Ignite Your Passion & Business with Danielle LaPorte’s “Fire Starter Sessions”

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Today, I’m proud to share with you a rare guide I’ll be adding to the “Products I Love”.  (The first of two this month)!

Danielle LaPorte unleashed her much anticipated Fire Starter Sessionstoday.  Danielle, who blogs at White Hot Truth, has been someone I’ve looked up to since my first few months blogging.  She’s directly influenced my levels of transparency and my quest to be as genuine as possible here.

I interviewed her on finding passion, building momentum, avoiding burnout, and the details of her product launch.  Here’s the breakdown of the above video interview:

  • [00:40] – Who is Danielle LaPorte?  (Danielle’s 30-sec elevator pitch)
  • [02:05] – Danielle’s tips for unearthing your business passions.
  • [03:10] How Danielle defines a strength and a weakness. [<– powerful]
  • [04:25] – Danielle gives ME advice on finding my specific strengths.
  • [05:55] – How to tap into the “real” reason certain people inspire you… and what resources/people inspired Danielle when she was getting into “go” mode.
  • [08:50] How to maintain your motivation/drive without hitting “burnout”
  • [12:55] – Overcoming urges to conform and why being authentic will explode your business.
  • [17:40] – The “features” of Danielle’s new “Fire Starter Sessions”  (What people get)
  • [19:05] – The “benefits” of the “Fire Starter Sessions“.  (What’s it going to do for me?)  🙂

My biggest takeaways…

As you can tell when you watch the video, I deeply enjoyed talking with Danielle.  There were at least two “a-ha” moments for me in our chat.

First, I loved how she defines strength and weaknesses (based on Marcus Buckingham’s work).  Danielle explained that true strengths are those things that make you feel “strengthened”… NOT necessarily what you are “good” at.  So many times, I reflect on something that I’m skilled at, or something that people tell me I’m skilled at… and call that a strength.  Danielle’s definition really resonates with me more.

The same is true for weaknesses.  There are some things that I may very well be great at, but that make me feel terrible or weak.  These are not strengths, then.  I get it now.  🙂

The other big takeaway from this interview was Danielle’s approach to burnout. As you hear in the video, Danielle hates the stigma we’ve attached to the word “burnout”.  She talks about how it’s a necessary part of the entrepreneurial cycle and how we need to learn to not only accept it, but plan for it.  This help removes some of the negative energy and guilt that always accompanies downtime!

Since recording the video, I’ve had a chance to really dig into the “Fire Starter Sessions” product.  I’m genuinely amazed. I’m always careful about who I affiliate with and/or share with my audience, however it’s the real deal.  These two points on strengths and burnout are only a couple pages of the 200+ that come in the guide.  There are videos, audio recordings, workbooks, exercises.  It’s an inspiring example of a product/guide done right.

Danielle is one of the top 3-4 people I feed from in my business.  And I have no doubt the this guide is going to have an drastic impact on this site and my business.  I have absolutely no reservations in telling you to check this out.  It’s worth many times what it costs.:-)

12 thoughts on “Ignite Your Passion & Business with Danielle LaPorte’s “Fire Starter Sessions””

  1. A good interview! I agree with Danielle about you and TV. The cool thing is, in reality, you are already doing TV. I watched your video interview today instead of watching something on TV this afternoon. Keep up the great work you are doing. As you are finding your way you are inspiring others.

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  3. Aw dis, it cut off right when it was speaking to me! Would of loved to hear the rest of that sentence.

    I really enjoyed the talk about balance. Now, if I could only get my family to understand I can’t swing equally in balance, but I try my best. Definitely have the OCD. Husband would vouch for that.

    And I love the saying, “you are what you are attracted to”. Definitely going to check out Danielle some more. Great interview you two.

    And Baker, see you have the white board behind ya. Need a bigger one so you can write dorky stuff on it for your viewers to read during an interview. 😉

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  5. Love Danielle. So excited to take advantage of her pay-what-you-can sale today. Also, really happy to have stumbled into your corner of the blog-iverse. I’m paying off my debt, while living abroad and working for a socially-based business. Seems to be some parallels in our lives, and lots of lessons I can learn from you.

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  8. I had to go into the archives for this interview but SO glad that I did. It was done right before I jettisoned my corporate career. Of course two folks that I am loving getting to know through their blogs would have done an interview together. Thank you both for who you are in the world!

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