Are You Ready to Pay Off Your Debt?


Stop spending today’s money paying off past purchases. Build an emergency fund to cover future expenses. Give yourself the flexibility financially to do awesome things.¬†Here’s how to get started.

The No-Debt Mindset:

Systems That Work:

Money-Saving (and Money-Making!) How-Tos:

Success Stories:

Detailed Resources:

Premium You Vs. Debt course
6-week comprehensive course that takes you step-by-step through the process of eliminating your debt

  • Change your mindsets about money
  • Daily encouragement to spend less, earn more and think differently
  • Private, members-only forums with amazing group support

Debt-Payoff Tracking Spreadsheet
Part of our six-item Man Vs. Debt free resource kit available exclusively for email subscribers

  • Stay motivated while you’re paying off debt
  • Learn the secret to setting goals that keep you going
  • Man Vs. Debt editor Joan Concilio credits this tracking system for her success paying off more than $30K in less than 2 years


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