Free Book Giveaway: “Unclutter Your Life in One Week”


Today’s post is simple…

I’m giving away a free copy of Erin Doland’s new book, Unclutter Your Life in One Week!

For those of you that don’t know, Erin runs the insanely popular, one of the premier blogs on the internet for organization and productivity.  I’m a huge fan of the site and it is one of only a dozen blogs in my “must read” RSS folder.

Erin’s packed her years of experience into her new book, Unclutter Your Life in One Week.  Since we’ve been traveling, I’ve been unable to find the book (and have hesitated having it shipped internationally), but if you are looking for more information, I recommend Trent Hamm’s recent review on The Simple Dollar.

Uncluttering our life played a major role in our journey to initiate traveling this past year.  We continue to actively track our limited possessions and can’t stop reading stories about people paying down debt by selling their excess clutter.

Erin’s graciously offered to ship a copy of her book to the winner herself, enabling me to run this giveaway even while being overseas!

I’ve moved most of my book giveaways over to The Man Vs. Debt Militia e-mail list (we’ve given away 4 different books so far this month…  you should enlist!)… However, this is a special book that I wanted to make available for everyone!


How to enter to win a FREE copy of the book!

I’m going all out today.  I’m going to offer 4 different ways for you to earn an entry.  You can do each only once, however you can do all 4 if you’d like to increase your chances!

1.)  Leave a comment on this post!

This is the easiest way to enter, which only takes a couple seconds by scrolling below.

Please don’t enter more than one comment or reply to anyone else.  Only 1 comment per person!

2.)  Add a comment to the Man Vs. Debt Facebook Fan

Visit the Man Vs. Debt Facebook Page and leave a comment on the main thread I started specifically for the giveaway.  It’s the one that starts with “I’m giving away a FREE copy of…”  :-).

3.)  Tweet out the giveaway on Twitter!

Simply tweet out (copy and paste into Twitter) the following message:

Baker is giving away FREE copy of “Unclutter Your Life in One Week” over on @ManVsDebt – – #MvDFreeBook

Just make sure that you use the #MvDFreeBook and the link to this page somewhere in your tweet, so I can track the entries!

4.)  Enlist in the Militia before this Sunday!

Last, but certainly not least, I’ll be sending a special link out to the Militia e-mail list on Sunday.  Be sure to join before then if you want this last opportunity

Chances to enter end Nov. 30th at Midnight EST!

At the first sign of December, I’ll tally up the total entries and use to select a winner.  I’ll send an e-mail or DM to the winner, who will have a week to get back to me!

If we have a mad rush of entries, I’ll even purchase and extra copy or two to give out as bonuses!

Whether or not you win, take a few minutes to check out Unclutter Your Life in One Week,  the blog, and follow Erin on Twitter (@erdoland).  Highly recommended!


Don’t forget to leave you comment below…

126 thoughts on “Free Book Giveaway: “Unclutter Your Life in One Week””

  1. I follow her blog, it is very good. Would love to have the book. Enjoy following your travels and financial path. Thanks for the chance for the book.

  2. I love the site and the give away. I also love the bok reviews. I have most of the books and I’m looking forward to the Travel Ninja. Hope the move goes good and enjoy the Holidays.

  3. Starting with the easiest step. 🙂 I don’t know a thing about the author, but could definitely do with some decluttering. Yes, please!

  4. Oh, I would dearly love this book: we are looking at moving in the next year (we don’t know where yet, but we know we have to downsize before we move cross country or cross ocean); we need help!

  5. Excellant! I’ve been uncluttering all this month and could really use even more motivation! Trying to free this family up for “flexiblity in the future”. I’ll go try out her site too; never been there. Thanks, Adam!

  6. Nice…I haven’t ordered a copy yet and winning would be even better! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Be a blessing in your world.

  7. Oh, yeah – I keep looking at this one in the bookstore. I am trying to cut down on buying books, but if you were to GIVE me one, well …

  8. Never heard of this site before…..but VERY excited to find it! Would love to win the book and read more about this!!

  9. Baker,
    Please enter me in your book contest. My house could definitely use some ‘How To Unclutter Your Life’ advice!
    Thank you,

  10. I really do like reading your blog. Lots of fun and learning how to work through some of the financial struggles myself.

    Keep up the great work.

  11. I really like to unclutter, so would love new tips from that book.

    Hanne (First-time commenter, but long time lurker on your blog. Good stuff you’re writing (but you already know that).)
    .-= Hanne´s last blog ..Bold life =-.

  12. I’d love to receive this book to give me some new ideas and motivate me to declutter my household. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Baker, I thoroughly enjoy reading about you and your family’s adventures. The increased knowledge of travel tips and money saving ideas have help me save money. But if you saw my house (2 more than full time jobs, 2 more than full time kids), you would see that i have a serious need for some uncluttering. Thanks for all your work. Enjoy Life.

  14. I’m thankful for Adam’s humor and honesty. Man vs. Debt makes me laugh and think.
    He’s helped unclutter old attitudes about finances. And in a ME-ME-ME world, he
    never forgets to champion the efforts of others. I’m grateful for such inspiration.

  15. I sure would love to get the copy, as I am have been simplifying my stuff, but I seemed to be stuck now and could use tips from the book.

  16. I have just moved to temporary quarters and anticipate a move to permanent housing in a few months. I packed everything!! Desperately need quidance to do some serious decluttering. Need your book!! Thanks for your site and all your advice!!

  17. Our basement, where our home office is located, flooded last week. We moved a million boxes and crates and piles o’ stuff as well as furniture. Instead of simply putting everything back where it was, and most of it was placed there in between thoughts, we decided to go through those boxes, etc, and reorganize. Clutter? You wouldn’t believe it. I found a box filled with glassware that I don’t even remember! Have I missed it? No. Do I need it? Obviously not. But what about all the paper? All the files? All the other paraphenalia? Help!

  18. After spending months cleaning out my late father’s house, I realized I never want to leave the clutter I currently have in my own home for anyone else to clean up. I hope I win this book to help me on that path. Thanks for your great blog.

  19. Wow so glad I came across this site and your wife’s. Would love to win a copy as this is so timely. We are preparing to move to a smaller house and need to get rid of “some” clutter. But it is SO hard. I feel obligated to sell everything and that takes time I don’t have. Tomorrow I am determined to just pick 10 things and take to Goodwill. Cheers!

  20. With Christmas shopping lists, grocery runs for holiday parties, excessive junk mail asking for year-end donations, and planning for 2010, a book like this might do the trick to help me organize the craziness!

  21. Oh man… I could sure use this book!

    If I don’t win… I’ll just have to… um… budget some money to buy it!

  22. The title certainly caught my attention! It sounds like something I desperately need to read. Thanks a lot for the giveaway.

  23. I too have come to the point that I have to much crap!
    Now I’m trying to come up with ways to make this old clutter finance new dreams.

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