Friday Links Of The Week: 4/10/09

I can’t believe it’s Friday again and time for another round of my favorite links from around the web!

First, I owe you all some gratitude.  Thanks to you, this has been my best week by far.  We’ve set records in page views, unique visitors, subscribers, comments, and e-mail feedback! Thanks so much!

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Man Vs. Debt’s Favorite 3 Posts…

Personal Finance Carnivals

Other Great Personal Finance Links

  • Kate over at the Paycheck Chronicles wrote 5 Tricks Retailers Use!  It really peeves me when I see tricks used in order to try to reel in consumers… don’t fall for them!
  • Jim at Switch To Riches detailed great information on FHA 203k Home Loan.  If you aren’t 100% sure what that is you really need to check out this post.  It’s not covered enough!
  • Jim at Bargaineering posted links to several TED videos.  Man, there is nothing I love more TED videos!
  • I’ve Paid For This Twice Already had an ode to snowflaking.  This principle has really began to catch on in our lives!
  • J.D. at Get Rich Slowly stepped up to the plate and admitted how his automated finances caused him to miss a rise in his heating bills.  The culprit…  a lose vent in the basement!
  • Gather Little By Little gave me some tips on how to save money working from home.  This is sort of new for me, so I need all the help I can get!
  • Finally, Don’t Mess With Taxes reminds anyone who might have won any NCAA brackets (not me) to not forget the IRS!

Another great week of personal finance goodness!

Over the weekend I plan on unveiling a new, simplified theme here at Man Vs. Debt.  Be sure to drop by and give me feedback once it’s live…


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