Our New Posting Schedule & Guest Post Policy

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got another “update” post for you.

Two weeks ago, I made a commitment to run an experiment where we’d feature five posts a week here on the blog. That was a big leap – as the last few years you can find months with only one post for the whole month!

My main goal – was to release the unnecessary pressure that was on the writing process for myself (and that I put on contributors like Joan). And, in that vein, we were successful.

I was more fulfilled writing a couple more posts, Joan’s writing was well received, and interaction seemed up across the community.

My question those of you that have been following the past week is simple…

  • Did you enjoy the more frequent posting schedule?
  • Do you feel like it took away from content? Do you feel like it resulted in better content?
  • Did any posts help inspire you to take a small action in your finances, clutter, or work? 🙂

Please leave a comment (or send me an email) and let me know. Your feedback will gauge if we try to stretch the test – or revert to once or twice a week. Give us your opinion!

Sharing your story or guest post on Man Vs. Debt…

Also, Joan has worked hard to create a set of Guest Posting Guidelines for anyone wanting to share their story with the community. We’re looking for:

  • Experienced bloggers to share stories or specific strategies that will change the lives of our community members.
  • Community members with success stories (generated from this site or not – doesn’t matter) that are willing to share in-depth details of their struggle, experience, or success.

If you’re submitting a traditional guest post, click here to see the specifics of what we require.

If you’re simply wanting to share your story, you can email us directly with the details of that story (you don’t have to submit a full guest post in order to submit your story to be shared).

In either case, email Baker(at)ManVsDebt(dot)com.

Joan or I will respond to the guest post or story submission quickly – and let you know if we can fit it into the current schedule.

We’re *very* interested in featuring more members of this community and more great voices that can benefit us all.

What to look forward to next week!….

Next week, will be another big week around the headquarters here.

We launch the next Only72.com niche sale for entrepreneurs on Monday. We’ll be shipping a physical book and packaging a boatload of online training for a short period of time. Always fun!

On Tuesday, I fly out to San Francisco where I’ll spend the next two months. Courtney, Milli, and Charlie will join me in a week or two for the time in San Fran. We’re cutting, editing, and piecing together the final parts of the documentary film!

I’ll also be returning to the podcast (for all you Man Vs. Debt podcast fans)… I finally have my podcasting gear back in my hands and am excited to step back behind the mic!

Like I said, should be a crazy week!


Before you leave, let Joan and me know what you thought about the posting frequency the past two weeks!

Should we keep it up?

Or focus on posting less frequently, but potentially more intensely?

Let us know!

41 thoughts on “Our New Posting Schedule & Guest Post Policy”

  1. 1) Keep up the schedule.

    2) I’d love to guest post, but I’ve avoided debt my whole life. No stories there.

    3) I’m flying into SFO on May 2nd and will be there a few days. Let me know if you’d like to meet up!

    1. Gary, you have lots of knowledge that would be valuable (outside of debt). 🙂 Fire an email at me any day. 😉

      Also, yeah – I’ll be in Mountain View – and the project will be intense the first few days – but I’d love to try and swing a meetup!

  2. ■Did you enjoy the more frequent posting schedule?
    yes I do it gives me something exciting to read
    ■Do you feel like it took away from content? Do you feel like it resulted in better content?
    No I like a open subject content. Maybe not better but different idea( I like)
    ■Did any posts help inspire you to take a small action in your finances, clutter, or work?
    It always opens my mind that there are options out there I am just not brave enough to make a move. The clutter post help me free my home from stuff….. I manage to pick up along lifes path. I clean out and then I manage to get more stuff what a circle:)

  3. Hi, I have enjoyed the more frequent posts. That said, I think the most important factor is the quality of the posts. If there can be 5 posts a week that are engaging and edifying, that’s great! I especially would like to see guest posts from others who have conquered the debt monster. To those of you who have avoided debt and made all the right choices, kudos to you and I wish I was in that camp. But I’m learning!

  4. I enjoy the frequent posts. I have decluttered my email subscriptions so the few I have I enjoy reading.
    I don’t think it took away from the content. I also enjoy the comments and different views on the subject matter.
    Joans post inspired me to get out out my check register and start using it. The online banking has gotten me into trouble because I lost track of a couple checks that people didn’t deposit! Luckily I didn’t go into a neg and get any fees but I very easily could have.
    I love seeing your little girls smiling face in my inbox! (yours is good too 🙂 )

  5. The frequent posting is much appreciated.
    I’m eagerly awaiting the ‘return’ of the weekly podcast. That’s how I found this site!!

  6. I love the new posting schedule, and think that the more frequent posts are great. The variety of topics have been really interesting, and I have taken something away from every single one. I dug out a paper check register this morning and am going to try it, based on Joan’s post yesterday 🙂

    I have a long way to go but have made some positive financial changes since I found Man Vs. Debt in January, and your posts are a part of my day that I look forward to. I’m also excited about getting information about the next You Vs. Debt class (I think i’m on that list…)

    And I’m especially excited about your plan to resume podcasts…that’s awesome news!

  7. I love the more frequent posts…keeps my finances on my mind instead of avoiding them like I usually do.

    I was inspired challenge myself to go 5 days without spending anything and it’s been great. So far I estimate I’ve NOT spent $82.50 in 3 days. Astounding.

    Keep up the inspiration and motivational posts!

    1. That is an awesome goal Emily! Now the question is what are you going to do with that extra $82.50? My suggestion would to put it into paying off your debt! If you are debt free, perhaps one of your saving goals.

      To your success,

  8. While I did enjoy the daily posts, on a long term basis it’s a bit much. Twice a week would be perfect for me. I especially enjoyed the interview with your daughter:) Great quality posting!

  9. I really liked the frequent posting schedule; however, I was disappointed we didn’t get to see a picture of Joan’s new purse! it is great to hear a female voice though.

  10. Definitely enjoyed the more frequent posting! Keep it up for sure! I would love to have a success story to share. I’m working toward that now. I have a job interview this afternoon!

  11. I loved the more frequent posts! It kept your philosophy about debt and clutter in the forefront of my brain and I need that. You have so much knowledge to share and even though some ideas may not seem new to you they are new to many of us or even just good reminders! Thanks for all that you share!

  12. WEll, I’m somewhat new here, but I can say that posting every day a week isnt’ necessary if it’s stressing you out, man. But at least once a week woudl be great because I really like what I’ve read so far!

  13. Completely loving the more frequent posts and I would love to participate with my own story, from my side of the pond. The UK is a few years behind America, but still sailing into stormy weather in the financial side of things.

    Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to see the documentary you’re putting together.


  14. It’s been great to see the blog active again after a long stretch between posts, especially with two main writers and not just one. But my goodness, 5 posts in the week every week? I know you guys are excited, believe me, I go through a lull and then a burst just the same. But that’s not necessarily what’s best for the audience.

    How about 2-3, please? I mean let’s just be fair; let’s think about the opportunity costs people are giving up to read those extra posts. There are a lot of great things people could actually get up and DO, or at least, bring to their lives, that is not only gained in reading blog posts nearly the same way you gain in writing one. And here’s a trick from the teacher in me: do not give too many instructions at one time. That applies to adults to. Complete step one, then come back. Complete step two, then come back. Why? Then you don’t forget the next step before you’ve even done the first one!

    Here are all the steps! x32, when given in writing to very disciplined adults can work. But are we really all very disciplined adults who are not up at 2 am watching youtube videos because we can? Simplify.

    Not only that, but many blog readers have loyalty to at least a couple of blogs. So, if my 3 favorite blogs did 5 posts a week, I’m up to 15 right there. No room to discover new ones, time taken from my actual financial management, exercise and non-blog (book) reading goals because of my goal not to leave emails and blogs unattended. Oh look, there went my whole evening. Yeah, the self control is on me, but you’ve got to realize too that much of your audience is also trying to reduce the clutter of the general noise/time they spend on the internet.

    So as someone that advocates cut the clutter, I hope you can see my point on upping the blog roll ante per week so drastically.

    By increasing posts from ~ 1/30 days to 5/7; or in my very basic statistics: 3% of the month to 71% of the month – you’re going to get the woah man, I’m over my head, I set my goal too high to keep up with this blog reaction from readers who will fall off.

    What I like to do when I’m a blog drafting roll: don’t save them for later out of perfectionism, save them for later because your audience doesn’t necessarily want to read your five great blog posts all in one week, they just won’t read them; when you could spread them out. Then ok, you’ve got a dry spell? No problem.

  15. Q. Did you enjoy the more frequent posting schedule?
    A. Much prefer 2 per week. I follow half a dozen sites and everyday gets to be too much to keep up with. Plus…. I like the anticipation of waiting a bit to see something new.

    Q. Do you feel like it took away from content? Do you feel like it resulted in better content?
    A. This week was interesting…. but what will it be like after 17 consecutive weeks of 5x per week? I’m afraid your message may get diluted.

    Q. Did any posts help inspire you to take a small action in your finances, clutter, or work?
    A. Got some great ideas from the “Conversations with our daughter” post, but my little one is only 6 months old so those ideas will have to keep for awhile! 🙂

  16. I thought 5 times a week a lot… I don´t have much time and nowadays you, Chris G and Jonathan Fields were the only 3 remaining news I sign. And 5 times a week makes me feel a little overwhelmed.
    The max number for me would be twice a week.

    Anyway… love the content itself.

  17. I’m an information junkie, and I read eighteen blogs regularly, but they don’t all get daily posts. A couple of them produce from five to fifteen posts per day each, but they are more like “niche news” sites.

    Looking at it from a magazine journalist’s perspective, continue creating excellent content, but don’t feel you have to post it right away. It looks like several of your regulars only want two posts per week.

    It wouldn’t be difficult to build up quite a large library of high quality posts that way, thereby eliminating the possibility that the opposite happens…that you go a month without a post.

    Congrats again on the new bundle-o-joy.

  18. Post every day! I need to read new stuff and see new ideas and opinions regularly. I was very sad when I used to visit this site once or twice a month hoping for an update. Having something new to read every day or every few days is great!

  19. I wanted to think about this for a bit before commenting because it seems that intentionality and openness are big considerations for you guys. On the one hand, I’d love to say “Post more!” but as a blogger, I know that can get REALLY hard. So your idea of guest posts is awesome (saves you energy, gets new voices into the conversation, a definite win-win). On the other hand, as a reader of blogs, I also know the experience of “blog fatigue” where you just can’t keep up with a lot of new information on a daily or semi-daily basis. It’s a tough call. I’ll be curious to see what you decide.

    What drew me into your site was your openness and transparency. Yes, I was already looking for debt-reduction strategies. But I was so not sure how to approach the issue. Reading stories of people like Joan who’ve tried, failed, tried again, made a little progress, kept trying, kept trying some more, and are succeeding is what really inspired me. Also, Baker, your very authentic voice in your TED-x talk and in your posts makes this site’s contents compelling. How compelling? For me, compelling enough to have paid off about 45% of my enormous debt, cut up two credit cards, begun the process of refinancing my house, and unloaded & sold vanloads of crap–all in the 10 weeks since I started reading. Seriously. That compelling. You guys rock. You’ve helped me start changing my life. However you decide to do it, keep it coming!

  20. I absolutely LOVE the new posting schedule! I love the motivation that you guys put out there and trust me it is fantastic. Some of us are in the same boat and we can’t wait to hear and see more of what all of you have to offer. Keep up the GREAT work:)

  21. HERE’S THE DEAL 🙂 ! You Baker personally post once per week, one of your staff (Joan did really good!) will also post once per week, if we receive a third special guest post or additional post from you or Joan then that will be icing. You also have the podcasts, documentary and family so don’t hurt yourself by committing to 5/week even though I enjoyed them all. This way we (you and your readers) are all engaged but not overwhelmed.
    Thanks for asking our opinion by the way 😉

  22. Great posts, frequent is great but need to have well organized and searchable archive of articles and podcasts… may I suggest This American Live (NPR) style?

    Categorization would also be very appreciated and if you (and contributors) have the time and resources to do so, would be appreciated if an addition of videos series with suggestions, experiences, ideas, alternatives to gain independence and all that jazz, could be added to the blog.

    Cheers and keep up the great work…

    PS: can’t wait for the documentary to come out… I wish I was able to get a digital copy right away, but I guess I’ll have to wait and go through the whole process of wait until it comes out and gets distributed by the traditional channels… Oh well… will be worth the wait I guess ;D

  23. And in case I wasn’t too clear I am in agreement with user Sarina above me… I am not asking for more or less content from you and Joanne. Anything that fits your schedule will be great also we want to enjoy Charlie and not spend every waking moment to write about sell all and sail away 😉

    Also too frequent many posts will be overwhelming to most I think… and you should not be pressured into writing more… and considering that if you and Joan will post once per week, at the end of the year you will have 104 posts for the readers. Then again if your fingers are restless and want to share more with us, go right ahead, I think all of us coming here enjoy reading your posts… in that case perhaps it’s better to make a daily/weekly digest of all posts of the day/week and avoid to flood our FB walls or Timelines ;D


  24. Jan Patterson RN

    Really enjoying the more frequent posts. Climbing out of the hole [again, this is the 5th or 6th time things have collapsed around me, I think? LOL Earthquake country!] and your posts most encouraging!

  25. Love the more frequent posts. To be perfectly blunt, when there is only one post each month it is very hard to stay engaged. I forget what the last post was, especially since I’m following via email. I’ve enjoyed all the extra posts. They’ve been varied and interesting.

  26. I really enjoy reading your views and takes on finance and budgeting. However, this time of year is sooooo hectic with the end of the school year, school sports in full swing with State and State Cup activities, school band concerts, that I found it hard to find time for one more thing. But… as soon as school is out for the summer, I’ll go back and catch up on all I had to pass by on.

    Thanks for inspiring and showing the lead to a better balanced budget/living!

  27. I personally would follow the blog whichever way you go about the frequency of your posts. I prefer much more frequently, and I bet so would the search engines. I follow about 100 different blogs (in different markets, i.e. blogs about blogging, Internet marketing, personal finance, and couponing) there are many sites that I get over 100 posts a day.

    I see that you have mixed reviews from everyone about the frequency, my question to them is how are they viewing your site? I personally recommend getting a RSS reader of some kind. It’s not like they have to read your post that same day. I think I am actually reading this a week or two after it was published. Whenever they have downtime they can read it. It’s a win win situation.

    No way is your message diluted, if anything it has been amplified!

    I would love to guest post, and I have many ideas that could possibly work with your community… But I have to ask for some stats about your site, you know the normal stuff, daily visitor, unique visitor, that kind of stuff. My time writing is limited and I would need to know if it was worth my time.

    To Our Success,

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