2nd Full Month Blogging: Video, Stats, Thanks, & June Goals!


Summary of the Video…

May’s  Stats!

  • 494 Subscribers
  • 50,542 Visits!
    • ~35,000 from Digg
    • ~15,000 non-digg
  • Page Rank 4

As I said in the video these statistics blew my mind!  Thank you for the part you played!

People I thank personally!

  1. Jonathan MeadIlluminated Mind – Jonathan kicks major ass.  He has helped me take blogging to next level.  Bottom line, if you have a chance to interact with Jonathan you should take it!
  2. Trent Hamm The Simple Dollar – Special thanks to Trent for exposing his loyal readership to Man Vs. Debt throughout the month.  This traffic was more important to me than the Digg traffic.

What I’m Looking To Do In June!

  • Set up life in Australia!  <— It’s coming fast! – Great time to submit guest post 🙂
  • Goal: 22,500 visits (50% non-digg growth)
  • Instill Balance (weight loss challenge, travel, etc…)
  • Free E-Book Coming Soon

How You Can Help Me Have An Awesome June!

  1. Expose a new reader to the blog. Tell a family member, friends, or random stranger!
  2. Add comments or e-mail me feedback/stories. Let me know what I’m doing right/wrong!
  3. Subscribe to RSS, e-mail, or follow on Twitter (4,300+ followers)

Let Me Know How I Can Help You Achieve Your Goals In June!

Please e-mail me your June goals and what I can do to help!  Seriously, I would love to help in any way I can.

My Top 5 Personal Favorite Posts!

Here are my own favorite 5 posts from the month of May.  You can always see the top 10 most popular in the right-hand sidebar.

Top 10 Sources Of Referral [Personal Finance Blogs]!

  1. The Simple Dollar
  2. Get Rich Slowly
  3. Frugal Dad
  4. WalletPop
  5. Five Cent Nickel
  6. Free Money Finance
  7. The Kirk Report
  8. MSN Smart Spending
  9. Bargaineering
  10. WiseBread

Top 8 Sources Of Referral [Non-PF Blog]

  1. Digg.com
  2. Jalopnik.com (result of digg)
  3. Tipd.com
  4. Google.com (organic)
  5. Twitter.com
  6. StumbleUpon.com
  7. Viralogy.com
  8. ZenHabits.tumblr.com

Where you able to accomplish your goals in May?  Which did you shatter and which did you fall short of?  Leave any questions, comments, or concerns below!  You guys rock!

5 thoughts on “2nd Full Month Blogging: Video, Stats, Thanks, & June Goals!”

  1. Wow. That’s great.

    One of my main goals for May was to publish on every single day of the month. With the assistance of my staff writers, I hit the goal (after missing a couple of days in April).

    I’m looking forward to seeing your eBook. I’m also readying an electronic gift for my loyal readers. It will probably hit the shelves in July, with plans for periodic subsequent volumes.

    I like the weight loss challenge. Contests, in general, are fun, and this one will have good health effects for the participants. What a bunch of losers – I mean that in the best sense 🙂

    Kosmo @ The Casual Observer’s last blog post..Stock market contest, June 1 update

  2. This is just such an awesome addition to a blog like this. Not only are you getting quality content constantly, you are also getting updated on how Man vs. Debt is doing. Love it. Keep these reports up. Please!

    Dan Miranda’s last blog post..Thirteen?!? Really?

  3. Congrats, Baker! No surprises here! I’d also like to grow my subscriber base as well as unique visitors this month. I’m hoping to at least double my subscribers from where they are now, and get more referrals from other great sites like this one! Now that my theme is fixed, I hope I should be able to do this no problem.

    MoneyEnergy’s last blog post..Shariah Indices Put New Twist On SRI (Socially Responsible Investing) with New S&P/TSX 60 Shariah Index

  4. Awesome start mate! 50000 hits in second month of blogging is incredible!!! I envy you, I’ve got like 4000 views in 2 months total!!! Although my topic is different and not for the masses.

    Thanx for a nice blog, best of luck!

    Adrian’s last blog post..Movie: Bigger Stronger Faster

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