I Kicked Ass in 2010… Watch Me Do It Again in 2011…



A year ago, January 2010, I wrote the post “I’m Gonna Kick Some Major Ass in 2010… Bet on it.

At the time I wrote that post, I was making $200/month from this website. But I had a plan.

I set many goals of all different varieties. I proclaimed 2010 would be a year of confidence.

I didn’t hit many of my smaller goals, but when it came to the core business goals – I stated:

  • Gross $48,000 in 2010. (DONE)
  • Become an A-list Blogger. I defined this vague goals as media mentions (DONE), large guest posts (DONE), collaboration w/ A-listers (DONE), and full-time income (DONE).
  • Become confident/well-known for use of video. (HALF-DONE)  I made leaps and bounds this year in video – but want to go even bigger.
  • Position myself for speaking/book launch in 2011. (DONE)  I’m positioned – whether I *do* it or not is another question.

I also stated at the beginning of the year, that I wanted to launch three products/services:

Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done. Done.

Like I said, I wasn’t perfect (check out the post for where I fell short) – but I was pretty damn good at my core business goals. I’ve never slumped away from sharing my failures on this blog – and you better bet I’m going to take time to celebrate our successes over the past year.  🙂

For you statistic and list freaks – here are some things you may enjoy:

In 2010, Man Vs. Debt had right at 500,000 visits and just under 1,000,000 pageviews. During the year, my single highest day was only 5,000 visits or 1% of the total. Meaning much of the traffic and views were more consistent than the previous year (where I had a couple huge spikes).

My top 2010 business moments:

  1. Launching Unautomate Your Finances. It gave me the experience and confidence to do everything else.
  2. Attending SxSw. I made incredible connections and friendships – and decided *this* was what I loved doing.
  3. Launching Sell Your Crap. After a huge burnout, I rebounded and turned a failed launch into my most successful product.
  4. Featured in USA Today (print edition). Early in the year, this gave me confidence to push harder and pursue more media mentions.
  5. Taking a chance on Only72.com. This is the most profitable work I’ve ever done – and radically opened my eyes to possibility.

Most Popular Articles created in 2010:

  1. 26 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in 26 Years of Living
  2. How to Suck at Launching a Product
  3. 11 Reasons to Ditch your Television
  4. 25 Inspiring Blogs to Help You Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, and Do What You Love…
  5. When to Quit Traveling

Sites that sent the most visitors (actual sites/blogs):

  1. Get Rich Slowly
  2. The Simple Dollar
  3. Zen Habits
  4. Lifehacker
  5. WiseBread

December’s income/expenses…

Net from UYF Sales:  $468.56

  • Total Guides Sold (Dec):  29

Net from SYC Sales:  $1372.65

  • Total Guides Sold (all versions):  30

Additional Income:  $38,378.49

Direct Expenses:  -$1313.77

  • Affiliate Payments:  -355.47
  • Products/Research:  -$218.94
  • Website tech work: -$198
  • Virgin Mobile Mifi: -$150.49
  • Food/Meeting People: -$129.97
  • Vimeo: -$59.95
  • Aweber:  -$49.00
  • Shipping: -$39.53
  • GoDaddy:  -$23.21
  • Design: -$20.92
  • Call Recorder: -$19.95
  • Transcripts: -$18.40
  • E-junkie:  -$10.00
  • DropBox:  -$9.99
  • VodBurner:  -$9.95

Net (Income – Expenses):  $38,905.93

Over the last 10 months of monetization, this brings average to: ~$6000/month


Obviously, there are some things to comment about on this month’s report. Guide sales stayed pretty consistent, with Unautomate turning up a bit and Sell Your Crap cooling off a tad.

Well over half of the consulting income was from a corporate client for work I did in November. The other 30-35% is from new individuals and businesses taking advantage of the newly launched public consulting page. Even with just this increase, I would have had a nice December.

It no secret that the Only72 launch that Karol and I coordinated was a raging success. We raised over $33,500+ for charity:water and – yes – I made just over $30,000 from the sale as well. That’s several times what I had hoped when I sacrificed my time and efforts to help coordinate it.

I learned three lessons with that experience. First, it pays to take great opportunities when they come up (and have the flexibility to do so). Second, if you really take time to make something win-win-win, people will respond – radically. Third, my blog is not my business. I’m my business.

Note: For those of you that are new to the blog, I encourage you to go back and look at past income reports for the year. I’ve had months all over the map – both insanely low and – now – insanely high. One month in either extreme is not the complete picture.  🙂

2010 Income/Expense Year Totals

Below are the numbers for the entire year, pulled from my bank account and paypal account. This shows you more of the overall flow that 2010 had for me.

At the beginning of the year I was making less than $200/month with a few affiliates. To say this year has been life-changing would be an understatement.

In these numbers, I’ve decided to include things that I didn’t in the monthly reports (like laptops, cell phone, food/drink, etc…). It’s much more thorough of the real income/expenses. I’ll be including all of these expenses in reports in 2011 – but monthly reports will be a little more detailed in their breakdown.

2010 Income: $72,179.06

  • Digital Products:  $20,142.40
    • Unautomate: $10,120.00
    • Sell Your Crap: $10,022.40
  • Affiliate Marketing:  $7,142.84
  • Freelance Writing:  $7,970.10
  • Consulting:  $6,057.39
  • Only72 Launch: $30,866.33

2010 Expenses: -$19,026.28

  • PayPal Fees:  -$1,178.33
    • Includes fees for all PayPal sales/transactions
  • Travel, Fares, Lodging:  -$2,342.81
    • Includes travel, food, gas, parking, etc…
  • Equipment/Tools:  -$4,061.05
    • Includes laptops, office supplies, products, books
  • Communication:  -$2,755.97
    • Includes cell phone, mobile wifi, skype, recording, etc…
  • Technical Work:  -$1,388.30
    • Includes dev work, tweaks, and changes to website
  • Design:  -$2,396.11
    • Includes website, sidebar, eBooks, guides, software
  • Website Management:  -$962.51
    • Includes hosting, domain names, aweber, dropbox, etc…
  • Misc. Fees/Costs:  -$308.11
    • Includes bank fees, shipping, and misc. charges
  • Affiliate Payments:  -$3,633.09

2010 Net:  $53,152.78

Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with how things unfolded. It wasn’t always easy – in fact there were many moments I nearly gave up – but I’m glad I stayed the course.

2011 Business Plan: What’s up my sleeve?

2010 was the year of Confidence for me. That’s what I said at the beginning and that’s what it ended up being. I built confidence in a lot of ways throughout the year.

The word for 2011 is a bit different:


It’s time to take the gloves off. It’s time to stop holding things back. It’s time for me to step up into the potential for myself, this site, and our message.

I’m going to go all out. And I promise it’ll blow your mind. It’ll be some of the most amazing content you’ve seen online – or it’ll be one of the most spectacular failures you’ve ever witnessed.

But it won’t be in between.

Let me give you an example.

For two years now, I’ve resisted having a “system” or a “method” of attacking debt. I’ve tried to avoid being viewed as a guru – in attempt mostly to please everyone. I knew if I took a harder stance I could positively affect more people – but I also knew it would come with backlash from a small minority.

Trolls would nitpick – people would accuse my motives – and my online brand would crumble beneath me.

Of course, that’s all bullshit.

I was simply scared of taking a stand. I was scared of backlash. I was scared of being wrong.

But my fear has put a lot of restraints on how our message and community spreads. The first step was confidence. I believe in the message, the approach, and my content more than ever. Now, I’ve simply got to unleash it into the world.

You Vs. Debt

That’s what it looks like.  “You Vs. Debt” is going to be the next evolution of the brand – the next project to kick off 2011.

It’s going to be the most complete and thorough guide to freeing people from debt on the internet.

It’s not going to be an eBook. It’s going to be bigger and better.

It’ll be a full membership course w/ dozens upon dozens of videos and modules. I’m hiring a professional video filming and editing company and flying out multiple people to coordinate the project.

As I write this – Matt Cheney (whom I’m working with on this) and I are installing systems to upgrade the buying, affiliating, technical support, and sales process.

Each module will be broken down into several videos covering very specific, tangible segments of attacking debt. Nothing left behind. Each one will be professionally edited to be – not only enjoyable – but life-changing in the content.

Each video will have specific action items, including worksheets, questionnaires, budgeting forms, a tracking tools. Each video will have audio versions for listening on the go – and full transcripts for those that prefer to read.

For the first time in my life, I’ll be investing not only months of my time, but tens of thousands of dollars to ensure the content is not only the best anywhere – but that the production quality is unmatched as well.

Help Me!  5-Minute Survey (pretty please w/ sprinkles)…

Part of this process is input from you – which is my most important asset when shaping the specifics of the modules and content.

If you are as excited about this next project as I am – or if you think someone you know could benefit from this – you can help my taking this 5 minute survey. I can’t express enough how value it is for me to get this feedback. I’d really appreciate 5 minutes of your time.  🙂

[Click here to take the survey]

At the end you can compare your answers to others who have taken it.  🙂

Other Specific 2011 Goals

For me, 2011 is going to be about the following big picture goals:

  • Keeping my options open to take advantage of life-changing opportunities (for both myself and for the community).
  • Expanding the Man Vs. Debt team with a few passionate individuals. I want to team up with people who have strengths in areas where I am weak – in order to really unleash our message to the world this year.

However, I know measurable goals are usually the best. So – once again – for you stat junkies:

  • 200,000 in Revenue.
  • Grow subscribers from 9,000 – 25,000.
  • Pageviews from 1 Million to 5 Million.
  • Meet 10,000 people in person on the road.
  • From 30.5% body fat to 17.5% body fat
  • Launch a charitable arm of the business.

Sound fun?

Lastly, there are a few people I want to thank personally for 2010.  There are several dozen people who have helped change my life and business this year, but three people in particular stand out above all others.

First, thanks to Karol Gajda and Corbett Barr. The three of us have spoken weekly for the entire year. Karol and Corbett have specifically and tangibly helped me many times more than anyone else. I have so much respect for their business minds (and friendship) it’s silly. They double-handily kept me from quitting midway through the year. I owe them a lot.

Second, special thanks to Chris Guillebeau. Chris has been the best mentor I can possibly imagine.  Thanks, Chris, for your friendship and advice this past year.

What about you?

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest I’m not the only person alive in 2011 (let’s hope).

Where do you fall into things?

Is this the year you become debt-free? Is this the year you quit your job… double your sales… start a side business?

Is this the year you start a family? Start a charity? Initiate a movement?

Is this the year you start traveling? Start investing? Sell the excess crap in your basement?

What barriers are holding you back?

Let’s crush them into tiny pieces.


Last question…

I’m gonna unleash some ass-kicking again in 2011… Who’s coming with me?

94 thoughts on “I Kicked Ass in 2010… Watch Me Do It Again in 2011…”

  1. Congratulations on kicking some major boo-tay in 2010! Your achievements inspire me to knuckle down and do more in 2011. (Is it knuckling down if you actually enjoy it? Here’s to the continued success of folks like you who are making a difference.

  2. Wow Baker those are not only some fantastic numbers but a happiness laden lifestyle as well. I’m really happy for all your success and looking forward to round 2 this year. Making my plan to get out of debt opened up so much more freedom for me. Hopefully you’ll help a ton of people make the next step with your new product.

    1. Thanks, Todd. We certainly aren’t perfect, but trying to head towards that “happiness laden lifestyle” as much as possible!

      I can’t wait to really make an impact for people! 🙂

  3. I’m so there. And I’m all for you taking a stand. My husband and I had already been reducing debt, and this year, we’ve kicked it into overdrive. Can’t wait to run along with you on that. (And I took the survey … ninth one, baby! I love being the “early adopter.”)

  4. Probably one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in awhile. Awesome to see you have so much success this year and excited to see how 2011 unfolds!

  5. That’s a lot of good learning disclosure. I’m debt free and I enjoy my life very well. The first book I read was ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ which told me I needed to live money to be debt free. I like this blog because it keeps me in pace with freedom, that everyone want.

    1. Matt, it was awesome getting to spend time with you at BlogWorld. Your wit and passion are contagious – and I appreciate having some spill over onto me!

  6. When I think about the definition of “motivation” I have one word in my mine to define it all: BAKER!!!!

    You are truly an inspiration! In fact, you have helped me a lot this year and I am not surprised to see your success!

    Keep it up Baker, you are AMAZING!

  7. Good stuff brother. I was waiting for this post. A true inspiration. Since this is my first year out of college my goal is to earn a full-time income from my online ventures. I’m strongly trying to gain any real traction, I’m definitely going to have to pull something out of my sleeve.

    Just curious, have you mentioned on here what you use for your videos?

    1. Thanks, Martin. I use a Flip Cam and usually upload them to Vimeo. Youtube is releasing their 10 min limit though which makes the the choice probably. 🙂 I also use Ecamm Call Recorder and Skype for interviews.

      I’ll be hiring a professional company to do You Vs. Debt though – they do sick work. 🙂

  8. Baker —

    Congratulations on an awesome year! It’s great to see good things happening for you, Courtney, and Milligan.

    I’m pumped about your plans for 2011 and am looking forward to following your progress.

    1. Lou, it was amazing to get to meet you at the meet-up. I’m still in debt to you for driving that far!

      We’ll be by to see the family when we come through Tenn! Keep rockin’

  9. Hey Baker,
    Happy new year man and best of luck for your new goals!

    You had a huge success last year and this one is going to be even bigger. I’m on my own journey to build an online business this year that will cover my living expenses.

    You’ve indeed had great help from people like Corbett and Karol, wow. I’d love to chat to you on skype sometime, maybe even do an interview for my readers at Upgradereality.com.

    Let me know if you’d be interested:)

  10. Absolutely phenomenal, Baker! You continue to provide a ton of value to others and for that you deserve all you’ve achieved and 10x more 😉 (or 20x…whatever it is that you want. LOL!).

    I also love how you have a theme for the year. I started doing that last year also. 2010 was my year of the escape (from corporate America which I accomplished at the end of May) and 2011 is my year of “the next right thing”. It’s awesome to have just a few words you can hold onto and always refer back to through the day as reminders.

    By the way, I really loved everything you wrote in your post, but I think the graphic of that adorable boy at the top was my favorite!

    Way to go, Baker! It’s posts like these (and actually I can think of several others also) that make you one of my favorite bloggers ever.

    1. As soon as I saw that graphic I was like “that’s the one!”. 🙂

      Congrats on breaking free this year and thanks for the kind words. I’m glad to be on this journey along side of you!

  11. Baker,

    Congratulations on all of your endeavors. One more goal I would add to your list is sticking to your commitments. More than a week ago, you said mind-blowing results were coming in a day or two, and then you held off on sharing them until now. I know you are busy driving around the country, and attending to the RV, but when you launched Sell Your Crap, you said you would get better about this kind of stuff.

    I came to your site every day hoping for the post, and no luck until today… Looking forward to all that’s ahead in 2011, and wish you the best.

    1. Aaron, sorry I let you down on that one. A unfortunate downside of transparency is that I publicly show weaknesses when schedules change and things pop up! Which – like you pointed out – if frequent for me!

      1. Hey Baker,

        Just wanted to gently echo part of what Aaron said. I was really waiting for this post too. It is an awesome post and in some ways the waiting and expectation made finally getting it a little better. So maybe the wait wasn’t all bad. Anticipation of something often adds to the pleasure derived. Just don’t keep us waiting too long.

        Keep rockin it in 2011.


      2. Thanks for replying Baker!

        I know what you mean, and I understand that it can be tough. It’s really not *that* big of a deal, but the radio silence (especially when none is expected) is tough to take.


  12. Congrats buddy! You continue to be an inspiration and…dare I say it…great resource! I really look up to you for all you’re doing in your life and the lives of people around you. I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings for MvD…and…YvD? Safe travels!!

    1. Thanks, man. I appreciate all your help and friendship.

      For those that don’t know – this is Dustin Koester – the person who has designed nearly all of the site and eBook graphics and design. He’s working on fun stuff for 2011 as we speak. 😉

  13. I’m totally psyched about 2011. Have you ever just had a feeling that this would be YOUR year? I mean, the one where you flourish? That’s how I feel right now!

  14. Ooh I knew there was a reason we kept crossing paths in 2010: my word for 2010 was also confidence! 🙂 I love that you picked “unleash” as your word for 2011 and I can already see the repercussions taking shape for you.

    I’m super honored to call you a friend and am totally cheering you on 2011! 🙂

    1. Yeah, Nathalie (whose name I always misspell) – I’m so glad we bumped into each other so much. I consistently use you as an example of someone dominating a very specific and very passionate niche! (I talk about you more than you know). 😉

      Can’t wait to spend more time around each other in 2011!

  15. Pretty cool with the numbers. How does the income statement look if you adjust for (take it out) the only72 sale, which is a one-time event that seems to dominate the numbers? Or is a similar event repeatable at any time? If not, it’s more realistic to take it out for future projections and consider it a bonus.

    Another thing you can do is to accrue earnings. For instance, if you work for 12 months on a book making nothing and then sell it for $5000 over one month, it’s not useful to say that income increased by $5000 in that month.

    Of course any method is fine, but to project the future, it’s useful to consider these things.

    1. It looks about 30,000 less, haha.

      I don’t really *project* ahead. I set goals and do shit until they happen. My model isn’t passive at all right now. 🙂 It’s hard to project random amazing opportunities for big wins and high leverage.

      Taking out Only72.com (which we may or may not choose to repeat), I’d need to assume that I spent all that time and resource on other revenue generating activities. I doubt seriously they would have been that profitable, but certainly a percentage of that!

  16. Hi Adam,

    Congratulations on a great 2010 and your audacious goals for 2011. Thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences – I’ve found a lot of inspiration in what you’re doing. Good luck on a great 2011!

  17. Impressive stuff Baker, hope you have a good tax accountant, that’s a big jump in your income late in the year! I’m sure the money feels great, but setting goals and achieving them is no small feat.

  18. Expanding the Man Vs. Debt team with a few passionate individuals. I want to team up with people who have strengths in areas where I am weak – in order to really unleash our message to the world this year.

    –what are those weaknesses and how can we help you? I know a lot of people will jump to be a part of the MVD team!

  19. Wow Baker, that is a screaming success. Well done on planning to do well and then kicking it out of the solar system. Focusing on projects is an undervalued skill – you’ve shown how well it can pay off.

    Very much looking forward to your RV tales.

  20. Congratulations, Baker!

    I think that having a good amount of traffic helps. Do you spend much time still on getting traffic or does the traffic come just because of your content now?

  21. Way to go, Baker!

    Looking forward to seeing you kick some more ass this year.

    Over the next 12 months, I will start my own business, make my first $1,000, and position myself to become 100% self-sufficient by the time I hit 30.

  22. WOW. You are a huge inspiration, and a model of what can be accomplished in a years time if you work at it hard enough.

    I have ambitious goals myself. I don’t have any debt, but I’ve quit my job to help me accomplish three things:

    1. Produce a full time income online in 6 months.
    2. Sell all of my un-needed crap
    3. Travel the world with my wife by the end of this year.

    Obviously I love your site because you have been a huge motivator for me to do all three. I’ve got a plan in place that I think will help me achieve my goals, and I can’t wait to keep hearing about your success.

  23. Good for you! You’ve definitely been a big influence for me since I discovered your blog recently. You’re living my dream, exploring the country and meeting great people in that RV.

    This year I’m focusing on getting out of debt and quitting that day job. I’m determined.

  24. Hey Baker,

    Great list of achievements for the past year, way to up the ante on this years goals too! Hope it all goes well mate, I’m sure you can do it.

  25. “I was simply scared of taking a stand. I was scared of backlash. I was scared of being wrong.”

    I was just discussing this fear with a friend of mine. It’s why it took me six months to accept that I needed to turn my blog into a personal development site, because I was afraid of the huge target I’d be painting on myself.

    My friend told me, “if people aren’t mad, you’re not pushing hard enough.”

    Here’s to pissing someone off in 2011. 😉

  26. Yes, we plan on making things happen this year too.
    We were eating out way too much and spending much too much money on not only eating out, but frivilous groceries and things we do not need.
    We decided on some strong goals.
    Only eating out four times this year.
    My birthday , my husbands birthday, and our anniversary and going to In and Out Burgers when it opens in Texas finally, later this year !! We are transplanted Southern Californians and that is exciting to us. So I made it part of our plan.
    We are making a budget for groceries and sticking to it, and staying out of stores as much as possible and not buying things we do not need.
    We are almost at week two of not eating out, 11 days today. We can eat out if treated, but no buying it ourselves. It is funny how when you make that decision and there is no option, you stop thinking about it as an option. At first my husband wanted to allow so much a month for eating out, he struggled much harder with giving it then I did, but I knew we had to make it a no option thing to work.
    I have started treating family and friends toi meals at home, instead of eating out. We did not eat out at expensive places, mostly fast food and family style places, but they add up to hundreds a month at a few times a week. Even dollar tacos if you buy enough of them, lol !!!
    We are throwing all that extra money at our debt and hope to be debt free or darn close by the end of the year.
    I have a book I want to finish writing by the end of the year as well and that is a personal goal for me.
    We both are working on health and weight loss goals.
    It is a big year of goals for us as well, and I will look forward to seeing how you do with yours this year while we work hard on ours !!
    Thanks for the inspiration !!! It is fun to see you succed , I hope to follow in your foot steps this year for sure !!!

  27. Can I just add something here that you missed, Baker?

    Many people get “big” – hit their stride, find real success, , and they loose focus of who they wanted to be or what they set out to do in the first place.

    I admire your steadfast focus and clarity on what Adam Baker is all about, which remains at the core of everything you do no matter how big or small. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

  28. For me, this is The Year of Massive Change. Litterally every area of my life is changing.

    – I am getting married
    – I am starting a business
    – I am newly debt free
    – I just graduated from College

    With several goals ahead I am setting up 2011 to be the year where everything changes for me!

    I am really happy to see everything ramping up for you, Baker! It is guys like you who remind me that I can go out there and live the life of my dreams.

  29. It’s incredible to see your meteoric rise! I’m really excited for you and can’t to see what 2011 brings. I wouldn’t be surprised to see you on a huge talk show like Oprah one day soon (better be with her calling it quits).

  30. Dude that’s just awesome, I think you deserve all the success. Your humility and care for others has shown and I think it will continue to make you successful…of course all the hard work that you’ve put into it also has paid off. Keep at it!

  31. Good stuff Baker! That’s awesome you made $30K from that one promotional activity alone.

    I’ve got to imagine you can do that AT LEAST once a year, if not twice a year as there are always folks who can’t get enough of ebook products, and there are always new readers/buyers.

  32. Baker, love your story and what you have done. Glad to see good people doing the right thing are killing it. I hope to follow with my project in the next few years. Keep up the great work and look forward to reading about even better numbers in 12 months.

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  34. I’m so happy for you Adam. You’re such an incredible guy with a straight vision. The sky’s the limit for what you can do. You’re taking things in a direction that should make even the top AdAge 150 people tremble. So excited for you, and best wishes to a kickass 2011!

    There’s an atmosphere here that peculiar to this blog. Maybe it’s because you’re so young. (Just how old ARE you?) There’s a freshness, and a growing excitement. I can feel it in the air.

    You’ve figured out Copyblogger’s secret. You understand that killer copy is viral. So many people don’t get that (it’s taken me a year to figure it out).

    Whenever I see a new post in Google Reader, I know it’s going to be good. There are very few blogs like that.

    Look forward to seeing what happens! Congratulations on a successful 2010.

  35. Congrats on a great year Baker! Can’t wait to see everything you UNLEASH in 2011!

    I’m hoping 2011 is a year of great experiences and travel as well as a great time for career growth.

    I’m definitely along for the ride!

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  39. Baker,

    I’ve been reading for awhile, but after this post, your call-to-action was just too much to ignore. I primarily follow you and Corbett, and after talking about the relationship the two of you have with Karol, I will likely start following him regularly as well. Awesome work in 2010. I can only imagine how liberating it must feel, and how accomplished you must feel looking back on the year. I also can read the change in your mentality, and I’m excited to see what you bring in 2011.

    Your post will hopefully be the catalyst for crushing all my (lame) excuses and getting my blog launched. I’ll keep you posted, and I’ll start having a bit more active presence in the meantime… I want to attact as many followers as I can. YvD looks like it will be too good to let anyone pass up.

    All the Best… to everyone!!

  40. Can’t wait to see the new course unfold. I was actually writing a post with my wish list of people who should make a membership site and your was on the list.

    So glad I can move you to the People I will Learn from Group.


    PS My 3 year old Lexie said to say hi to Milly. She was waving at her on the screen the other day

  41. What an amazing year you had! It is very inspiring to see what can be done in a year. Thank you for sharing and letting beginners like me know what is possible.

  42. Of all the 2010 recaps I’ve read, this one is the most inspiring to me. The reason? I made a similar prediction for myself in January of 2010, that this would be the year of achievement.

    Honestly for the first six months, I accomplished very little. I had a lot of excuses. Then something clicked in June when I found Karol Gajda (Ridiculously Extraordinary) blog and from that moment I made a plan to quit my day job and live a life of true experiences. I did it and I’m currently living on savings and partially from my Internet income all whilst traveling the world (in Phuket currently!)

    I guess, in the scheme of things, I accomplished a lot myself but what you’ve done really seems impressive to me. I definitely consider you an A-List blogger (been lurking for a long time now). I think I am now in a similar position to what you were a year ago and thus I think I’ll be stealing your 2010 goals for 2011 🙂

    Congrats on all your successes. I know this year will be even better.

  43. I am so with you! 2010 was a year of ‘figuring things out’ for me. What am I gonna do to kick ass? My biggest words that kept coming to mind was this: Mind Exploding. I noticed everyone felt safer limiting themselves and their opportunities.

    If they can break down little pieces of that wall and let their mind explode little pieces at a time with paradigm shifts that can point them down the road of self-liberty, financial freedom, and strong sense of self …. hell, that’s a mind explosion waiting to happen!

    It’s people like you that make it happen. So, you rock, Baker, and have inspired me to move forward with my own website! My goal is to kick ass this time in 2011.

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