Welcome Charlotte Rose Baker to the Team!


Note: This is a post from Adam Baker, founder of Man Vs. Debt.

The Man Vs. Debt team grows stronger!

Saturday morning, at about 6:20 a.m., Charlotte “Charlie” Rose Baker joined the growing MvD team. 🙂

Charlie weighs in at 8′ 10″ and measures about 21 inches. Pretty impressive.

Courtney went all natural for this one (something I would NOT do after watching – NO WAY), but she survived like a champ – and was walking around and ready to go a few hours later.

Charlie currently enjoys sleeping, being swaddled, and eating.

She’ll be handling the complaints department of the site effective immediately.

Welcome to the team, Charlie!

– Daddy

69 thoughts on “Welcome Charlotte Rose Baker to the Team!”

  1. Wow – HUGE congrats, Baker & Courtney! What a gorgeous photo!

    I do hope you’re using your new-found posting strategy to take a few days off to forget about all of us lot and just enjoy life with a 4th in the family.

    Sending love and blessings to you all.

    PS – can you please forward me Charlie’s email address, I have a list of issues I’d like her to address…

  2. Congratulations!! Much peace and many blessings for your growing family!
    One thing I didn’t get rid of in our big purge were those little striped hats! I kept each one from my 4 children!

  3. WELCOME TO THE WORLD, Charlie! It’s a better place now, because of you! May you grow up to be prosperous, healthy and most of all, happy!

  4. Welcome baby, Charlotte! Many blessings.
    Congrats on a job well done, to mama! Don’t ever let Adam forget the super power of your womanhood. Ha!

  5. Welcome, Charlie, to the world we share.
    Best wishes to the entire Baker family. I’m sincerely happy for you and wish you all sorts of wonderful things. Oh what a happy spring it is now!

  6. Welcome to the world, beautiful girl. Hang on to those favored activities – they become huge pleasures in life later on!

    (Congrats Adam and Courtney!!)

  7. Welcome Charlie!
    You’re in for a wonderful ride through this thing called life given the fabulous parents and sibling you have. We support you and your lovely family! Hugs to all!

  8. First, I’d like to congratulate Milli on becoming a big sister. I have perfect faith in your ability to rock this out. ^_^

    Second, welcome to the world, Charlie! You’ll love your big sister, I know you will.

    Happiness, health, and all the best to Courtney, Baker, and the little ladies!

  9. Lindsay Wyglendowski

    So proud of you Courtney! For patience and for giving Charlotte the gift of natural birth into this world! She’s beautiful; so happy for all of you.
    Much Much Love,
    Lindsay, Chris, & Lily Wy

  10. Congratulations! Welcome Charlie Rose! My daughters name is Rose.so good choice in the naming department. Plus I have a complaint…lol just kidding. Get plenty of rest mom and Charlie and drink plenty of fluids.

  11. aaaawwww they are both gorgeous!! Congratulations to you all. You are a lucky man.
    Love from Australia xxxxx

  12. Many happy returns, Baker!! Having #2 is even more of a ride than #1 in some ways – enjoy it! And GOOOO MAMA!!! All-natural, that is amazing! I did it with my 2nd too, and it was crazy but so totally worth it. Congrats!!

  13. J. Bradford Seabury

    Welcome to the world, Charlie, and I hope it will be as good to you as it was for me–and hopefully even more so. May God bless you and your parents and your sibling as they all show you the better way to live.

  14. To you and an amazing (and growing) family …

    A few years ago I did something I rarely do – I went ahead and put myself on a ‘list’ – I signed up for your ride! And now, these few years on, I smile when I receive a newsletter in the inbox – particularly when it brings such happy news.

    We’re all taking a journey, some feeling more comfortable in the fact, yet nevertheless facing the unknown with each day – these moments remind us that we can be grounded, sane, content and humble – if we choose.

    All the very best for all of you!


  15. Hello Charlie…you are such a sweet pea and a precious gift to your family. May God bless you as you grow and keep you safely in His loving arms. Always be a good girl, with a kind and adventurous spirit like your parents, stretching ever further into your horizons to discover all you can. Hugs from North Georgia!

  16. Dear Baker Family,

    I am so excited for you!!! What a blessing. Now Milli gets to be the big sister. God bless all of you for a life filled with joy. Jackie

  17. Congrats Guys! Courtney – you’re a hero. Wishing you joy, peace, and happiness. In my opinion, kids are the BEST part of life 🙂

  18. Welcome Charlie!! You are not only precious and beautiful, but a very lucky little girl–to have such wonderful parents! Mom–you look beautiful too!!

  19. Congratulations! Adorable babies are always a wonderful addition to a household, and it looks like you got a particularly cute one in the bargain. Good luck to Charlotte Rose Baker throughout her life, and the entire Baker family!

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