The Man Vs. Debt ‘Kickstart Your Money’ Free Resource Kit

Ready to kickstart your financial life? Thrilled at the idea of selling your crap, paying off your debt and doing what you love, but have no idea where to start – or how to go further?

These free resources will help you take the next step. Pick one – read it – and take action. Save this page, and after you’ve made that first step toward your debt-free and crap-free life, come back, read another and take THAT action. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Full sample lesson from You Vs. Debt
[Access here]

  • Start creating your success story
  • See how the six-week class works

Unautomate Your Finances 83-page guide
[Download here]

  • Figure out your true money situation
  • Create a workable budget, once and for all
  • This now-off-the-market ebook, which sold for $17, was Man Vs. Debt founder Adam Baker’s first personal-finance guide

Debt-payoff tracker spreadsheet
[Access here]

  • Stay motivated while you’re paying off debt
  • Learn the secret to setting goals that keep you going
  • Man Vs. Debt editor Joan Concilio credits this tracking system for her success paying off more than $30K in less than 2 years

“Sell Your Crap” one-page worksheet and flowchart [Download here]

  • See where your item will sell best online
  • Quick tips to help you purge stuff faster

10 tips for writing better Craigslist headlines [Download here]

  • Get your listing clicked on by more people
  • See what common headline mistakes turn buyers off
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