2010 SxSw Web Awards Video of the “Blog” Category

[Note:  If you cannot view the video click here]

As many of you know, Man Vs. Debt was nominated for a 2010 SxSw Web Award in the “Blog” category.  SxSw is one of the largest interactive, technology, and web conferences in the world.  The Web Awards highlight new sites (started within the past year).

I traveled to Austin, TX last month (as those of you that follow me on Twitter know all too well) to attend the conference and the awards ceremony.  The ceremony was hosted by Doug Benson (very, very funny) and took place on Sunday evening.

Unfortunately, I didn’t win! 🙂  However, I was still honored to be one of the five finalist selected and invited to the event.  Luckily, the crew over at MyLocationScouts.com caught HD footage of the event.  I asked them to slice together the small portion from the blog category for you!

Doug Benson makes some jokes about the name Man Vs. Debt and it’s an interesting and quick view.  Check it out!

In case you are interested here are my other 4 fellow nominees this year:

See you tomorrow (great post coming… watch out!).

6 thoughts on “2010 SxSw Web Awards Video of the “Blog” Category”

  1. Somehow I missed that you were nominated. How cool to be one of 5 finalists in the whole world! Congratulations.

    P.S. The jokes about your blog name were pretty funny and point out why it’s a great name.

  2. Very cool to be one of 5! I don’t know about the rest of the commenters here, but I probably won’t add the other 5 to my feed reader (although that Pets one looks like it could take up the better part of a day). Congrats on a doing a superb job with this blog, and getting that recognition.

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