PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge – Teams Announced!

Body Fat!First, I want to personally thank everyone who not only signed-up, but also helped promote the challenge! I had no idea 30 people would want to commit.  I was looking for accountability and, boy, did I find it!

By tomorrow morning, all entrants in the challenge should be getting an e-mail, as well.  If you don’t receive this please let me know, so I can check your e-mail addresses.

A new post will be updated every Sunday morning, with each person progress through the week and will be reorganized based on total team points earned.  Whether you are a participant or a spectator, please feel free to leave successes, failures, or cheers in the comment section below.

Teams were divided up, so that each team has a goal of 100 points.  Each team can has 75 pounds of goals and then each of the five members can earn an additional 5 points if they individually hit their mark regardless of how big or small the mark may be.

Name Blog Goal

Alpha Team

Brad -30
Dave -16
Laura -12
Abigail -10
Linsey -7

Beta Team

Jessica -30
Josh Smith -18
Miranda -15
Matt Jabs -7
SNS -5

Gamma Team

Baker -28
Neal Frankle -20
Kelly -10
Mrs. Micah -9
Kim -8

Delta Team

Spendthrift -25
Shane -20
Pretty Penny -10
John -10
Bob -10

Epsilon Team

Lynne -25
MFD -22
Clare  -10
Viviana -12
Rachel -6

Zeta Team

Krista -20
Dusty -20
Bettsonly -16
Jorge -11
SavingDiva -8

** Bob will be actually attempting to gain 10 pounds.  The points will work the same, but in reverse.  Mrs. Micah will be attempting to maintain weight through an extensive weekly exercising commitment.  She will earn a potential of 1 point per week if she stays on track, plus the bonus 5 if she hits 7/9 weeks.

LET THE TRASH TALK (a.k.a. overwhelming support) BEGIN!

39 thoughts on “PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge – Teams Announced!”

    1. You guys gathering to talk about your goals? You should probably shoot for 2nd place… Don’t want you to be disappointed ;-)!

    1. Whoo hoo! Go ALPHA!

      I’ll be curious to hear more about the folks who are planning on losing 20+ lbs in 8 weeks but I’m sure OUR guys will do it because we *are* the alpha dogs!

      I’m not actually on Twitter a ton (least, not as @ipickuppennies, cuz I have to be on Twitter on another account for work) but I’m always on email. Maybe we can converse that way?

      seattlegirl (at) yahoo

      I’m happy to say it’s a gorgeous day out so I’ll be looking forward to taking a walk, which is how I’m planning on losing weight (plus counting calories, obviously).

      Abigail’s last blog post..Frugal is SEXY!

    1. As I put to Laura, maybe we can converse via email? I’m on Twitter all day but for work, so not on my personal account.

      I’m going to do my damnedest to keep everything up for you guys!

      Now let’s get the Alpha dogs chatting!

      Abigail’s last blog post..Frugal is SEXY!

  1. Woo hoo! I am so excited. I went out and bought a scale yesterday and after getting on it I was terrified at the number then excited at the challenge. I will be researching light recipes to post on my blog and thinking of new ways to get some exercise without going to the gym. Go Team Epsilon!

  2. Baker, thanks so much for setting this up!! Can I make a request: Could you add participants Twitter addresses (if they have them) To this nifty matrix? I’m @jessc098 (that’s a zero, not the letter o).

    I think teams could have hashtags too like BWLC (blogger weight loss challenge).

    For instance #BWLCBETA could be a team hash tag

    Just a thought, and thanks again. Great ideas and I can tell you’ve put a lot of time into this!

    Jessica W’s last blog post..Another Great PF Blog With Another Great Contest

  3. Not sure what happened to my last submission here, so I hope this doesn’t end up being a double comment. I just wanted to let everyone know of a site I use called sparkpeople (dot) com, which allows me to track my calories for each day as well as keep up with an exercise program by tracking what I do. It has been very helpful to me and I am hoping that with this free site plus your accountability, I will be able to reach my weight loss goals. Good luck to everyone and I hope you are able to benefit from this too!

    Brad @ EOD’s last blog post..12 Steps To Debt Free Addicts Anonymous

  4. Beta Bloggers = #BWLCBETA

    Jessica = @jessc098 –
    Josh Smith = @Josh_Smith – &
    Miranda = @MMarquit –
    Matt Jabs = @MattJabs –
    SNS = @savingsnotshoes –

    Here’s some info to get my fellow Beta Bloggers Banded Together! I am riding my bike to & from work most every day (20 mile round trip each time). I’m also heavily considering a raw vegan diet for the month of June (many health & weight benefits)…

    Matt Jabs’s last blog post..Reduce Monthly Bills – TV Edition

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  6. I did great today with my eating. I actually had a 12″ subway chicken breast sub with NO MAYO, and NO CHEESE! That is HUGE for me! I didn’t know you could have a sub without the two. 🙂

    No actual exercise other than cutting my grass, which is on a steep hill, and putting down a floor in my office upstairs. I plan to go for a four mile hike tomorrow with my son. (He LOVES it)

    It was so easy for me to keep track of my calories today. I hate to sound like an advertisement but sparkpeople (dot) com has a really great set up for that. It’s free and the guy who started it spent 5 million dollars of his own money to start it to help people like you and I. (Impressive) It allows you to enter your food in a search box and adds up your calories. Most everything is on there, especially restaurants. I stayed within the calories suggested, and I am determined to reach my goal.

    Alpha Team Rulz, so everyone better watch out! I am a competitor at heart! Oh yeah my twitter name is @enemyofdebt

    Brad @ EOD’s last blog post..Keys To Effective Money Management – The Introduction

    1. Ditto here. And here’s a helpful tip for anyone commonly tempted by fast food: Start looking at the nutritional info on the websites. It’s truly horrifying.

      I’m on Alli, which means I have to keep an eye on fat grams. Usually 19 g per meal is no problem at all. But at fast food, you have almost NO choices. Even at seemingly “healthy” places. I ate at World Wrapps today. Small Thai chicken 507 calories, 17.18 grams of fat; 16 oz strawberry/orange smoothie: 268 calories, 1.13 grams of fat. It was my main meal for the day, so I didn’t mind too much. But it’s still mind boggling.

      Start checking out your favorite restaurants and you’ll learn pretty quickly that it’s not worth the calories/fat you end up with!

      Abigail’s last blog post..Frugal is SEXY!

  7. Hey guys
    Baker, tis Tim M from Australia again (under a different guise).

    May I humbly submit my advice apropos your challenge.

    My credentials are:
    I weighed 88kg (193 or so pounds) in July 2006. That’s on a 5’7″ frame.
    As at July 2008, I was around 134 lbs.
    As at June 2009, I am still around 134 lbs (I’m going to do a how-to guide on my site once I have time, I am a busy, busy boy).

    I did this through exercise and eating better. No crash dieting. No surgery. No pills.

    My main points would be:
    Don’t get too hung up on healthy fat (think eggs, avocados, nuts, full cream milk etc)
    DO get hung up on sugary carbs
    Protein – it is your friend
    Elevate metabolism (chili, fresh, raw)
    Cardio (lots)
    Weights (lots)
    Be prepared for a lot of fking hard, HARD work

    Man, I need to do a guide

    Good luck, I’ll be watching with interest.


    Tim M’s last blog post..Chinese Animal Skinning: unacceptable (you must read this)

  8. Awesome!
    I am officially starting today since this week has been CRAZY busy.

    I plan on walking and running to start, and we’ll be joining the Y which I can walk to later this month.

    I’m keeping an eye on my diet via a notebook, but I’m going to upload my info to which is a GREAT way to keep track of your exercise and diet.

    I don’t have a scale, so I’m goign to have to figure out a way to weigh myself. Hrm…

    Kelly’s last blog post..around the web: estate planning edition

  9. @ Kelly

    Weights. Please please do weights

    No carbs except porridge
    No softdrink
    No bread
    No pasta (I cheated and had gnocchi)

    Say hello ketosis and goodbye fat

    It will not be easy

    I definitely need to do something about this on my site


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