Best of Money Carnival

It’s my pleasure, today, to host the 14th Edition of the Best of Money Carnival.

This carnival, like its brothers, requires bloggers to submit their very best post for the week.  However, instead of posting all the entries, it’s up to each host to pick only the best 10 selections.  I like seeing what each hosts picks week-to-week based on his/her own interests.  For example, you’ll find several articles about debt, simplicity, and career direction…  all topics I love reading about.

Each submission also has to include a summary of the post.  Therefore, the text you see under each link is provided by the author, themselves.  There were over 120 submissions this week that I’ve whittled down.

Starting with the best at the top, here are my favorite 10 posts of the week:

Motivation to Reduce Debt

Debt sucks bad! For some of us, this simple statement is all the encouragement we need. We’re fed up with our situation, and are ready to spring into action. Personally, I could just stop writing now, having already motivated myself to continue my passionate and fiery Debt Free Adventure. What about you?

– Matt Jabs over at Five Cent Nickel.

Living The Minimalist Lifestyle – Is it Possible?

Fewer things to worry about, less clutter in the house, less maintenance costs, less less less! (where do I sign up?)

– J. Money over at Budgets Are Sexy

Work Stress & Workplace Conflict: Dealing With A Difficult Job Environment

This article is about how to deal with a tough job environment. When you face work stress and experience conflict with coworkers, what can you do to keep your cool? I offer a few tips.

– SVB over at The Digerati Life

Guide to Renovating Your Kitchen: 11 Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Many people rush into a kitchen renovation with checkbook in hand and pure optimism. The kitchen renovation process is difficult but if you adhere to my 11 basic kitchen renovation tips you can 1) save money, 2) get a high quality kitchen in return, 3) avoid stress.

– Vince Scordo over at Scordo

Five Ways to Save Time on Your Budget

Shares time saving budgeting methods and suggestions on how to save time budgeting.

Craig Ford over at Money Help For Christians

How I Went 15 Rounds With My Credit Card Company – And Won

David versus Goliath? You bet. You can’t just let these big companies beat you around. It’s time to fight back!

– Neal Frankle over at Moolanomy

My Jobs, The Blame’s on Me

This piece details a time when my career took a turn for the worse, what I did in a very tough situation, what I learned from the experience, and what you can learn from it to help manage your career to the fullest.

– FMF over at Free Money Finance

Wealth Pilgrim’s Most Excellent Guide To Toilet Repair (and more)

Home repair can be intimidating.  I’ve used all kinds of excuses to avoid household repairs for years and years.  Finally, I was forced to confront my leaky toilet bowl.  Here’s how I overcame my fear  and came out smelling like a rose…

– Neal Frankle over at Wealth Pilgrim

Create Your Own Green Collar Career

Sick of your daily grind? Looking to start something new? It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur or an employee. Take the skills you already have, mix in your passion for the environment, add a little creativity and you’ve got a leg up on your new pursuit.

– Tyler over at Frugally Green

Personal Finance:  Get the Local Perspective

In this post I share the personal finance bloggers map with my readers to help them find someone in their area that: # Understands the State/Country laws that are affecting your finances. # Knows where to find the best deals to help you save money in your area. It helps to have a local perspective.

– PT over at Prime Time Money

Which was your favorite of the ten listed?  Do you agree with the order?  Join in on the discussion by leaving your opinions below!

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