Are You Ready to Sell Your Crap?


Get rid of what you don’t need. Free up your space and your mental energy, and then use the money you earn selling that excess crap to move your financial and lifestyle goals forward. Here’s how to get started.

The “Less-Stuff” Mindset:

Crap-Selling How-Tos:

Success Stories:

Detailed Resources:

Premium Sell Your Crap ebook set
Contains Sell Your Crap main guide and three step-by-step modules (eBay, Craigslist and Amazon)

  • Mega-package of 4 guides, 328 pages, more than 110 screenshots
  • Learn how to quit holding on to things you don’t need
  • Go step-by-step to create a listing that sells


The “Where to Sell Your Crap” flowchart
Part of our six-item Man Vs. Debt free resource kit available exclusively for email subscribers

  • See where your item will sell best online
  • Quick tips to help you purge stuff faster


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