Dave Ramsey on College: 5 Things To Know

Growing up, I was always told by my parents that I need to go to college. “The moment you are in college you are on your way to the path of success” is what they would always say to me. I started to feel that pressure once in high school. Those four years are what makes or breaks my acceptance into college.

I knew I had to be realistic when it came down to what college I even wanted to apply for. That meant letting go of all my dream schools and only apply to state universities for financial reasons. Those months of waiting to hear back were agony but invigorating at the same time. Out of the four colleges, I applied to, I got accepted to three.

All of the ones I got accepted into were phenomenal colleges. Though I picked San Jose State University for many reasons. The main reason was the outcome I knew I was going to get from there. There was this feeling that I knew SJSU was meant for me because of all the opportunities that they had to offer. From their amazing education system, remarkable dance team, and leadership skills of organizations, this was the place for me. Even if that means having to get student loans to continue my education, I know it will be worth it in the end.

What Does Dave Ramsey Think About College?

I can tell you straight up that Dave Ramsey thinks college is worth it! Though there are a lot of things that Dave Ramsey did mention you would need to consider. Such as, you don’t need to go to a prestigious college. In the end, you’re still getting the same degree and still getting pay the same. When thinking about going to college it should depend on what it costs vs. what you would earn from that degree afterward.

Compare University Costs

It is not worth paying so much money to go to a certain school when you can go somewhere else for a more affordable price. For instance, state universities, community colleges, and trade schools can all more affordable compare to private schools. If you know the area you want to go into, look up if you could just go to a trade school instead for 6 months. Rather than putting yourself in student debt and going to an expensive college for 4-6 years. As long as you learn and practice in that particular area that you want to major in college, it honestly may not matter what college you go to. You should never be ashamed of wanting to save money and go to a community college instead of an expensive, elite college. 

Understand the value of your degree

Getting the knowledge from that degree is very valuable because degrees are so expensive now. There’s a huge backlash against student loan debt and that has caused many people to start saying “college isn’t worth it” when in fact, it is. From my personal experience of only being in college online for just a year, I have learned so much already. Such as critical thinking skills, leadership, and social skills. This gave me more opportunities for internships and jobs for my future success. If I were to give any advice it’s to remember that you are the key to being successful, not the college that you go to, not even a degree, it’s what you make up from what you have learned in those years of being in college.

What Does Dave Ramsey Think About Student Loans?

Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite topic, student loans… which if you couldn’t tell I was being very sarcastic.

Dave Ramsey shares that he doesn’t think school loans are worth it but he thinks college is. He considers student loans to be a big problem in America. The average student loan debt in 2020 is about $37,584. As well as, about 66% of graduates who walked across the stage have student loans. 

Can you get through college without student debt?

Is it possible to go through college without having student debt? Luckily, yes, you can go to college while being debt-free. There are so many ways you can go to college and not worry about your student loans.

Understand How Student Loans Work

The first thing you need to do is to start educating yourself and or your child about student loans. Now, we all had the idea of wanting to go to our dream school. Though your dream school should not be just because of how beautiful the campuses if all your friends have gone or are going there. Your dream school should be an affordable college that you know you can pay in cash. It might be a hard decision to do but your dream could become your nightmare in the future. 

Check for Scholarships and Grants

Also, try to find any scholarships and grants to help pay for your college tuition. It is free money and all you have to do is apply and create an essay. The average monthly payment for student loans is about $393. It never hurts to try even if it’s a couple of hundred dollars, it can make a big difference later.

Look At Alternative Options

There’s no shame in also looking into community colleges or even trade schools for a more affordable price. You can work to help pay your student loan while you’re in college. Though, don’t work more than 20 hours a week because it can affect your ability to study/work hard in school and risk you failing. As well as, don’t just get any job. You need to check how much profit you make off and to see how much you can pay off student loans while in school. Getting tutored for the SAT and ACT are a great way to potentially gain scholarships or full rights from the colleges that you applied to.

America has done a terrible job of telling us that for a student to go to college they need student loans which are not true. These short-term sacrifices will be a long-term gain in the future because you won’t have to worry about paying your student debt.

How Do I Not Get A Worthless Degree (Or Help My High School Grad)

To be honest, it is all up to you and what you do with your degree. Though certain degrees can potentially make more money than others. If you have an idea of what type of degree that you want to get I suggest going up to people who work in that area. Ask them if they don’t mind how much they make and the cost it took for them to earn it.  You can also use this free 2021 best value college ranking tool (email required) to help you understand the value of the degree after graduation.

This is how you can identify the major you need to choose to see if it’s profitable in the future. Make sure for those who are high school students have a high GPA. As well as, work hard so that they can get accepted into the colleges that you applied to. You can’t get lazy and act entitled because you have to remember that not everything will be served on a platter for you. You have to earn it. I learned the hard way. I had to pull it together the last two years in high school to get where I am at today. Trust me, it was not a fun experience to try and catch up.

Understand Job Opportunities

When you are looking into what type of degree that you are interested in, make sure it’s something you know that you can get a job afterward for. You don’t want something random because it’s not a good idea. For instance, you won’t get enough income in that field to offset the expenses of student loans you have to pay in the future. You want a degree that can help you pay your student loans and live up to your lifestyle.

Do not underestimate the power of community college for general education as well. Going to a community college can help you save money in the future since it’s more affordable. It also gives you a better chance if you still want to go to your dream school. If you are in high school you can also contact your guidance counselor to ask for help because they are meant for you to graduate and succeed. These are just a few ways you can find the perfect degree for you. 

Should You Go To College if You Don’t Know What You Want To Do (given the cost)?

Deciding which college you want to go to is one thing but picking a major is another. With so many choices to choose from it can get overwhelming and can be confusing on where to start. At that point, is it even worth going if you don’t even know what to do? Yes, I still think it is worth going to college without any clue of your ideal major yet. You might be thinking now, how is that a good idea given the cost? Won’t I just waste more money then? That might be the worse idea ever. Though do not fear because I am here to tell you why you should still go to college.

Understand the Undeclared Major

Almost all colleges now allow the student to have a choice to be considered as “undeclared”. Which means the student does not have a major picked yet. This allows the first two years for that student to have more time to think consciously about their decision.

While in college the first two years mainly focus on taking your GE courses anyway so this opportunity should give you enough time to think about what major you want to go into. This also gives you the chance to change your major if you don’t like the one you are in anymore. Think about it this way. It’s almost as if you are multitasking by getting your GE credits but also allowing yourself time to figure out what major you want. So, you are not wasting your time or money. Since it will be the same outcome if you already are in your major.

Community College Can Be a Good Option

Community college is another great solution but don’t know yet exactly what you want to do. This gives you time to figure out what major you want to go into since community colleges allow you to take GE classes that are transferable to another college once you switch. It also will save you more money since it is more affordable to take classes there than at a regular college. Though it is up to you to decide whether or not you are ok with that decision

What Do We Think about Student Loans?

Student loans can be helpful for those who can’t afford to pay for college on their own. It’s ok to have student loans because they will help you get your degree for your job in the future. Which will hopefully help you pay the difference back. The income that you will receive from having your degree will far outweigh the cost of the student loans. As long as you make a plan and organize how you will deal with student loans you should be fine in the future. It is all up to you and how much you are willing to take a risk for your education and success. 

In other words…

Just thinking about the word college can be a scary concept but one that can be overturned. College is your opportunity to put yourself out there and prepare yourself for life. Take everything under consideration when you second guess yourself if you don’t know if college is worth it. If you can take any advice from me, I would say go for it because this is your future we are talking about and it is important. You deserve the best outcome in life and college may be part of the reason why you can become successful.

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