Untemplater Launches Today: GenY’ers Rejoice!

UntemplaterAs I alluded to in my 2010 goals, I’m one of the contributing founders to a new group blog which goes live…  today!

Untemplater.com is a multi-author site focused on helping GenY’ers answer that one burning question…  “What the hell am I gonna do with my life?”

In addition to the 6 core founders (each well respected GenY voices…  at least the other 5 besides me!), a couple dozen of the brightest minds in the niche have joined up to contribute as authors.

Content will fall into Business/Entrepreneurship, Personal Finance, Mobile Lifestyle, and Self Improvement categories.  The focus of ongoing articles will be generated by and for GenY’ers specifically for the site, not syndicated from their current blogs.

As you can tell from the categories and the tagline, “Work where you want…  Live how you want…  Be who you want to be.”, this project is right up my alley.  I’m excited about seeing what this coalition of amazing young thought leaders can do.

Click to download the Free UNTEMPLATER Manifesto!

As part of the launch, Untemplater has put together a 100% Free Manifesto featuring the stories of how each of the founding members is attempting to ‘break the template’ in their own way.

It includes Courtney and my story with some details and from an angle you might not have seen before.  Download it for free here.

Anyway, I hope the GenY bunch of you is as excited about the launch as I am.  I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions over on the launch day post!

Another chapter of our latest New Zealand adventure coming very soon!

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