My 1-Hour Blog Talk Radio Session With Ask Mr. Credit Card!

This past Wednesday, I had the pleasure of being invited to do an hour-long interview with the man behind Ask Mr. Credit Card.  It was an awesome experience.  He was one of the nicest and most genuine people I’ve yet to meet since starting the blog.

If you’ve ever been interested in learning more about my background or personal story with debt you can listen in using the player above!

If you are viewing this by e-mail you can click here to view the external page.

Random Topics Discussed:

  • My Personal Debt Story
  • Ask Mr. Credit Card’s background story
  • The extra cost, burden, and rewards of home-ownership and mortgages
  • College campus credit card marketing techniques
  • What types of charges I use to charge to credit cards
  • Our “turnaround” point in our financial life
  • Balancing making money with family responsibility
  • My experience playing and hosting video game tournaments
  • My addiction with gambling (and experience running poker rooms)
  • Transition into Real Estate and starting small business
  • Our decision to sell our business and for me to be a stay at home dad early on
  • The importance of giving (time vs. money, improving local communities)
  • Entrepreneurial spirit vs. working a day job
  • Our plans to backpack Australia!

How did I do?  Did you enjoy the interview?  If you got all the way to the end let me know!  I’ll consider sending you some cookies (probably not)!

6 thoughts on “My 1-Hour Blog Talk Radio Session With Ask Mr. Credit Card!”

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    1. Thanks for listening, Brad. Appreciate all your support lately! It’s a hard thing to get used to being recorded for that long, but it was a blast.

  2. Not sure how many of the readers actually took some time out to listen to the complete session but it was very informative about your past and your views on your own personal finances.

    I do echo Mr. Credit Card’s concern that you might fall into a trap where you move onto something else too quickly. I have been accused of doing so too frequently and it is a major aspect of my own personal personality that has stunted my successes.

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