PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge Week 1 Results

Weight Loss Week 1


As a group overall we have shed over 42.5 pounds!  Great work everyone, especially since a couple couldn’t update early this week!

Zeta Team has shot out the gate with some major intensity, having 3 members shed over 4 pounds in the first week!  Don’t get too comfortable, though.  Gamma is right on your heels!

A challenge participate, Matt Jabs, posted A Frugal & Sensible Diet & Weight Loss Mindset this week, which I think is an extremely valuable article for all the participants!  Special thanks to all of you who linked this week to get the challenge more press.  Please send me any post you’ve done like Matt’s or any inspiration you’ve gathered from the web with each weeks weight update.  I’ll be sure to share the best here for everyone to benefit from!

Without further ado, here is this week’s results:

Name Blog Goal Week Overall

Zeta Team (-15)

Krista -20 -5 -5
Dusty -20 -5 -5
Bettsonly -16 -4 -4
Jorge -11 1 1
SavingDiva -8

Gamma Team (-9)

Baker -28 -3 -3
Neal Frankle -20 -4 -4
Kelly -10 0 0
Mrs. Micah -9 -1 -1
Kim -8 -1 -1

Alpha Team (-6)

Brad -30 -3.5 -3.5
Dave -16 -1 -1
Laura -12 1.5 1.5
Abigail -10 -1 -1
Linsey -7 -2 -2

Epsilon Team (-6)

Lynne -25 -3 -3
MFD -22 -2 -2
Clare -10 0 0
Viviana -12 -1 -1
Rachel -6 0 0

Beta Team (-5.5)

Jessica -30
Josh Smith -18 -2.5 -2.5
Miranda -15 -1 -1
Matt Jabs -7 -2 -2
SNS -5

Delta Team (-3)

Spendthrift -25 -2 -2
Shane -20
Pretty Penny -10
John -10 -1 -1
Bob -10 0 0

*Will hyperlink links once we get settled in Australia

Please leave your progress and struggles below!  What techniques are you using early on in the challenge?  What diet changes have you made?  Have any valuable links to share with the others?  I’ll see you all toward the middle of this week and look forward to hearing all your comments!

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17 thoughts on “PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge Week 1 Results”

    1. Ditto that. I weighed in at 203 first thing on Monday. Then Monday night, I was 202 and stayed there for the rest of the weigh-ins until I got down to 201. So I had to email Baker and get him to change my beginning weight to 202, in order to play fair. (Which, of course, is only for the first week. After that, I plan on cheating big time.
      Muuaaaahahaha <–evil laugh )

      I’m pretty sure I’m going to try that one on Amazon that I found and I’ll let you know how that goes.

      Abigail’s last blog post..When is it time to cull the budget?

  1. I demand a recount! (No, seriously, actually. Our weight loss adds up to 9 lbs, not 6.)

    Still, I’m psyched we’re tied for second place. Not for the long though, as we leave Zeta and Gamma eating our lo-fat dust! (Okay, well, the rest of the team will be on ahead of me. Cuz I walk and lose weight slowly. But that will just allow me to be within smack-talkin’ distance while they whimper about wanting pizza.)

    Good work everybody! Now let’s all figure out how to sneak into Zeta and Gamma members’ houses and inject them with fat as they slee— I mean sneak into their houses to leave positive affirmations all over that will help them with their goals. Which is why they should TOTALLY just leave the key under the mat for us.

    Abigail’s last blog post..When is it time to cull the budget?

  2. Man, I have a hectic week (or two) and I miss out on something awesome! I’ll be watching y’all (and having my own personal little challenge.) Good luck to everyone.

  3. Good job everyone,

    Don’t do so well next week! LOL.

    I started slow but finished better than I expected. Just left the gym and have a full day of activities planned to keep my weight loss rolling downhill.

    Waiting for the rest of my team to get in the game.

    Don’t make me do it all by myself Delta!

    I say we all go visit Abby and force her to eat choc chip cookie dough ice cream and all the other things that are our weakness. It will work if we strap her into a chair.

    Spendthrift’s last blog post..PF Bloggers Weight Loss Challenge

  4. I’m glad I could help jumpstart team Epsilon’s eventual WIN. You guys haven’t seen nothin yet! I lost 3 lbs the first week with almost zero effort. I play to win.

    No really though–it’s awesome that we PF bloggers are coming together as a community like this and challenging each other to be healthy. Way to go everybody!

    Lynne’s last blog post..From Frugal to Cheap: The time I got a Wal-Mart haircut

  5. Everyone did an excellent job this week! Let’s keep it up! I haven’t really changed anything, just been eating less.

    Zeta is last, but we are first now! We aim to please!

    Everyone will do well this week. Eat less, exercise, and always put yourself first, we can do it!
    .-= Betty’s Only´s last blog ..Principles of Distance Education =-.

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