3 Top Blogs To Find Pickleball Paddle Discount Codes

When I learned how to play pickleball, I scoured the internet for all the information I could find about pickleball paddles, including what paddles where USPA approved or what material the paddles were made of.

I decided to purchase a lot of paddles to test out different designs.

As such, it was imperative to me to use picklelball paddle coupon, promotion and discount codes to make all these purchases more managable.

Here are my favorite 3 blogs where you can find pickleball paddle discount codes. Again, this is my favorite 3 pickleball paddle discount code blogs and not necessarily the best, but hopefully that goes without say.

1. BePickleBaller

BePickleBaller’s pickleball paddle discount codes blog post is my favorite blog post because it provides a very robust structured table that includes the name, the discount code, the % or $ discount, the link to the website, and often a clickable link that can tell you all about the retailer. For example. I really like the insights about Vatic Pro and why it was the author’s favorite recent retailer.

Picture of BePickleballer's nice pickleball paddle discount code table.

In addition, BePickleBaller has discount codes to potentially less common, but great paddles such as Ballrpickleball.

I also really like that BePickleBaller doesn’t just offer discount codes, but a lot of education about pickleball paddles in general.

For example, I love that the website provides a free pickleball paddle quiz, and clear definitions between a 14mm pickleball paddle and a 16mm pickleball paddle, which is a common question people have.

Finally, I also really like how BePickleBaller gave clear ideas how to use pickleball paddle discount codes to get discounts on both used and blemished paddles on JustPaddles. While it’s difficult to find a Selkirk and Joola discount code, I was pleasantly surprised with their ideas.

I love discount stacking, so this was amazing.

Let’s look at my second favorite list next.

2. Pickleball Studio

I don’t know if Pickleball Studios discount codes get nearly the attention that it deserves, but this may be due to the sheer number of codes. One thing that was questionable to me was how updated the list is currently. For example, I clicked on one of the links, and it looks like it took me to a contact us enquiry form for wholesale purchases, not a link to the specific paddle I was looking to research.

That said, what I really liked about Pickleball studio is that while the information in the table was a lot of information, it still gave me a sense that the author really knew what he was writing about. It gave me the sense that he was an expert on the subject of paddles, which I appreciate.

That said, unfortunately, the master table was a bit difficult to navigate given the sheer volume of paddles.

3. Pickleball Effect

My 3rd favorite pickleball paddle discount codes was Pickleball Effect’s codes. What I really like about Pickleball Effect’s code list is that it appear that you can get a gift card on some paddle purchases that are traditionally more difficult to get a discount code with.

Also, I love that the website has a good amount of name brand pickleball paddle codes, which is fantastic. I like that they also provided some nice images of the brand logos and a bit more information about some of the paddle brands.

What I would like to see in the future is more pickleball paddle discount codes. While it had some major brands, I would like to see some up and coming brands such as BALLRPickleball. That said, there may be a very good reason why Pickleball Effect doesn’t have more discount codes.


Using pickleball paddle discount codes can majorly discount your paddles. In addition, you can check out the strategies that BePickleBaller offers including stacking discount codes on JustPaddles for even further discounts on used and blemished paddles.

Hopefully this blog post was helpful to get you a discount on your next pickleball paddle. See you on the courts!

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