Weekend Reading: “All Blacks” Haka Edition


Since coming to Australia and researching New Zealand, I’ve started to really fall in love with Rugby (or footy around here).  I’ve only really watched League, although I’m interested in learning more about Union, as well.  Nothing like a traditional war dance before kickoff to get the blood pumping!

Must-Read Financial Posts from Around the Web

  • Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents kicks things off with what I view as by far the best post from the last couple of weeks, 107 Things That Make Good Financial Cents!  This is an absolutely fantastic list for people at all stages of their financial journeys.  Not only is the list superb, but Jeff includes links to some of the most well-respected article and blogs for further reading on each point.  Stop what you are doing, open up this link and bookmark the page.  I think it’s that valuable!
  • Next, J.D. at Get Rich Slowly had another amazing resource post entitled, 25 Essential Books About Money!  Once again, well worth a permanent bookmark.  J.D. organizes the books into categories and includes several of my all-time favorite reads.  Although I’ve read most of the list, there are still a couple I’ve missed out on and this reminded me that I really need to knock out the rest of these staples sometime soon!
  • Jeremy over at Generation X Finance posted How To Do a Mid-Year Financial Checkup – Things to think about this summer.  We were able to do a great review of our finances and accounts before leaving a couple weeks ago on our trip.  If you haven’t had the time yet, the end of June is a great time to examine your spending, savings, and investments and to adjust and evaluate your goals.  Read Jeremy’s guide for a more in-depth process on how to do this!
  • Lastly, My Life ROI featured a post on entitled, Use Google Apps to Start Your Business for Less!  I’ve said many times before that I’m a big fanboy of Google and use most of these tools in the operation of this blog and some minor consulting.  This is a great breakdown of free applications, their competition, and their benefits!

MSN Smart Spending Editor’s Choice!

Also, worth mentioning this week… my article 67 Ways NOT To Sell A Car was picked up by Karen over at MSN Smart Money and was featured as an editor’s pick at different points.  This led to my highest traffic day ever (even more than Digg)!

It was great recognition and received an absolute ton of comments over at MSN.  It always amazes me that people refrain from even reading the TITLE let alone the full article before commenting.  A lot of people didn’t realize that it’s a list of what NOT to do and criticized the suggestions as horrible advice!  It’s suppose to be BAD advice, haha!

Thanks for sticking with me while traveling!

Lastly, thanks for being understanding as the posting has slowed do to my travels in Australia.  I’m currently working on a new schedule and will be posting it early next week!  We appreciate all the support!  See you early next week…

5 thoughts on “Weekend Reading: “All Blacks” Haka Edition”

  1. That’s hilarious that so many people didn’t spot all the instances of “don’t” and “not” in the MSN article and your original post.

    Perhaps you should have use red, blinking text in 48 point font. Just a thought. 😉

    By the time you get to about #50 on the list, shouldn’t it click that the article is a satire, even if you someone missed it at the top? I mean, what the heck are the odds that someone would be so uninformed that they would be “wrong” on every single item on the list?

    A nice thing about Google mail is that it’s POP-able, so you can set up your PC email client (such as Outlook) to download your gMail. Google can also host mail at your custom domains.

    I like Google Analytics and Feedburner, too. Free stuff from Google is cool 🙂
    .-= Kosmo @ The Casual Observer´s last blog ..Beth Page, Black Widow =-.

  2. Thanks for the link & congrats on the MSN linkage! It seems that a lot of people got confused by the double negative (eg things NOT to do: don’t do ___, so this actually means do it.. haha)

    BTW, thanks for the article. Your daughter is ADORABLE. It almost makes me want to go out and just have a kid. But I already learned with my puppy, they look cute but are a lot more work than you expect.
    .-= MLR´s last blog ..How to Master the Credit Card Game: The Skinny On Credit Cards Review =-.

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