Welcome Art of Non-Conformity Readers!

If you’ve clicked over from my post, 7 Life Lessons My 1-year-old Taught Me While Backpacking Abroad, on the Art of Non-Conformity, I’d like to give you a special welcome.

I’m a huge fan of Chris’ and am proud to be an active member of the AoNC community.  That’s why it was such an honor to have my post selected as the runner-up in his contest.

While you’re visiting the Man Vs. Debt community we are building here, I hope you’ll take the time to join it.  Here are some ways you can stay connected to what’s going on:

  • Receive free updates via RSS reader or by e-mail.
  • Follow @ManVsDebt for a more intimate discussion on Twitter.
  • Participate in the comments section with the other most active members.
  • Introduce yourself via e-mail [Baker @ ManVsDebt (dot) com].  I’d love to hear from you!

Here are the most essential links that will help you get a feel for what’s going on around here!

This should give you some background on where we’ve been and in what direction we are heading!

I’ll hope you’ll come along for the ride!

– Baker

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