Links of the Week: “Super-Human Stunt Man” Edition

Is this guy for real?  I’m not sure how old this video is, but I hadn’t seen it before.  I’ve watched it at least 5 times total now.  It amazes me each and everytime!

Regular readers might notice that I’ve moved my “Weekend Reading” or “Links of the Week” up to Friday (instead of Saturday morning).  This is a permanent move.  Going forward, Fridays will be Round-Up, Saturdays will be Reviews, and Sunday will be Challenges/Giveaways.  Of course, Monday through Thursday will still be packed with amazing full-feature posts :-)!

My Favorite 3 Posts…

Coincidently, my favorite 3 are all lists posts this week.  Weird, must be in a listy mood!

  • Frugal Dad put together a list of 12 Things Our Grandparents Lived Without.  I’ve been on a huge simplicity kick leading up to our trip and I really enjoyed reflecting on this post.  It’s amazing what we take for granted and can’t imagine living without.
  • Zen Habits outlines 8 Liberating Strategies for Clearing The Queues in Your Life.  Along with my simplicity kick, I’ve been looking for ways to help combat my growing e-mail, twittering, post ideas, and person to-do list for our move.  I’ve used many of the strategies outlined in the system the last view days with GREAT results.  Everyone can benefit from this post.

Man Vs. Debt Around The Web…

  • Chris Guillebeau, of The Art of Non-Conformity, cited Man Vs. Debt as a great new example of an awesome online community!  Rather then link to a certain post or discuss my writing, he was most impressed by all of YOU!   Thank you all for making the Man Vs Debt community an example worthy of mention!
  • Laura from Green Panda Treehouse hosted a two-section interview of myself!  The first part is on GPT and the second part is on her other blog, Vega Baja Productions.
  • I was honored to be included in way too many other link round-ups to mention them all.  Some of the larger ones included Get Rich Slowly, Moolanomy, and MainStreet.  Thanks to everyone who included me!

Personal Finance Carnivals

Best of Money Carnival @ Free Money Finance <– Only includes top 10 posts for the week

Carnival of Top Blog Posts @ Bible Money Matters<– Looks like I’ll finish 2nd in voting.

Carnival Of Personal Finance @ Funny About Money

Carnival of Debt Reduction @ Debt Sucks

Best Of The Rest…

Bargaineering: Monitor Your Credit Score All The Time & Don’t Check Your Score Every Day

The Simple Dollar: Some Thoughts On Scalable Careers, Your Job, and “Side Hustles”

Consumerism Commentary: Podcast #6:  Frugality and 397 Ways To Save Money

Get Rich Slowly: Travel Hacking: Smart Ways To See The World

The Digerati Life: Best Places To Retire Cheap

Serene Journey: Creating A Budget That Works

Cash Money Life: Essential Tips For New Parents

What were your favorite posts from this week?  Can you do a backflip while balanced on the side of a building?  Let us all know!

9 thoughts on “Links of the Week: “Super-Human Stunt Man” Edition”

  1. Seriously – I do that stuff in my sleep. (ok – maybe not all of it) – Nice round up – you guys are pretty close to taking off now, aren’t you? Good luck with everything and congrats on the Top 10 Blogs (’09 Power Blogs RULE!)

    Jeff@StretchyDollar’s last blog post..Frugality Locality

  2. Baker – congrats on the rise of your blog.

    As far as the guy in the video… I have a one-word response: Parkour.

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