How To Get A Cheap Pickleball Paddle

If you learned how to play pickleball and want to get a cheap pickleball paddle, you are going to want to search for pickleball paddle discount codes. This link takes you to Be PIckleBaller’s discount code list, which I found is one of the most robust discount code lists out there.

For example, Be PickleBaller has insights how to discount code stack where you use a pickleball paddle discount code for JustPaddles on used and blemished paddles. You are getting a discount on the paddles because they are used or slightly blemished, but this is a great example of how you can get a cheap pickleball paddle for even less.

Here are other ways where you can find a cheap pickleball paddle.

Purchase Demo Paddles

I recently purchased a demo paddle and absolutely loved it. It was 50% off and the paddle was barely used.

When it comes to buying pickleball paddles on a budget, purchasing demo paddles is a smart choice. Many sports stores or pickleball specialty shops offer demo paddles at discounted prices. These paddles are often lightly used or have minimal wear and tear from being tested by customers.

By opting for demo paddles, you can score a high-quality paddle at a fraction of the original cost. Keep an eye out for sales or clearance events at your local sports store to maximize your savings.

Facebook Marketplace

I have preferred Facebooked marketplace and Buy/Sell Facebook groups to Craigslist recently.

Harness the power of social media to find incredible deals on pickleball paddles. Facebook Marketplace is a treasure trove for sports equipment, including pickleball paddles. Simply search for “pickleball paddles” in the marketplace and browse through listings in your area.

You’ll find a variety of options at different price points, including brand new paddles, gently used ones, and even discounted bundles. Don’t hesitate to negotiate with sellers to secure the best deal possible. With a bit of patience and persistence, you can snag a cheap pickleball paddle without sacrificing quality.

Search Craigslist

I have always found deals on Craigslist.

Another excellent platform for scoring budget-friendly pickleball paddles is Craigslist. Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist allows users to buy and sell goods locally. Navigate to the sports equipment section and enter “pickleball paddles” into the search bar.

Filter the results based on your preferences, such as price range and condition. You may come across individuals selling paddles they no longer use or need, offering them at unbeatable prices. Be sure to arrange a safe meeting place when making transactions through Craigslist and inspect the paddle thoroughly before making a purchase.

When I searched recently though, I could not find any deals that I thought were amazing.

Explore Temu for Inexpensive Paddles

Temu, a lesser-known platform, is a hidden gem for finding inexpensive pickleball paddles. For example, I just searched on Temu and found a carbon fiber pickleball paddle for under $20

While it may not have the same level of popularity as other online marketplaces, Temu often features unique deals and discounts on sports equipment, including pickleball paddles.

Explore the website or app to discover a wide selection of paddles offered at competitive prices. Additionally, Temu may host special promotions or flash sales, allowing you to snag an even better bargain. Keep an eye on their platform for exclusive deals and savings opportunities.

Please note that pickleball paddles on Temu may be knockoffs of more expensive paddles.

Cheap pickleball paddles from Temu.


You can get a cheap, discounted pickleball paddle by using a discount paddle, purchasing a demo paddle, scouring Facebook marketplace or Craigslist, or finding a good deal on Temu

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