Weekend Reading: “OMG, Twitter Went Down” Edition

OMG, Twitter down... TWITTER DOWN!The world was shocked yesterday, when Twitter ruthlessly ripped it’s servers down for what they called “scheduled maintenance.”  Scheduled maintenance, my ass. What in the world was I suppose to do for the 90 minutes I was not able to access my followers thoughts, hope, dreams, and spam?  Did Twitter even think about how this would effect me?

Sigh, actually I had a nice dinner with my family.  It was weird. Afterward, I was even super-productive for the 30 minutes I worked.  I completely cleaned my desktop, bookmarks, and working space.  I felt awesome, refreshed, and focused.  All that aside, Twitter was lucky they had everything back up after a short time.  I had prepared a 2000 word rant to convince you all to boycott them permanently, but that’ll have to wait for another day.

By the way, there are some of you who either do not know what Twitter is or simply have been avoiding it on purpose.  You are our civilizations only hope. Run, don’t walk, away from any mention or sight of Twitter.  The future of our race depends on it.

Here’s some awesome links to get you through your weekend personal finance fix:

My Favorite 3 Posts…

  • Five Cent Nickel was on fire this week.  Seriously, I had 4 articles bookmarked from that site.  In the interest of only choosing one, I will have to go with a post by Matt Jabs entitled Off the Grid and Into the Future.  This post lead to a serious discussion between my wife and I on how we could do this as well.  That’s what a good post should do.
  • The Wisdom Journal created an awesome list of random things he has survived in his life.  It’s an ‘ode to the panic spread by both the swine flue and this recession as a whole.  It’s a great list that I guarantee will make you laugh at least once.  I personally could relate to most of them in one way or another.

Man Vs. Debt Around The Web…

This week was a big honor for me as I was given exposure by my two favorite blogs over the last two years.

  • First, Leo from Zen Habits added me to his Tumble Log, where he links a few sites a day from around the web (it was last Saturday, so it’s on page 2 now).
  • Second, J.D. from Get Rich Slowly included me in his most recent link round-up.  Once again, an awesome honor as GRS was one of the first personal finance blogs I followed.

Personal Finance Carnivals…

Best Of The Rest…

  • Debt Free Adventure created his own Financial Network Map, which admittedly is much more complicated, but much better looking than mine!

Be sure to answer the most important questions of the weekend when you comment!  What did you do while Twitter was down?

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