Weekend Reading: Excited About E-book Edition!

Over that last couple of weeks, I’ve been devoting more time to finishing up my first e-book!  I’m starting to get really excited about releasing it for everyone to read!   I would venture to say I’m around 50% done with the content and am shooting to have it out before the end of July.

I look forward to sharing the title and overview of the content in the coming weeks!  Stay tuned!

Absolute Must-Read Articles!

The last few weeks contained a ton of great content and it was difficult to cut this list down to only the cream of the crop…

  • All Financial Matters hosted a mammoth-roundup of all the best 2009 “How To” Guides.  This is an amazing resources, which is sorted by category.  If you are looking for help with any specific topic in personal finance, chances are you can at least find a great starting point in one of links listed!  This is one of those reference posts that I’d suggest bookmarking and coming back to often!
  • Trent from The Simple Dollar discussed one of my favorite personal finance topics, Ten Great Ways To Make Powerful Visual Reminders Of You Personal Finance Goals!  This is one of the those posts that makes me extremely jealous that I didn’t write it.  I really connect with this type of content personally and I know from feedback that many of you do, as well.  It helped me generate even more ideas for making sure I maintained emotionally attached to my goals!
  • Lastly, Jim from Bargaineering contained a short, but sweet post on How To “Hard Reset” Your Financial Life.  This post was generated out of Jim’s realization that he had 12 separate bank accounts!  Sometimes, your financial life may just need a little adjusting, but often times I’ve found the most effective solution is just to start from scratch and design it the way you want it!  Check out Jim’s advice and let me know what you think!

That’s it for now!  Like I’ve said, I’m really focusing only providing you with the cream-of-the-crop.  Have a fantastic weekend!

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