I’m Gonna Kick Some Major Ass in 2010… Bet on it.

Kick Ass 2010


At the beginning of every new years, there are usually two sects of people:

  1. Those who endorse ‘resolutions’ and goal setting at this time of year.
  2. Those who are critical of this process: “It’s the same as every other day”.

I can see both sides.

I get the fact that most resolutions are too vague or too unrealistic.  But at the same time, there’s a lot of energy right now.  There is a ton of optimism for the new year and the new decade.  People are fired up, dreaming big, and digging down deep.

Wouldn’t it be a waste not to tap into this atmosphere?

I, for one, am going to buy into the hype.  I’m going to declare my intentions for 2010 in public.  It helps me to write them down.  It helps me to shout them from the rooftops.  I’m going to focus on building momentum now.

February will be here soon enough.  I’ll worry about it then.  If all this buzz only gives me one great month, I’ll take that.

Here we go:

Man Vs. Debt 2010 Blueprint

2009 was all about opportunity for me.  It was a ‘yes’ year.  I said yes to every tangent, chased every rabbit hole, and explored countless options to find what I enjoyed doing most.  It was a lot of work  for very little tangible rewards.

But it paid off. I’m much more concrete about what I love doing and what I don’t.  I’m positioned well online for the short time I’ve been around.  I have a great blossoming community and dozens of other bloggers I call friends.

That being said, 2010 is going to be more focused.  I will be saying ‘no’ to many more tangents and rabbit holes.  It’s go time for me, now.

The main switch will be mentally.  I will be exploring ways to treat my online endeavors like true businesses.  Many ‘opportunities’ will be cut back and simplified, that’s just part of the shift.

Don’t worry, though.  I’ll still be accessible, transparent, and vulnerable. The truth is that is my business model.  It’s also what I love most.  Responding to comments, e-mails, questions.  Building the community and interacting with readers, bloggers, and media.  It’s a blast and I’ve had success.  That won’t change.  🙂

Here are some of the ways I plan to kick ass in 2010:

  • Gross $48,000 this year through light affiliates, light freelancing, and the product launch plan below.
  • Become an A-list Blogger. Move from the B/C list to the A list through media mentions, targeted guest post surge, collaborate w/ other A-listers, making full-time income.
  • Become confident with/known for use of videos.
  • Position myself for speaking/prominent book launch in 2011.

Product Launches for first half of year:

    • Unautomate Your Finances with Leo Babauta.  An eBook/guide that has been in the works forever.  A comprehensive, simple/minimalistic approach to getting finances in order.
    • Sell Your Crap Online.  An in-depth guide with specific videos, a lengthy written guide, and interview/success stories for organizing your stuff and selling it on Ebay, Cragslist, Amazon, etc…  Three levels:  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced selling techniques/walk-throughs.
    • Blogging/Branding/Networking Workshop & Consulting.  This will likely be both a workshop for small groups of 3-4 and the release of private consulting options, as well.  It will contain an in-depth case study to how I grew/grow MvD, including the literal e-mails I sent, what I did right/wrong, freelancing, guest posting, networking, and building community quickly.  It’ll be How NOT to Suck at Blogging, but on steroids, updated (I’ve learned a lot since then), and personalized for each participant.

The idea is that these three products tap into topics/audience of different interests and will provide a base (or tripod) for the rest of my business ventures.

  • Other Mini-Goals/Plans:
    • Make MvD 50% written and 50% video based. I’ll let you in on a secret.  I’m not a writer.  I don’t like it at all, really.  I like doing big projects/cool posts, but I don’t enjoy writing.  Never have and not sure I ever will.  So, I want to keep my written posts on MvD as the huge, detailed, and comprehensive projects and posts that have done well for me.  For everything else, I will continue to explore video as a medium (including the “Do Shit You Love” series).  Actually, I’m fairly close to this split now (for the last month or so) anyway.
    • Execute a HUGE Guest Posting surge. This is going to come either after the 1st or 2nd product launch I do.  I’ll be targeting the biggest and best names in the blogosphere and writing ridiculously high-quality content.  I won’t be going for quantity, but rather quality.  I’ll be attacking 10-15 of the most well-known names, many outside of personal finance or life design.
    • Go after more Media Mentions, Interviews, and helping others w/ projects. I’ll be focusing more on getting our story out in other forms of more traditional media.  I also want to do many more interviews.  In fact, if an interview with me can help you in anyway, let’s schedule it!  I’ll record a video, do it on Skype, or even in text (if you insist) :-).  This will also include helping other people by contributing to their eBooks, guides, and projects in small but powerful ways.
    • Explore Speaking Gigs and a Book Deal. This will be my projected focus for the last quarter/couple of months of 2010.  With the continue growth of the community, I want this sort of activity to be vibrant in 2011+!

Couple Other Projects I Will Be Supporting.

This list is sure to expand throughout the year, however at the start there are a couple other projects I’ll be helping support in one way or another.

  1. Nomad Baby – This is Courtney’s blog/project she is starting.  She will be featuring one photo from our travels for each day in 2010 (365 total).  She’ll be exploring techniques and showcasing her best snaps in attempt to show her growth throughout the year.  Pictures will mostly center around the sights and activities of Milligan.  All of the cool travel photos I share on posts are already taken by her.  This will show off even more.  If you enjoy photography or our travels, be sure to check it out!
  2. Untemplater – I’m one part of an awesome team of people behind a new group site, that’ll focus on helping Gen Y figure out what the heck to do with our lives :-).  The launch team includes Jun Loayza, Cody McKibben, Carlos Miceli, Monica O’Brien, Andrew Norcross, and another couple dozen of awesome writers/contributors.  There will be a personal finance section, as well as one for entrepreneurship, mobile lifestyle, and personal development.  It launches on January 5th and there will be some killer giveaways and a free manifesto (with my own story included).  Stay tuned.

10% of any Man Vs. Debt revenue (gross) to Charity: Water.

In 2010, I’ll be pledging 10% of all income generated by Man Vs. Debt (my own products, affiliates, advertising, consulting, etc…) directly to fund a well with Charity: Water.

It takes $5,000 to fully drill a well for a community and I would like to support one in Courtney and my name (through this 10% and other personal donations), as well as an extra one through donations from the MvD Community.  I plan to ‘give up’ my 26th birthday and other major holidays next year to help this happen.

Although I don’t have advertising on my homepage at this point, I will be making room for a non-intrusive Charity: Water banner to link to the community project.  More info soon!

Personal Goals:

In the interest of accountability and for those of you who are interested, here are some of my personal goals for the year:

  • Fitness: Meet and maintain weight of 200 pounds. Although, I’ve sacrificed updating Man vs. Fat, my diet change is still going well.  I’m down between 20-25 pounds, but have a long way to go.  In 2010, I’ll be working with Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness (which I love) on a bodyweight-based exercise routine that I can do while traveling.  If we decide to spend more than 3+ months in any one location, I’ll be exploring martial arts regularly (Muay Thai in Thailand, BJJ if back in States).
  • Family: Stop taking marriage/fatherhood for granted. Milligan is hitting her ‘terrible twos’ phase.  She’s exploring expressing herself, but hasn’t been taught/can’t yet communicate fully (especially frustration).  For the first time in her life, I feel myself getting angry/burnt-out easily and not knowing what to do.  She’s been such an easy infant/baby, I’ve not had my comfort zoned as a father stretched until now.  The same is true for Courtney and me.  We’ve just sort of put our relationship on default mode.  It’s strong, which is why we’ve been able to adapt to the life changes, but we often forget we need to set aside time to actively work on it, too.  I feel like it’s above-average on default/coast mode, but I want it to be extraordinary. With Milligan and while traveling, we need to remember to give our relationship focus, time, and concentrated effort, too.  I plan on attacking these both the same way I do everything…  reading books, blogs, and exploring strategies/techniques to be a better father/husband.  Anyone have suggested reading?
  • Travel: Stretch comfort zone, be more confident. We’ll be heading to Thailand for a couple months, which will be a different level of comfort/traveling for us.  I don’t think we will be done traveling after Thailand, though.  We’d like to visit home, but will look for ways to tour the U.S. or possibly South America.  With each week of mobile lifestyle, we are become more honed in our system and our confidence with this lifestyle.  I want to be more in control, but without having to plan out every detail.  This is the sign of a confident traveler in my mind.
  • Spirituality: Commit to exploration. I’ve neglected this arena (by choice) for at least the last couple of years.  For me, it’s not about one dogma or religion over another, but simply exploring my options.  I want to see how Buddhism affects the daily life in Thailand and explore the Christian Church community more when visiting/traveling the States.  I also want to read several more books on NLP, which I personally view as part of spirituality/self-control.
  • Hobbies: Build diverse skills, find releases. I tend to struggle with having light hobbies.  If I start to pick-up something, I start to dig in and really want to master it.  Since starting blogging, I’ve done little else from a personal perspective.  I’m starting to revisit Speedcubing (solving the Rubik’s Cube) and am back down to just under 60 seconds.  I’d like to average between 30-35 seconds per solve.  I’d also like to devote an hour or two a week to the Harmonica (I love music and desire an outlet for it).  I also want to explore martial arts more.  It’s not about the specific options, but rather just devoting 5-10 hours per week to something purely fun outside of planning travel or blogging.  A healthy release if you will.  🙂

I told you I was buying into the hype!

Long story short, 2010 is going to rock for me.  My word for 2010 is going to be Confidence.

Confidence as a father and a husband.  Confidence in my business and travels.  Confidence in my body and spiritual exploration.

I don’t and won’t have all the answers, but I will be confident in the journey.

Don’t bet against me this year.  Heck, don’t bet against yourself, either.

Let’s do this.

photo by Doug8888

102 thoughts on “I’m Gonna Kick Some Major Ass in 2010… Bet on it.”

  1. Hey Baker,

    Sounds like you’ve got an unbelievable year ahead of you. Your plans for MvD are huge and I look forward to being here to read (watch in the case of video) everything that you put up here in 2010. And it’s not like you’ve just talked about MvD on here either — you also talked about your relationship, your kid, and your hobbies – which makes you appear much more human and personable than many other bloggers who hardly talk about their lives.

    Keep keepin’ it real, man.

  2. Some great goals Baker! I like how you have an exact $48,000 online income goal. That’s a good $4,000/month gross income to shoot for!

    So, if you shoot to be an A-list guy, and associate with other “A-listers”, does that mean you won’t associate with the rest of us anymore?

    What is your definition of an “A-lister”, if we’re speaking solely from a blogging perspective?



    1. Don’t be silly, Sam! Associating myself with and learning from other successful bloggers doesn’t have to be inclusive. 🙂

      Everyone has a different definitions, of course. Most of mine was outlined above. Full-time income, professional/personal relationships with other well-known bloggers (guest posts/co-projects/friendships), light speaking/book opps, etc…

      It’s silly to put direct numbers to things. Everyone will be different. I feel I’m a C+ (close to B-) lister if that helps you get in my crazy mind. 😉

      1. Haha, I’m always silly, if you can’t tell! A+ or bust! lol

        Your specific goals are good. Good luck with your public speaking ventures. That’s the toughest one in my mind to get comfortable with.

  3. Wow, looks like you’re a guy with a plan and everyone should just get out of your way! 🙂

    I hope 2010 marks the year you accomplish the above goals. You’ve made quite a few changes already successfully and I’m sure that trend will continue.

    So far you guys haven’t really hit any major snagfus. Are you worried at all about how well your recent independent location business is going?

    I really like your stretch goals. That’s something that I need to incorporate more into my life to get out of my comfort zone.

    Hope you and your family have a great 2010.


    1. Yeah, move it or lose it, sister! 😉

      Seriously, though, I hope people actually come and jump on board!

      As far as snagfus go, I’m not worried yet (although it’s very arguable that I should be). If towards the end of January/beginning of February product launches are delayed, we’ll probably have to settle in for 6-12 months for some more location-based income to smooth things out.

      We’ll see how things go and are up for whatever! 🙂

  4. So exciting to hear that you’re not done with traveling in the near future, after Thailand. I sort of had the impression that this past year was the Great Escape and then it was back to the States and The Grind (I did just start reading you, after all:) Can’t wait to see where your travels take you next! Kudos to you and Courtney and your marriage being strong under such difficult conditions as traveling with a Tot — sounds like someday you might have your biggest relationship challenge should you ever “settle down” for a while!
    I’ll be checking out her photo site. What kind of camera does she use?

    1. We aren’t completely sure about the travel, yet, and actually your description is dead on from our original plan a year ago.

      If things go well, we may be able to strike a balance, although that’s drastically dependent on income over the next 6 months. 🙂

      Courtney says she uses a Canon Rebel Xti, and yes… we are more scared of ‘settling down’ than to keep a crazy pace! 😉

      1. Okay, so I finally got back here to read your reply. I just set up the ability on my blog to reply to a specific comment, but I was thinking that would automatically send an email to the commenter I’m replying to? But I didn’t get an email with your above reply, so maybe I’m wrong?

        I’m such a blogging noob, still. I recently came to thesis and am still muddling my way around.

        Good luck with your short-term writing goals and boosting your income to enable more traveling! So exciting for you. You will not regret any of this!

  5. They’re some awesome goals you’ve set yourself. I’m looking forward to the video posts.

    It also seems like everybody (including myself) is travelling to Thailand. Must be the “in” place to go right now.

  6. Baker,

    Good luck with all of your goals this year. It looks like you have set some great goals which will stretch you but will also be reachable. It also definitely helps to write them down and to put it out to the public.

    I have never really set any goals for a year (I refuse to call them resolutions because a resolution is something people say and then quit two weeks in). This year I have set a few, though.

    1) Be debt free by September 3 – $10,000 of student loans to pay off
    2) On average, volunteer at least 8 hours per month
    3) Set a body fat goal (TBD)
    4) Read at least 2 books every month

    I look forward to keeping up and see you accomplish your 2010 goals! Keep up the great work!

    1. Sweet! I appreciate you following my progress and i’ll do the same for you if you’ll send me an e-mail an update me (or start your own blog) 😉 .

      Here’s to us both stepping it up!

  7. Great one year goals. They are specific and have a time frame. As far as comparing yourself to other A list bloggers is a misnomer. Compare yourself to…yourself! Do what everyone does and you’ll get what everyone has. Be different, be unique, and most importantly be yourself. You will then attract the audience perfect for you.

    Good luck in your goals!

    1. You are right on. I should clarify that I don’t want to be ‘like’ any specific A-lister or group of A-listers. I just want the benefits, security, opportunities, and freedom. 😉

  8. I’m a fan of making goals and living life to the fullest, but I’m un-subscribing if this is another blog where the owner goes from normal joe to intentions of a book deal and becoming a famous blogger. I am tired of good blogs about real life getting over-run by book promos. I just wanted to read about a real guy making his way in the world, not a guy trying to line his pockets from it.

    Go hard, but make sure you don’t cash in and lose the whole reason why we’re all here – a real family with real life challenges.

    Happy 2010 and good luck.

    1. Christy, I’d love to keep you as a reader, but I can’t lie about my intentions. My intentions are to build a large, thriving, and passion audience. I’m not going for pure numbers (or I’d be posting daily and targeting SEO), I’m not going after pure advertising dollars either.

      But I would love to a well-known blogger with a huge base and the possibility of having a market to except a print book and/or speaking opportunities. The far, far majority of people I know who have written books haven’t lined their pockets from it at all. Some hit it big, but it’s the exception.

      As I’ve done from the beginning, though, I’ll do my best not to overrun anyone with promos. And, of course, you’ll get to see just how lined my pockets get (or just how sparse they are). 😉

  9. Happy New Year.

    I would recommend the Ross Training website for bodyweight and low-tech training tools…especially since you plan to get involved in different martial arts. He has a few world ranked boxers that he acts as a strength and conditioning coach for, and his workouts and training principles are very unique…and painful. http://rosstraining.com/blog/

    Good luck in your goals.


    1. Martin, you are the second or third person to refer me over to this. I’ve gotten give it much more attention. Thanks so much and I’ll be checking it out!

  10. I feel your pain Baker… I am currently feeling the effect of my own little terrible two, Clayton – who, by the way, is much more terrible than my first terrible two (Claudia – she skipped terrible twos and focused all of her energy on the ‘f*ck you’ fours). I can recommend a great resource, “Parenting with Love and Logic”. It teaches you techniques to raise respectful and responsible kids, how to bring them into your life (rather than your life revolving around theirs)… it’s about giving them consequences – setting them up to fail early while the consequences are small (think ‘been there done that’). And it works when they’re 2 or 42. It’ll help diffuse you a bit when dealing with incessant toddler behavior. It really helped us out – and while it’s not terribly romantic – it does tend to make parents a better, more unified team.

    Hobbies do help too… getting that ‘me’ time is crucial.

    You have some very ambitious goals! I’m glad you put them out there – it’s empowering to read. May the force be with you.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Meredith!

      Not only did you make me burst out in laughter at the F*** you fours, but I’ll definitely check out and appreciate your specific recommendation. I need a book for the flight to Thailand, anyway. 🙂

  11. I like how you laid everything out on the line. You are already one step ahead on your 2010 word of confidence. By letting it all out here for us to read shows that you are truly committed to your goals and your journey. It also has allowed me to look at my goals and make some improvements from seeing yours.

    I am about to graduate here in May and want to have at least one online income stream by June 2010 to help with the debt. Also look forward to your posts and videos in 2010. I feel the same with you on the videos, I like to do them but need to get more comfortable doing them. I like how you want to make it 50/50, I might look into doing the same.

    Thanks for this Baker,

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Tanner. I do really enjoy the videos and you can have a gander through my youtube channel and see that I’ve already become a lot more comfortable (even though I’m far from experienced)!

  12. Baker, I don’t know where to start — I’m so excited for 2010! 😀 Let me try to hit all my thoughts here:

    *Courtney’s photo blog — love it!! I’ll be cheering for her all year long, since I decided to do the same thing, only car-related here. It’s going to be fun!
    *The bloggy workshop — I only hope I have the funds in place for it when this comes out… I really don’t want to miss it. It’s the sort of kick in the pants I need.
    *Public speaking is one thing I’ve kinda wanted to do. It’ll be helpful for me to watch you stumble through it first. 😉

    All in all, I’m freakin’ excited here. (Okay, so most of it is that I get to move in six months, but still, that and everything else has me gunning for productivity right now.)

    And I like the idea of having at least one really good month… That’s definitely worth it, even if it’s only one!

    1. Meg, thanks for all the awesome support this year!

      And, yes, I plan on stumbling awkwardly through speaking, too! 🙂 I have a couple good, experienced mentors that I’ll be cashing in brownie points with for pointers. Admittedly, it’s something I’m saving for the end of the year, with the others much more prominent on the priority list. 🙂

  13. Awesome plans, Baker!

    I can see you’ve been pretty specific here which is always important. There’s nothing wrong with making money from your blog, just keep the good info. coming.

    Here’s to a great 2010!

  14. Baker,

    Sweet-ass plan for 2010! Regarding your family/marriage goals, I would immodestly recommend you check out what I am doing with my blog. The tagline at Engaged Marriage is actually “Achieving the Extraordinary in Marriage…and in Life!” and my content is all about how to take a “normal” marriage to the next level by being proactive. When I read your family goals, I thought we may have something in common here.

    Let me know what you think of the site, and best of luck to you in Kicking Ass in the New Year!


    1. For sure, Dustin!

      I’ll be looking more into your blog (I’ve been over a couple times before). Sound like you are right about having things in common. Let’s both have a killer year!

  15. Awesome goals for 2010! I’m working on still figuring mine out. As for relationship/marriage books, anything by John Gottman is AMAZING. He is basically like the king of relationships and an absolute genius. He even have a book that have activities that you and your wife can work through together which is nice to feel like you’re being productive and working towards something.

    Cheers and good luck in ’10!

  16. Good luck in 2010, my friend! I look forward to following your progress and hearing about your Thailand adventures. Your blog is the first one I read in my Google Reader so keep up the solid work!

    -Austin @ Foreigner’s Finances

  17. Really looking forwards to 2010 now. I’m doing well so far. A new goal every month. Start something small like 30 minutes meditation per day, get up at 9am as opposed to 5am and once you’re in the habit of setting goals you can set progressively harder goals. Love the article. Will keep you accountable!

  18. Good stuff, Adam!

    Check out anything with Richard Bandler on NLP, but I think you already know the guy if you know NLP since it’s almost synonymous. It seems like 2010 has nothing left to do but surrender completely to you. It’s going to be an awesome year. I know because I have a few plans myself and am taking action on the right NOW!


    1. Yeah, I’m familiar with Bandlers name, but have struggled to read much of his (or much of any of the earlier NLP work).

      It’s been a year or two since, I really tried though. I’m in a much different place and might really enjoy it!

  19. I would say “Good luck” but you don’t need it – you have rocked out in 2009 and 2010 will only be bigger and better for you and all of us. Cheers to your success so far. One of the main reasons I keep coming back is because, like me, you are all about trying new things, new projects using new media to reach new audiences. I’m excited for everything you have in store this year. All the best and Happy New Year!

  20. Good Luck Baker!!!

    I’m looking at kicking a$$ in 2010 too. As you will see from my blog I have put it off for so long and been so busy….. it stops this year 🙂

  21. Hi Adam,

    I’m not a parent myself, but just finished reading The Boys are Back by Simon Carr. It’s an amazing story about a father’s relationship with his two sons. His ideas on parenting were great and very different from a lot of other “advice” we’re used to seeing about how to go about parenting. I loved his somewhat radical ideas and I bet you would too!

  22. Hey Baker,

    It’s funny your post arrived just as I am currently reviewing my own goals for 2010. Love the charity aspect of your site. Mine is education (former teacher in my pretend life) and I have long desired to take part in a school building project. This is the year. I have found an organization that I would like to hook up with (very value driven) so I am pretty excited about that. In the end that will be my lasting legacy I think because that has an impact for generations to come (much as your water one will have as well.)

    I would also be interested in taking you up on your willingness to do an interview (skype podcast perhaps). I am collecting people’s quit stories. Of course they are different for everyone (most connect it to a job but there is so much more to it than that.) For instance, I like the fact that you are unafraid to be vulnerable (I have a future post coming on that.) That is a story worth telling in and of itself.

    What is the best way to contact you on this?

    Here’s to you kickin some serious ass on your 2010 journey and the rest of us quitting crap that doesn’t move us in the direction we want to go.


    1. Dean,

      Shoot me an e-mail at Baker (at) ManVsDebt.com!

      I’d love to hear more and help with an interview! Your own goals sound exciting, as well. 😉

  23. I keep saying this year is going to be great for people with a strong plan. I have no doubt you will be one of them! 2010 will be a good year for you.

    I know there are a few of us who are feeling that growth transition with our blogs.I love your plan for growing big.

    I’ve read your blog from the beginning and I will continue to read it forward.

    Much success with your personal and professional life in 2010.

  24. Sounds like a killer plan. What about guest posting on your blog — is that something that you’ll be looking into? Also, if you start Muay Thai in Thailand, make sure and continue once you get back to the states. It’s the toughest sport I’ve ever done and it takes a long time to really feel comfortable — plus it’s an amazing workout. Anyone looking to get in shape and learn should seriously consider it. There are great schools all across the country. Have a killer 2010.

  25. In terms of exploring your spirituality side, I recommend reading this book for starters when you get around to exploring the Christianity thing back in the states as you mentioned doing: Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions. (you can find it on Amazon easily) There are literally thousands of other books you could read about Christianity, but this one hits all the basic areas of confusion that seem to be so prevalent in America about Christianity. Being a Christian myself who regularly studies the Bible and worships at a local church, I found this book to be one of the better ones out there for someone like you who’s just looking for some basic, well-thought out answers about difficult subjects.

    Also, I encourage you in your endeavors to rock it in 2010! I start MBA school on Monday, so I’m going to HAVE TO rock it as well all year long to keep my head above water. 🙂

  26. Please don’t do TOO much in video! It really bothers me that so much of the web is turning to video. I do most of my web surfing sercretly at work and can’t access so much information these days because everything is in video and I can’t listen to it or it will give me away!!

    1. I’m with Sheila… I’m subscribed to hundreds of blogs and have yet to click on any videos. They just don’t interest me (even from home without restricted viewing!). I think I like to see how a written post is outlined, the length, the pictures, to see if I can commit enough time to it to read it. I don’t have those cues with a video link so I figure there’s no content I won’t know I’m missing.

      1. I agree with both of the above comments, I’m a pretty quick reader, so I can usually get through content more quickly than a video allows. Unless it’s something that requires visualization, I’m happy to read posts vs. watch them! I’m glad other people feel the same way!

  27. Hey Adam.

    This post is like a big strong punch. I know what is takes to put out an article like this, with this much future detail, as it puts a heavy load on your shoulders, but you are saying you can handle that. It shows good signs for what folks can expect here. Also, the details are all there, so you have something to check back on for when you hit each item.

    I haven’t seen anyone put out plans and details like this who regretted it later. Frankly I don’t think I’ve seen someone put out effort and regret it later, but that is something for its own article.

    “That’s one small step for debt, one large step for man” – altered version of the moon landing quote to describe the ongoing battle here.

    Man gets +1 experience points, while debt gets +0 experience points.

    I could keep going with these, but good stuff sir.

  28. My big goal for this year is to pack up the 3 youngest kids in a trailer and take off for an odyssey around Canada. After reading Ruth Ann Harnish http://ruthannharnisch.com/the-coach/im-on-sabbatical-dont-you-want-to-come-too/ post about being on sabbatical, I’m calling the trip a sabbatical, too. It somehow sounds more interesting. I’ll be following your travels for hints and tips about travel with family.

    PS the terrible twos are a misnomer. It’s only terrible if you can’t let your little one explore. She is hard-wired to learn at this stage and the more you can help her do that, the easier life will be for everyone. She’s not throwing her food around to annoy you, she’s learning about gravity, trajectory, viscosity, colour mixing, and sound. If you look at it that way, it seems pretty amazing rather than terrible. She’s also learning to do things for herself, which is hard because she isn’t ready physically yet for some of it. And sometimes she’ll scare herself. Your job is you make it safe and easy for her to do things for herself. I didn’t experience anything terrible about the 2’s with my 4 kids.

  29. Damn, Baker! Your incredibly ambitious plans sound like they have a lot of planning and strategy to make them a reality. Your plans are infectious, and make me want to push harder for a great 2010. I’m thinking this year is going to be awesome.. 🙂


  30. Baker,

    Excellent goals. I’m looking forward to keeping up on your progress. One thing I found odd in reading through your goals…unless I missed something, I did not see anything related to paying down debt!

    Your authenticity and enthusiasm make you an excellent blogger and reading up on your adventures has inspired me to launch my own blog this year. Stay tuned!

  31. If I may recommend a book on NLP that involves spirituality, Core Transformation by Connirae and Tamara Andreas is an excellent manual for learning a very powerful and useful personal change technique. (Disclaimer: I happen to work for Connirae, but I don’t get any commission or anything like that–I’m a big fan of the technique and plan on becoming a trainer.)

  32. Great stuff. I look forward to seeing your goals become reality.

    For parenting books, I highly recommend “How to Talk so your kids will listen, and listen so your kids will talk.” I don’t know how many words Milli has but using sign language helped all our kids as toddlers/babies. Sometimes it’s hard for them to communicate, but signing can help take their frustration away.

    I can put together a list of parenting books, and books I’ve read on spirituality that are diverse and send it to you. I have too much to share here. 🙂

  33. Hey Baker! I’m Steven. I really like how your site focuses a lot of attention on simplification . I especially like the post you put about simplifying finances.
    But, what I’m really excited for are those ebooks you mentioned! Unautomate Your Finances and Sell Your Crap Online. Please let me know when you release those 🙂

  34. Great post Baker and good luck with it! I myself am re-focussing on fitness quite a bit, as I lost 40 pounds before the Holidays. Note I said BEFORE cause Im almost sure I put on 10 throughout lol

    I also need to recommit myself to my blog this year and build it more. I have the template I want and plenty content ideas, but I need to start bringing in readers.

    I think at this time of year we’re all reevaluating our goals. I never really been a resolutions person because I think most people do not stick with it. Mostly because they try to get scientific about it (especially complex weightloss solutions).

    Good l;uck


  35. Nomad Baby – What a cool idea! I always thought I’d have to get all my travelling in before I had kids but you two have shown me it is possible to be adventurous AND great parents. I’m looking forward to hearing Courtney’s tips! We’ll help you get to a-list status, Baker!

  36. Hey Baker,

    Wow, you are brave and courageous to put all your goals out there like that! I am spending today working out my goals for the year, and writing them down for me to see and review daily, but I seriously doubt I’ll be sharing them online. : )
    I admire you for doing so though — it sure is a good way to hold yourself accountable!
    I wish you luck with everything, and I’ll be on the lookout for your product launches!


  37. I am new to your site and relatively new to the blogosphere (started last April). Found you through the ProBlogger link to your incomparable post about how not to suck at blogging (adore how you framed that in the negative. genius.) Anyway, I found that post to be riddled with reality-honed insights and contagious humor. What stuck with me most was your emphasis on passion, on its primacy and its power. I could not agree more that it really all boils down to fiery passion – something we can’t begin to fake.

    And this post? It made me nod and smile and believe. A unique and compelling brand of optimism is palpable in your tapestry of words and wishes. It’s not the old school fluffy optimism, generic and candy-coated for bulk sale. No. It’s a brand of optimism full of authenticity and affection. I don’t know you or this site very well (yet), but in just reading this post, I have little doubt that you are going to rock it this year.

    In any event, I am on my last day of a mini-forced-holiday sabbatical from blogging (before that I posted every day for nine months and figured I could stand to press pause). I write these words from bed where I am getting over the sinister swine flu, but know that your words for a insecurely confident blogger are what Tamiflu is for a swino 🙂

    A very happy new year to you and your two lucky girls!

  38. Baker,

    You’re my hero. Thanks for inspiring all of us to do better and be better. Can’t wait to see how 2010 unfolds for ya. Big things coming your way, I can feel it.


  39. Baker…

    Just recently found your blog and have been enjoying poking around a bit. I am so impressed at the clarity you have for you life at 25. As a Gen Xer myself, I am a few years ahead of you, so I already know the slippery slope ahead of you.

    Keep on rockin’ it….Confidence will take you soooo far. Looking forward to your product launches. And BTW…your Debt Tsunami idea really spoke to me.


  40. I can’t give you advice on what books/blogs on relationships or parenting to read, but I’ll tell you what I’ve tried to do….just commit some time each day to letting your wife and daughter know how much they mean to you. I went through/am going through some of the same emotions you are and that seems like it has helped.

    Good luck with your 2010 goals and thanks for the good reading in 2009.

  41. I think a better way to go is to make every day, week or month a resolution. Setting goals for the YEAR or FROM NOW ON is a massive undertaking, which is why so many people fail. Instead, try things such as, “Today, I’m not going to buy that latte” or “I’m going to save $50 by the end of this month.” Short-term goals help build confidence and could be the start of something great.

    A January 4 resolution anyone?

  42. As a mom of 5 I have read many, many parenting books. Most of the books (99%) assume that what you are asking of your child is automatically legitimate and how to get your child to comply with our expectations. Alfie Kohn’s “Unconditional Parenting” is truly unique and paradigm shifting. It helps parents to focus on what we want our children to become and asks if how we are raising them is leading us in that direction. I cannot recommend this book enough. Trust me, it will change forever how you interact with your daughter.

  43. If you’re traveling around exercise bands are also a good fit. I never seem to be in any one place for too long and exercise bands definitely help me get in a quick workout anywhere. They’re light and take up little space in your luggage

  44. Even if you’re not regularly updating MvF, can you at least replace that picture with the new, slimmer you? As things stand, I shudder every time I load the site. 😉

  45. Seems very brave to post your resolutions. It gives you some accountability, which is smart (and probably a little scary, too!). I appreciate that this is a big step — and even more, that you’re doing it with a two-year-old in tow. My daughter is two-and-a-half and has has become a “hitter.” Not of other kids, mind you — her parents (and her daddy in particular). We’re working on it, and figuring it’ll pass eventually…

  46. Adam,

    Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe your awesome 2009 accomplishments! I just ran across your name on a Problogger Top 30 blogs of 2009 — congrats.

    You mentioned one of your goals is to become and A-list blogger….forgive me if this was addressed in one of the earlier comments….I didnt’ read them all….my question is what mode of measurement are you using to determine being an A-list blogger. Is it simply replacing your full time income? I’ve often wonder what the exact definition was or if it was more subjective.


  47. I just noticed the slogan change from “get out of debt, get into life” to the new one…I highly approve sir! Looking forward to seeing your 2010 progress.

  48. Just wanted to give you a big shout out for putting so much of yourself on line. It takes courage to live a created life and you are hanging it out there for all of us to see. Well done. Stay the course. Loved that you recognise what is possible with your partner and child – sometimes this one gets lost along the way. Look forward to continuing to be inspired by you reaching your goals in 2010.

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  52. Nice to see the updates on what you’re up to now! I feel 2010 is definitely going to be a year of getting results. It’s now or never (ok, never really “never”). I also admire your philanthropic initiatives and commitment to your family! – great to see. And Untemplater is looking great so far, too.

  53. I like this concept, except I don’t make resolutions at the beginning of the year — I make them as soon as they enter my mind. Why wait until the beginning of the year to make a change?

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  57. Baker, I was so inspired by this post that I’ve stolen it and used it to make some kick ass goals for myself in 2010.


  58. Wow, and I thought my goals this year were ambitious! I’ve found it’s easier to achieve outrageous goals than realistic ones simply because realistic goals won’t light a fire under you. Good luck.

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