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Leo Babauta – author of “The Power of Less” and blogger behind and

  • “Starting from Scratch” – How Leo and his family recently moved from Guam to S.F.
  • Inspiring your spouse by leading by example – slowly and patiently.
  • Consumerism in the U.S. compared to Guam – how to stay on your toes.

Chris Guillebeau – author of “The Art of Non-Conformity” and blogger behind

  • #1 item Chris never leaves homes without – despite traveling to over 150 countries.
  • Most commonly over-packed items when traveling.
  • Perspective on consumerism after 4 years spent in Africa.

J.D. Roth – author of “Your Money: The Missing Manual” and blogger behind

  • “One Year Wardrobe Project” – J.D.’s creative approach to purging the clothes he doesn’t wear.
  • Is rejecting consumerism harder when you can afford it more?
  • Techniques for controlling “collectibles” – like J.D.’s comic book collection.

Jonathan Mead – blogger behind

  • “No Waste Household” – Jonathan’s new commitment to contribute nothing to landfills.
  • Achieving minimalist health and fitness through martial arts.

Corbett Barr – blogger behind and

  • “Christmas in Mexico” – How Corbett and wife sacrifice stuff in order to spend winters in Mexico.
  • Eliminating “time clutter” to stay productive and focused.

E.V. Bogue – blogger behind

  • How minimalism can allow you to survive on very little ($3000 for 5 months).
  • How E.V. grew his business with little tools, no office, and no money.

Joshua Becker – blogger behind

  • How to rally your family and attack clutter together.
  • How living with less has allowed the Becker’s to make a bigger impact in their community.

Tammy Strobel – blogger behind

  • Technique for going Car-Free (including trying a test run).
  • Finding the right bicycle and accessories to replace your automobiles.

Betsy & Warren Talbot – bloggers behind

  • The hardest and easiest part of their two year quest to sell everything!
  • Betsy’s wildly successful “Reverse Birthday Party”

Steve Kamb – blogger behind

  • Crap-free Fitness – examples of bodyweight exercises and minimal equipment
  • How Steve’s decision to sell all his crap allowed him to become his own boss.

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