Personal Finance Blogger Weight Loss Challenge Sign-Up

Weight Loss Challenge!


Due to recent feedback I’ve gotten from fellow personal finance bloggers over e-mail and twitter, I’ve decided to formally launch the Personal Finance Blogger Weight Loss Challenge!

It is my hope that this will help bring the personal finance blogosphere together to inspire each other to take control of our bodies as well as their wallets.  I know the former is much harder than the latter for me! Whether you need to lose a few pounds or 40 pounds you are more than welcome to join up!

This might also be a great opportunity for readers of the personal finance community to follow their favorite bloggers’ progress.

Requirements To Join

There are only (2) requirements!

  • Own or write for a personal finance (or personal development/finance) blog or online publication.
  • Commitment to e-mail me one e-mail per week with your progress.  The entire e-mail can be “-4 pounds total”, etc…  This should be done either on Saturday or Sunday morning.  Updates will happen Sunday evenings.

How The Challenge Will Work

The challenge will start June 1st, 2009 and run through July 31st, 2009.  This is 61 days.

I will break the teams up based on the goals of each member and the total number of participants.  For example, each team might have 3 or 4 team members, but each will be close in their overall goal.  Teams will be announced, this coming Sunday.

The team who earns the most points will be declared the winner. The winning team will be announced on this blog, as well as any blog who would like to participate.  This is not a requirement.

(1) point will be awarded for each pound lost up until a participant hits their goal.  If you successfully obtain your goal by the end of the challenge you will earn (5) bonus points.  Each extra pound that you lose over your goal will still count, but only count for (.5) points.

Hopefully, this point system will help encourage people to push themselves, but will reward accomplishing the individual goal whether that is 2 pounds or 20 pounds.

We will not be tracking overall weight.  If individual participants want to add that into the comments section of the weekly updates they can.  We will just be tracking total pounds lost/gained. This challenge will work on the honor system, which judging by my interaction with the community won’t be a problem.  After all it’s just a little extra boost to help us all hit our fitness goals.

How To Sign-Up

E-mail me at Baker [at] ManVsDebt [dot] com by May 31st (Sunday) at noon and let me know the following details:

  1. Name you’d like to be referred to
  2. Website or blog address for link
  3. Overall weigh loss goal over 61 days, starting June 1, 2009
  4. Pinkie-swear you’ll update me once a week with progress.

You can also feel free to leave a comment on this post, although still e-mail me.  I will be sending a courtesy e-mail out every Saturday reminding people to let me know their progress.  I’ll make it super easy for you ;-)!

People Who’ve  Officially Entered The Challenge So Far!

  1. Baker from Man Vs. Debt
  2. Dave from Do You Dave Ramsey
  3. Neal Frankle from Wealth Pilgrim
  4. Clare from Money Energy
  5. Matt Jabs from Debt Free Adventure
  6. Jorge from Independent Minded
  7. MFD from My Findependence Day
  8. Miranda from Yielding Wealth
  9. Savings not Shoes from Penny Pence
  10. Krista from Change Jar
  11. Brad from Enemy of Debt
  12. Abigail from I Pick Up Pennies
  13. SavingDiva from Saving For Home
  14. Rachel from Porter Coaching
  15. Laura from Green Panda Treehouse
  16. Pretty Penny from My Pretty Pennies
  17. Linsey from Wise Bread
  18. John from Might Bargain Hunter
  19. Jessica at Penny Wise Family
  20. Kim from Blogging For Change
  21. Bob from Christian Personal Finance
  22. Spendthrift from Converting A Spendthrift
  23. Shane from Beating Broke
  24. Lynne from The Wiser Miser
  25. Josh Smith from WalletPop
  26. Mrs. Micah from Mrs. Micah
  27. Viviana from The Lean Times
  28. Kelly from The Centsible Life
  29. Dusty from Chasing The Bull

Leave any trash talk, comments, or own personal goals below!  Let’s help kick each other’s butts into gear!

26 thoughts on “Personal Finance Blogger Weight Loss Challenge Sign-Up”

  1. That is so funny that you started this because I have written a post that I had planned tol post on my blog next week with tips on how I keep my weight down. My thing is needing to exercise. My weight is not much of an issue, but I’m really out of shape! It’s hard with kids to find the time, but I’ve ordered my double jogging (well, walking for me) stroller so I can get started again!

    Good luck with this project!

    Mama Bird’s last blog post..Flying with Food Allergic Kids

    1. Ah, well hopefully you’ll still be able to get some inspiration! For the 2nd round maybe we can do a “exercising” challenge in general.

    1. Dave, glad to have you aboard. I’ve had some feedback from some other bloggers, so I know they’ll be a bunch joining us soon!

  2. I’m not trying for a huge weight loss (just 8 pounds), but I think it will be fun to have other people to compete against. It’s like Weight Watcher meeting for PF bloggers 🙂

    SavingDiva’s last blog post..First Triathlon

  3. Count me in! I just sent you an email. I want to weigh between 115-120 and I need to weigh myself first to see how much that would be. Approximately 10 pounds I think. Thanks for the motivation and hello fellow teamsters! It is SO ON. 😉

    pretty penny’s last blog post..Operation Summer Savings

  4. I’m not interested in gaining or losing weight, but I’d like to tone some muscle. I’m e-mailing you with a spreadsheet I created outlining my goals. I guess I’ll let you know whether or not I’ve met it. If we’re doing teams, then perhaps I could get 2 points a week for meeting it (since 2lb a week is considered a good amount of weight to lose) and less for anything I skip, more for extra? I can do the calculations if it’s less more.

    If we’re not doing teams or anything, I don’t mind being a “met expectations” entry, but if we’re doing teams then I don’t want to handicap mine!

    Mrs. Micah’s last blog post..5 Reasons to Use Your Credit Instead of Your Debit Card – Guest Post

  5. Okay, sign me up.
    I want to lose 10 pounds. But it seems a bit unfair to award points based on each pound lost, since some of us want to lose less than others. (or lose no weight)

    Maybe we could sign off on weekly goals like exercise 3 times a week, keep calories to 1,800 a day, etc. and those goals would count for a point each?

    We could keep track of our goals on googledocs. You can set up your goals, Baker, and invite all the participants to view it, and then we can copy everyone on that list and post our own spreadsheets. Personally I need visual accountability to get to my goals.

    Kelly’s last blog post..around the web: estate planning edition

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