‘Cribs’ Video Of Our Downtown Apartment


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The video is a walk-through of our short-term apartment in downtown Auckland.  It contains a guest appearance by Milligan, a glimpse into the my advanced productivity system, and a peek at the tallest free-standing structure in the Southern Hemisphere!  Yep, all that for free.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Can’t really get any more in the ‘heart’ of Auckland
  • One Bedroom
  • Fully-furnished (about 98%)
  • $300 NZD/week (very close to $1000/month USD)
  • We pay Electric and Hot Water
  • 12th Floor

And, yes, I’m fully aware I did not show what was in my fridge or my sweet rides.  I made the ‘cribs’ reference off the cuff and wasn’t on the ball enough to carry it out in full!  Plus we don’t have a car…  Pop-Culture-Reference Fail.

Internet finally working!

Last week, you heard me rant a little about our internet.  Luckily, we were able to line up a technician who got everything working at the connect point early this week.

Throughout the entire process, no one has been more helpful than Duncan who runs the @Orcon twitter profile.  A couple weeks ago, I sent the following frustrated tweet out.  (I was a little peeved!)

Within 60 seconds, Duncan had responded to me from the Orcon twitter profile.  After hearing all my issues (through DMs), he personally drove by after work and dropped off a modem.  Unfortunately for both of us, the actual incoming connection was also messed up (in addition to the router issues).

Despite the result, I appreciated Duncan going out of his way to try to help.  He continued to follow up last week by e-mail to ensure everything was set-up and running.  Even though my experience has been mostly negative, Orcon is doing an amazing job using social media and hiring people like Duncan to run it.

The only thing missing from their equation is about 50 more Duncans to clean up the rest of their departments.

The Week Ahead

First, thanks for all the support on Man Vs. Fat.  I’ve been overwhelmed by comments and e-mails with your support, suggestions, and tips.  The first week went really well and I feel an enormous amount of accountability!

Tomorrow, I’ll be doing another video (here on MvD), although this one is on a very specific topic.  It should be very interesting to hear your thoughts!  If you guys have an interest, later in the week I’m going to do a ‘State of the War’ post regarding our debt and how we are attacking it.  Let me know if that’s something you’d like to know more about!

Either way, see you tomorrow!

22 thoughts on “‘Cribs’ Video Of Our Downtown Apartment”

  1. Great video, more because it was so down to earth and real than for production values. That rent is a bit high but I’m guessing that location and fully furnished are the main factors. I’m predicting you’ll soon be walking those 12 flights, rather than taking the elevator, to help with the “Man vs. Fat” quest. Since y’all are a team, Courtney might want to wave and say “Hi” in one of the videos. Keep up the good work!
    .-= Steve “Dream” Weaver´s last blog ..keepin’ on truckin’ =-.

    1. Glad you liked the video!

      The rent can change a lot with the exchange rate too. Just a month or so ago it would have been closer to $850-$875 per month USD. But location, furnished, and lease-term all add to this.

      I’ve actually thought about taking the stairs up for that very reason! I just might test it out a few times.

      Lastly, Courtney *does* want to say ‘hi’ formally, but has had the flu all day yesterday and today. I decided to give her today off ;-).

      Thanks, Steve!

    1. Thanks, FS. Well, we really don’t own too much stuff as you know! But, yeah, even the furnished part of the apartment is still very minimal. We were actually surprised to have a t.v. and radio, etc…

  2. We’re at completely different places in our lives (our youngest is 10 1/2), but we have plenty of debt to show for the past 20 years. Now we’re finally on the same page about paying it down and, while I can’t do full disclosure ’cause Superman would never forgive me, I’m always learning from others paying down debt. I’ve discovered you never know it all and a new way of looking at things is sometimes just the thing you need.
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Life is Simple =-.

  3. Man…I missing being down there. I stayed at Windsor hotel for 2 nights and The Base Hostel for a little over a week. Awesome location. I think $1k US is great for your location. I could see it being a little cramped with a little one, but that’s the way it goes.

    Thanks for giving us a peak.

    Dave Damron
    LifeExcursion & The Minimalist Path
    .-= Dave – LifeExcursion´s last blog ..ManvsFat : Adam Baker Kicking Ass by Losing It =-.

    1. Yeah, I think you’d be hard pressed to find similar apartment in a downtown city back in the U.S., as well. It’s a little tight, but the openness of the living area makes it fine for Milligan to run around. Considering we’ve been in and out of hostels and other people’s homes (even though some of those were great), it’s a decent amount of room for us. 🙂

  4. Hi Baker! Just stumbled across your blog today and have been really enjoying reading about your story. I was wondering if you had considered living and working in a smaller centre in New Zealand? Teachers are often in quite short supply in the smaller cities and towns, and rent is much cheaper (my parents have a 3-bedroom rental property in a small town that they let for $120 per week). Just a thought.

    1. Beverley, thanks for swinging by!

      We have considered living in a different part of New Zealand. Right now, we had to maximize our chances of finding a sponsor (for visas) and Auckland was, of course, the biggest market.

      We also kind of wanted to experience big city living. We both grew up in more rural, small towns and haven’t ever lived downtown like this. Lastly, we didn’t want to be forced to get a car, insurance, and all the other expenses that come from that.

      We are touring the South Island for a couple weeks in mid to late December. We are excited to see that part of New Zealand!

  5. Being from New York originally, I love your place and the whole downtown feel. Never knew too much about New Zealand, but your video had me doing some research. It’s definitely somewhere I’d like to visit eventually.

    I’d also like to second the effectiveness of doing 12 flights on a daily basis! (Preferably a few times)
    .-= Wojciech Kulicki´s last blog ..What’s Sizzling? – October 10th Edition =-.

  6. Very cool!
    Love the little office nook, I’m sure Milligan would love to pull down your super fancy business plan. 😉

    The location looks fantastic.

    I would love to live downtown somewhere, like you I’ve only lived in more suburban areas, so that would be really fun. Maybe when the kids are a bit older. 🙂
    .-= Kelly´s last blog ..happiness is slowing down =-.

  7. Hi Adam, good on you for making your own way and sharing it with us. I would be interested in hearing how things go for Milligan over the next few months and what your strategies are for keeping her stimulated and happy. I am sure you and Courtney can make the 1 bed work, but if it doesn’t work for the whole family, it doesn’t work. In 2007 we moved from house on half an acre in Australia to apartment (also on the 12th) in the Middle East. By far the greatest challenge is keeping Lilli, now 6, from going stir-crazy. Stair running is great! A fabulous, free, built-in exercise device….set distance and time targets to compete against yourself – if you need to bail out, there is a lift on every floor!

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