Weekend Reading: Mini-Marathon Edition!

Indianapolis Mini-Marathon

Thanks again for another wonderful week!  This weekend is the local mini-marathon here in Indianapolis.  Supposedly it is the largest mini-marathon in the United States.  Not sure if I believe that, but I’ll be there supporting my wife starting at 7 a.m. today!

Here’s some awesome links to get you through your weekend personal finance fix:

My Favorite 3 Posts…

  • Bargaineering posted an awesome video about Psychological Money Games.  If you don’t appreciate video content, I suggest you try to make your own.  Trust me, you’ll appreciate this stuff much more.
  • Think Simple Now featured a guest post by Jonathan Mead, entitled How To Find Beauty in Life.  Yeah, I know it’s not personal finance, but it’s stuff like this that helps me maintain balance.

Man Vs. Debt Around The Web…

  • I was honored to be included by The Simple Dollar in his most recent link round-up.  Thanks Trent!

Personal Finance Carnivals…

Best Of The Rest…

12 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Mini-Marathon Edition!”

    1. MJ, Thanks for coming over! I think 31DBBB is awesome and am really enjoying getting to know other bloggers as well.

      Glad you found the articles useful!

  1. I ran that race many years ago (I went to Grad school in Muncie)…it’s a good one. It’s pretty cool running on the Indy 500 race track. Good luck to your wife!

    I’m going to check out these posts…I’ve never even heard of cell phone insurance. And although I do draw the line as well at those gross way to save money, I did know a guy in college who grew up on a hippie commune (The Farm, in Tennessee) and his Mom made him sweaters out of dog hair. 🙂

    MB’s last blog post..I’m Declaring War On Clutter & Stuff & Dirt

    1. Yeah, that kind of stuff is just one step too far for me. But hey, I’m doing thing now that were one step to far for me 5 years ago. Who knows what the future holds?

    1. Wow, appreciate you guys swinging by. Let’s just say, I’m an above average fan of your site. Really look up to your writing style. Glad you enjoyed the articles, as well.

    1. Kosmo, she ran it in 2:26:00. She’s been having a problem with a muscle in her leg and didn’t think she’d be able to finish. She put her head down and plowed through and even beat her goal of 2.5 hours! She did really awesome!

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