Weekend Reading: Can You “Digg” It?

Before Digg

Before Friday, This is what the graph of my visits looked like.  I was actually super excited about the progress.  In fact, Thursday had been my highest traffic day ever, thanks to several round-up links!

After Digg

After hitting the front page of Digg on Friday, the graph looks a little different.  Digg has a way of squashing all your previous progress and demonstrating just how random this stuff can be!

I’m showing you the graphs, not to brag, but to sincerely thank everyone who helped push it along.  Your support was awesome! Thanks especially go to @amabaie who submitted it and really got things rolling.  I owe you all big time!

My Favorite 3 Posts…

This week I’m going to add a little flavor in for my Top 3 posts.  I’ve been thinking a lot about my work set-up and the overall direction of this blog.  As such, I’ve really connected with three non-personal finance posts this week.  If you’d rather just skip to some good ‘ole finances stuff, don’t worry, I’ve listed some great articles further down the page!

  • First, Chris Guillebeau posted a fantastic article on Why People Hate Marketers. If you are ever wondering what the direction of this blog may be in terms of advertising, you should check out this post.  I really draw a lot of inspiration from how Chris approaches this.
  • Second, Zen Habits hosted a really neat post on How To Create A Minimalist Computer Experience.  I knew I need to do this, but this post blew my mind.  Plus, Leo has one of the coolest desktop backgrounds ever!  Keeping with his minimalist approach, he has also redesigned his website.  What do you think?
  • Third, Illuminated Mind featured an motivating post on How To Start A Revolution.  Jonathan is one of the people that really gives me a kick in the butt.  It’s about finding a purpose, doing what you love, and waking up everyday excited!  Cool stuff.

Man Vs. Debt Around The Web…

In addition to Digg this week, I was featured on a wide variety of other websites!

Best Of The Rest (aka back to personal finance)…

Thanks to everyone who helped support me in landing on the front page of Digg!  What were your favorite articles from this week?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: Can You “Digg” It?”

  1. Awesome, you should be proud of yourself for getting on Digg – that’s crazy traffic stats right there.

    As a long-time Zen Habits reader, I have to say the stark white-ness of the new theme is a little weird. I thought the gentle black/blue thing he had going was great, and there was really nothing “cluttered” about it.

    On the other hand, every time I visit Leo’s site, it reminds me to go back and remove a widget or two from my own site. 🙂 So there’s something to be said for the “ultimate” in simplicity.

    Wojciech @ Fiscal Fizzle’s last blog post..What’s Sizzling? – May 22nd Edition

    1. Thanks! I’d definitely proud and appreciative. I know what you mean about Zen Habits, but it makes me laugh to myself when I load it. I’m a pretty big fan of someone who has the clout and the balls to be able to do stuff like he does!

  2. I’m hoping your traffic stays where it is so you & your wife can realize a nice little side income to help you w/your move to AUS!

    Let me know if I can help…although you seem to be doing a smashing job all by your lonesome!! 🙂 Keep it up Baker. Simply SMASHING!

    PS…thanks for the FCN article mention.

    Matt Jabs’s last blog post..A Proper Attitude Toward Giving

    1. Haha, thanks! To be honest I look forward to your post every Thursday on FCN. You’ve been generating some awesome work, keep it up!

    1. Haha, it passes all my months combined! Doubled!

      I thought your post this week was awesome. I love when people can take events that happen to them and turn it into inspiring stuff for others to benefit from. I followed your little “inland hurricane” adventure over twitter. Glad everyone was o.k.

  3. Congradulations on the Digg succes! Now to make those readers stick. A good choice to follow up with a sneeze page.
    Keep us informed on how things will develop over the weeks okay? I’m really curious as to if you will succeed in keeping people stick and how you’re going to do that.

    I also really like your RSS icon!

    ChristiaanH’s last blog post..My blogchallenge: a weekly update 6

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