The “Do What You Love” Show: Episode 3 – Speaking 7 Languages with Benny Lewis

Episode 3 features Benny Lewis from the fast-growing site, Fluent in 3 Months. Benny, who speaks 7 languages fluently, has spent the last 7 years of his life traveling around the world studying language and culture. We got to spend an amazing weekend together in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand a couple months ago. Follow Benny on Twitter!

Benny is one of my favorite people we met the entire time we were traveling abroad. His positive attitude and fun-loving nature is contagious. He’s optimistic, intelligent, and extremely passionate. We had such an engaging discussion (at least from my perspective) that we went on for 40 minutes! As such, I had to break down the video into two parts to preserve the High Definition beauty of Thailand. πŸ™‚

Episode 3 (Part 1) Content Guide:

  • [1:00] – Benny’s background in Engineering and Education.
  • [2:25] – How Benny got started speaking languages.
  • [3:45] – The single most important decision that allowed Benny to learn and speak 7 languages.
  • [4:48] – More information on and the “missions”.
  • [5:30] – Why you already know 10,000-20,000 words in French.
  • [6:50] – The definition of a “polyglot” and the list of languages Benny speaks fluently.
  • [8:30] – How Benny has earned money to travel full-time the last 7 years.
  • [14:16] – Benny’s concrete tips for me to learn Spanish in 6 months.

Episode 3 (Part 2) Content Guide:

  • [0:00] – How to make time to learn languages (overcoming the time excuse).
  • [2:40] – I clumsily share how I memorized a common Thai phrase…
  • [3:30] – Why the academic approach to studying languages is a waste of time.
  • [4:30] – Gaining confidence early. Getting to the point where “you know”.
  • [8:00] – How to build momentum when you start learning a new languages.
  • [12:05] – Why I read Benny’s site even without speaking multiple languages.
  • [12:55] – How Benny designs and executes his “missions” with tips on goal setting.
  • [17:14] – Benny’s question for the Man Vs. Debt Militia.

Benny’s question for you!

What are the reason and/or circumstances in your life that would make it EASY to learn another language?

What resources are available to you?

Let Benny know the answer to those questions below!

Note: For me, Courtney already speaks Spanish fluently (with a little sprucing up). Also, we are currently in Indiana which has a decent sized Mexican population. I could easily find influences both inside and outside my home to immerse in Spanish if I wanted!

12 thoughts on “The “Do What You Love” Show: Episode 3 – Speaking 7 Languages with Benny Lewis”

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  2. Okay, I answered my own question. Somehow, I skipped the part where you filmed Dan & Ian in Thailand. How come we didn’t get any awesome pics like we did w/ NZ? I think that is what I was waiting for! Hope you’ll share. Are they posted on Courtney’s website?

    I am glad to have run across Benny, the Irish Polygot, just recently. What a vast amount of life experience he is accruing. Think the FBI will hire him for his linguistic skills. πŸ™‚

  3. Great stuff! 2 years of Spanish in High School and 2 years of Spanish in college and I’m horrible at it.
    But these are great pointers.
    I also love the idea of combining your passion and your skills to find a niche way for making money. I need to chew on that more to figure out how to refine my niche.

  4. Great videos guys, I’m pumped to start learning Spanish again. One of the things I’ve always “wanted to do” is live in a Spanish-speaking country and immersing myself in Spanish. After 11 years of learning Spanish, I still haven’t been able to get over the hump into fluency.

    What are the reason and/or circumstances in your life that would make it EASY to learn another language?
    I can MAKE time throughout my day, I already have a head start in Spanish, and my girlfriend speaks Spanish! Wow, this question opened up my eyes to how incredibly ridiculous all of my excuses are.

    What resources are available to you?
    Well, I guess I answered these above. haha

    Thanks again for your work guys. Great book Baker! I’m still using your tools and methods to get myself out of debt!

    1. Thanks for the comment Jeffrey! Glad to see you realize the point πŸ˜‰ Once you see how easy it really is, any reasons you “can’t” start to seem truly like nothing more than excuses!
      Now, take action! Start to speak Spanish with your girlfriend immediately and make use of the extra time! You can get over the hump πŸ™‚

  5. I love the techno music that comes in around minute 8 on the first video πŸ˜€

    I will be checking out your blog in the future Benny. One of my goals was to relearn Spanish this year (I studied it in high school):

    And I like your blog Benny, but I really think you should develop a product for sale because rather than have to go through your old blog posts I’d rather just pay for access to all of the information at once.

    I’ll send you an email as I realize this comment is already very long…

    Chris Guthrie

    1. Chris, I am developing a product and it will be available in a few weeks; it will be called the “Language Hacking Guide” and will lay out all of my advice in a clear way in e-books and audio. Hope you’ve subscribed to the site or e-mail list to get news of that!
      All the best

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