My First Full Month Blogging: Special Thank You Video And Complete Stats!



NOTE:  This video really stretched my comfort zone.  Despite being clumsy in parts, I hope you can tell the message is very genuine.  I felt it was very important for me to thank you all personally.  Lets just say, I have a new found respect for those bloggers that are able to incorporate regular videos into their sites.  I realize I said “ummm” at least 34 times (and turned a 3 minute video into 7), but I promise I will continue to work on my mad skills in the coming months.  Courtney would like to point out that it would have taken 30 seconds to make the bed!  You win some…  you lose some.

Summary of the Video…  (who needs a 7 minute video)?

April’s “Juicy” Stats!

  • 177 Subscribers
  • 6402 Visits!
  • 22,434 Pageviews!

Graph Of April Traffic

As I said in the video these statistics have shattered any expectations I had for my first full month blogging.  Thank you for all the support you gave me over the month of April!  I should also add, I’m proud of the 300+ comments on the site (not counting my own).  Thanks for adding so much value to the site!

Two Groups Of People I Want To Thank!

  • Personal Finance Blogging Community – You guys own.  Your genuine support has enabled me to have an awesome first month and have a lot of fun in the process.  Thanks for welcoming me with open arms!
  • Readers & Fans – Thank you so much continuing to support the site.  Keep up your amazing comments and e-mails.  Knowing that you read what I write and provide feedback is an amazing feeling!

What I’m Looking To Do In May!

  • Participate/Host More Carnivals – I’m scheduled to host 3 blog carnivals in May and am planning on being a much more impactful member of the blogging community.
  • Guest Posting – I’m planning on submitting much more guest posts this month.  More importantly, I’d love to have any submissions for post on this site from readers and other bloggers.  Consider this an open invitation!
  • Top Secret Project – I’m really excited about a neat side-project that hopefully I’ll be able to launch in late May.  More details to come later!

How You Can Help Me Have An Awesome May!

  1. Expose a new reader to the blog. Tell a family member, friends, or random stranger about the blog!
  2. Add comments or e-mail me feedback/stories. Let me know what I’m doing right and wrong!
  3. Subscribe to RSS, e-mail, or follow on Twitter (1973 followers) – Keep me accountable!

Let Me Know How I Can Help You Achieve Your Goals In May!

This is a two-way street.  E-mail me and let me know what I can do to help you achieve your goals!  Let’s tear May up!

My Top 5 Personal Favorite Posts!

Here are my own favorite 5 posts from the month of April.  You can always see the top 10 most popular in the right-hand sidebar.

Top 10 Sources Of Referral [Personal Finance Blogs]!

  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. Bargaineering
  3. Bargain Babe
  4. WiseBread
  5. Free Money Finance
  6. Five Cent Nickel
  7. Weakonomics
  8. The Digerati Life
  9. Suburban Dollar
  10. Get Rich Slowly

Top 5 People With Most Comments

  1. Kosmo
  2. MB
  3. Do You Dave Ramsey
  4. Kelly
  5. Cathy

You guys really do rock.  I’d appreciate you leaving some feedback on my first video.  I think there are some really cool possibilities once I’m able to hone my skills!  In addition, let me know what your goals are for May.  Join in by adding your comment below!

38 thoughts on “My First Full Month Blogging: Special Thank You Video And Complete Stats!”

  1. Hey congratulations. It is so great to see debt eliminated, especially when you are working a plan to build your wealth.

    Ditto on your comments about comments.

    My goal is to finish paying off my debt by the end of October. I am so close I can taste it, yet so far away to.

    Prince of Thrift’s last blog post..Another Top 100 List

    1. Man, I wish I was on track to pay off my debt by October. Keep me informed, I need all the positive reinforcement I can get!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement on the vid! Someone told me, i’d just have to get over it and post it. Now that it’s out there I can just work on improving the quality next time (and cutting down the time) ;-)!

  2. Yikes. Thank for pointing out my big mouth 🙂

    That’s an incredible first month. I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone for the last 3 months and have nothing even close to your readership. I notice that your number of feed subscribers has been jumping up quite a bit in the last week.

    Keep up the good work. I stumbled across your blog because of a comment you left on mine, and I’ve been hooked.

    kosmo @ The Casual Observer’s last blog post..Corporate Citizen

    1. Kosmo, your big mouth is much appreciated. You add a lot of value with your comments and help keep me motivated. I look forward to getting you a guest post for your blog in the coming weeks!

  3. Congrats! I think a lot of your success has to do with how active you’ve been in the community. You’re all over the place, commenting on pretty much everything that I’ve read in the last couple weeks! Your effort has paid off – and its appreciated. So thank you, and here’s hoping that your May is even better!

    Alan @ Saving For Serenity’s last blog post..Calculating Your True Financial Health

    1. Thanks, Alan! The honest truth is that I’m just a really huge fan of this stuff. Everyday I find more and more blogs to read and interact with. It’s a blast.

  4. That’s amazing and very impressive! And brave on the video..and great job. You will never catch me doing a video. Ack! I can’t believe I’m a top commenter. Funny. Of course I am addicted to reading about your plans to move. Can’t wait until you get there and I can follow that journey. 🙂 I love new experiences, even if I’m living vicariously.

    MB’s last blog post..Crunching Numbers for a Refinance

    1. Thanks for all you comments and help with the Australia trip. It really helps to talk to someone who has been there, done that!

  5. WOW!
    I’m in my 3rd month, and nowhere close to your stats!
    Of course you’ve put in a TON of hard work, and it really shows.
    Keep up the good work!
    The video is genuine, that’s all that matters!

    Kelly’s last blog post..passwords as motivators

    1. At the end of the day, that’s why I posted it despite some of the problems I had. If you can’t be yourself than who can you be? I appreciate all your help as my “31DBBB buddy.”

      1. I’m really impressed by your willingness to throw it all out there! 🙂 You can only learn trying, and seeing what you can do better next time! Like, make the bed. LOL

        I’ve tried a few times to make a video, and felt so silly! Your courage is inspiring. 🙂

        Cathy’s last blog post..Flu Prevention: Wash Your Hands!

        1. Yeah, that was the first thing my wife said like 3 seconds into the video! Thanks so much for getting my back. I’m going to keep throwing it out there until it starts sticking!

  6. You’re really on fire, that’s great! Congrats on the great month. Currently in the process of finishing up with our interview, can’t wait to get it posted. You bet we’ll do some guest posts too! No worries on the video, either – turned out just fine (no audio probs either – which many vids have – you did better than Kutcher @aplusk on his Twitter win night!:)).

    MoneyEnergy’s last blog post..How To Start Thinking Like An “Almost” Millionaire: A Conversation with Franchise Operator and Founder of The Almost Millionaire

    1. Haha, I laughed out loud at the Ashton comment. Thanks for the confidence boost ;-)! Looking forward to that interview, thanks for the opportunity.

  7. Congratulations Baker. You have had an incredible month. I highly recommend doing more guest posts. This is the best way to build a personal finance blog. You are always welcome to do a post on my site!!

  8. Great job Baker! Man you are flat killing it… you are reaching and extending and grasping and achieving. I am pleased to see your progress and hope to emulate your success.

    I like the video idea especially in the way you used it… not gratuitously but rather to communicate authentic appreciation in a way that text alone may not allow.

    Keep up the great work and I’ll look forward to following along and I look forward to hearing more on the pet project.

    What Carnivals are you hosting? I’d like be sure to participate in those.

    I’ll also see about compiling a guest post… and of course you have an open invitation on my site as well.

    Again, Congrats!


    Do You Dave Ramsey?’s last blog post..Goal Setting – Series Conclusion (part 10)

    1. Dave, I’m hosting the upcoming Carnival of Debt Reduction this monday! The following Monday is the Carnival of Twenty Something Finances. Definitely make sure you are in there!

      Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you got the point of the video. I know I’ll improve in the weeks to come, as well!

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  10. So glad I’m taking the TIME to catch up! You rock Baker! I’m joining the community as an advocate for single moms with 2 or more kids that desire to achieve financial freedom. I realized that I’ve gone from homeless to purchasing a home and doubling my income in less than 5 years. Now, I want to teach others. You motivated me. Thank you!

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