Weekend Reading: Links Of The Week 4/25/09

Wow, it’s already been another week!  As Financial Literacy Month winds down, financial bloggers around the web continue to have some truly great posts.  Here at Man Vs. Debt, we had a great week as well.  We eclipsed 100 subscribers and have increased unique visitors, page views, and comments once again!  I appreciate everyone who has stopped by this week and hope you’ll continue to come back for more!


My Favorite 3 Posts…

  • Gather Little By Little double-dog-dared us to Budget For 30 Days!  He’s had several people literally accept his challenge.  Great job motivating people into action!

Man Vs. Debt Around The Web…

Personal Finance Carnivals…

Best Of The Rest…

  • Get Rich Slowly detailed his own financial Turning Point in his life, which really stimulated some thought about the events that really turned my financial life around.
  • My Money Blog gives new meaning to the thought of making some side income.  Sex is involved.
  • Consumer Commentary is running a “Money-Basics” Series where he has written on the basics of Checking, Savings, and APR vs. APY.
  • The Financial Nut provide yet another great guide, this time about The SEP IRA.

Non-Personal Finance Spotlight!

My discovery this week is sort of a cheat.  They do discuss personal finance, but regularly talk about other topics, as well.  The blog is Zen College Life and even though I’m no longer in college I love reading the articles.  Has a great design, as well!  See what you think.

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