2/11: Driving the South Island of New Zealand (Part 2): Mountains, Mazes, Bungee Jumping…
1/22: Too Much Credit: A Stunning Graphic on Personal Loans & Credit Cards
1/20: Simplifying Simplicity With Five Simple Questions
1/18: Paying Off A Decade of Debt: A Reader Success Story & Quick Interview
1/01: I’m Gonna Kick Some Major Ass in 2010… Bet on it.


12/28: Driving the South Island of New Zealand (Part 1): Christchurch, Seals, Tents, Pancakes…
12/25: Merry Christmas Video from the Baker Family!
12/21: The “Do Shit You Love” Show: Episode 1 – Karol Gadja
12/17: Family Travel Packing: Our List of ‘Stuff’ We Are Taking This Time Around
12/14: Is Travel Worth It?
12/07: Excess is a Liability
12/06: Winding Down Our Time in Auckland
12/03: Top 10 Money Movies of the Decade
11/30: Would You Kill a Stranger For a Billion Dollars?
11/29: November Man Vs. Debt Recap!
11/23: There’s Always An Excuse Not To Give
11/19: The X-Men Guide To Unlocking Your Financial Mutant Powers
11/16: Hulk Vs. Eeyore: A Simple 6-Step Process to Overcoming Friction in Life
11/11: Thailand, Here We Come: The Next Leg Of Our Adventure
11/09: Choose Your Words Carefully… You May Have to Eat Them.
11/05: Travel Hacking for Noobs: How We Save Hundreds on Airfare, Get Free Accommodation…
11/02: Budgeting Ups and Downs: October and Beyond
11/01: October Man Vs. Debt Recap
10/30: Rocky Balboa’s Guide To Kickin’ Ass
10/29: The Real Reason I Travel
10/28: How I paid off $15,000 in 9 months by selling my ‘Stuff’ on Ebay
10/27: Of Money and Marathons
10/26: Be Your Own Part-Time Boss: The Pros & Cons
10/22: I’m a Big, Fat Hypocrite: Our Updated War on Debt
10/19: 92 Quotes About Debt That’ll Make You Think, Laugh, & Tweet!
10/15: Stop Trying to Time the Markets!
10/12: Is Christianity the Only Path to ‘True’ Financial Peace?
10/11: ‘Cribs’ Video Of Our Downtown Auckland Apartment
10/08: Would You Rather Be Fat or In Debt?
10/05: Bend Over… I’ll Show You Where You Can Stick Your ‘Rewards’
9/28: Could You List Every Single Item You Own?
9/24: How NOT To Suck At Blogging
9/21: The “Shit-That-Doesn’t-Inspire-You” Factor
9/17: Cost of Living Abroad: International Bloggers Share Expenses
9/14: Tyler Durden’s Guide To Personal Finance
9/10: 42 Ways To Radically Simplify Your Financial Life
9/07: How To Wait Aggressively
8/24: Leveraging Social Media: My Journey To Untangle The Web
8/20: 25 Essentials That Are Better and Cheaper to Make at Home
8/13: Top 16 Pieces of Your Information Identity Thieves Crave
8/10: Should You Hate Debt? Should You Hate Anything?
8/06: The Power of Resourcefulness: A Guide to Peeing in the Shower
7/31: Dear Uncle Sam: Please Stop Stimulating Me
7/28: Frugality Vs. “Big Wins” – Why You Shouldn’t Care About Either
7/27: Couchsurfing New Zealand: Airport Debacles, Muslim Prayers, & A Triple-Dose Of…
7/20: 5 Non-“Personal Finance” Blogs I Read Religiously
7/16: How We Ended Up In New Zealand: Magnetic Island, Brisbane, And…
7/06: Backpacking With A Baby: Couchsurfing Townsville
6/30: Negotiation Tips For Beginners – A Real Life Example Of How I Saved $150
6/17: The Other Side Of The World: The Flights & Cairns
6/08: How Your Personality and Past Affect Your Money Habits
6/04: 27 Last Minute Considerations Before Moving Across The World
6/02: What Are You Willing To Consistently Pay More For?
6/01: 2nd Full Month Blogging: Video, Stats, Thanks, & June Goals!
5/29: May’ Budget Recap, Net Worth Update, & Future Battle Plans
5/28: Test Packing: Doing A Trial Run Before The Big Move
5/27: Track Your Spending: The First Battle In The War On Debt
5/26: 3 Habits Of Highly-Responsible Credit Card Users
5/25: How To Launch A Business From Home
5/22: How To Freeze Credit Reports Online
5/21: 67 Ways NOT To Sell A Car
5/19: How Much Crap Do We Really Need?: A List Of Our Possessions
5/18: Debt Tsunami: The Ultimate Method To Pay Off Debt
5/15: Giving While In Debt
5/14: Interview With A Dave Ramsey Certified Counselor
5/12: Why Australia?: Financial Implications Of Our Move Overseas
5/08: Everything You Ever Really Needed To Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page…
5/07: Sleeve Your Credit/Debit Cards To Fight Impulse Spending
5/06: What’s The Actual Point Of Budgeting?
5/05: Is Your Credit Card A Tool… Or Are You?
5/01: My First Full Month Blogging: Special Thank You Video And Complete Stats!
4/30: April’s Budget Recap, Net Worth Update, & Future Battle Plans
4/29: Why Do We Buy Things We Don’t Need?
4/28: Dave Ramsey Vs. Suze Orman: Should Your Financial Guru Be Changing His/Her Advice?
4/27: Saving Money While Traveling And Some Mistakes We’ve Made
4/25: Dave Ramsey’s Town Hall For Hope Review
4/23: Reclaim Your Dreams Review By Jonathan Mead
4/22: Yet Another 4 Reasons To Hate Credit Card Companies
4/21: Tap Your Social Network To Buy/Sell Used Stuff
4/20: Keep Laughing… The Car is Paid Off!
4/17: Help! House Fever Is Attacking Us!
4/16: Discovering Your Financial Priorities
4/15: Random Lessons Learned While Preparing Taxes This Season
4/13: Married With Separate Finances: I Just Don’t Get It
4/09: Financial Network Map
4/08: 33 Ways To Thwart Identity Theft!
4/07: We Did It!: Two Full Months To Fund Australia
4/06: Maintaining Balance: Is Getting Out Of Debt A “Need” Or “Want”?
4/02: “Shut Up And Call”: How I Saved $175 On My Verizon Cell Phone Bill
3/31: The Real Price of Spending While In Debt: $6.25 Footlongs…
3/30: 49 Reasons You Make Less Hourly Than You Think
3/29: Quick Ways To Improve Credit Score?
3/27: Declaration of War on Debt!
3/26: My Debt-Recon And Current Battle Plans
3/25: Cancel Credit Cards
3/22: Tracking Your Spending: Winning The First Battle In The War On Debt


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