Why the Cupra Is A Popular First Car

Picture of the Cupra car.


Whether it is your first step, first word, first love or first car, “firsts” are significant. Milestones in life, and your first car is no exception.

The car you choose as your first vehicle baby, aka ‘your Rod’, ‘Ride’, ‘Wheels’ or ‘Whip, will be more than just a status symbol or vessel to transport you from point A to B.

It is your VIP pass to independence and driving freedom. It Is called Cupra.

With your car choice being a Cupra, let’s get this show on the road and put the pedal to the metal. In this article, we will steer you in the direction of the coolest brand of cars right now: Cupra!

Cupra: The Cupid of Cars

If there is a car you can (and will) fall in love with, it is a Cupra, hence the well-deserved title as the cupid of cars.

When interviewed by Top Gear Magazine on 8 February 2021, Cupra boss Wayne Griffiths was questioned about what sets the Cupra apart from competitor cars. 

His answer summarised the heart and soul of the brand and said all you need to know:: “We want to make cars that people love, not necessarily like… and nothing in between.” – Wayne Griffiths.

Cupra Leases – The Key to Your Car Awaits!

The leasing deals Leaseloco.com offers on Cupras may very well place you within the grasp of this range of little superpower automotive legends!

If you continue reading on, we should warn you: an imminent Cupra love affair is inevitable.

Therefore please note the following: If you have what it takes to match the effervescent energy, a Cupra exuberates, please prepare for your driving experience as follows:

  1. Prepare to experience continuous cycles of childlike excitement at the mere sight of your soon-to-be leased Cupra.
  2. Brace yourself for goosebumps every time you get behind the wheel.
  3. Be that guy or girl that cleans their car as regularly as they do the dishes.
  4. Become the proud driver of a car that none of your friends, including yourself, would dare to eat that midnight garage pie in, notwithstanding the ravenous rumblings of passengers’ tummies.
  5. Be passionately obsessed with your new leased Cupra; get one now!

If you want dynamic driving performance, stylishly good looks, master maneuverability and inspired innovation, then you have arrived at the right place (or luck made you scroll to the right article). 

Here are a few compelling reasons to start your Cupra love affair as soon as possible!

Low Costs

  • Driving your first car brings freedom, independence, adventure, and excitement. Vehicle operating costs may, however, shorten your joyride and keep you permanently parked. 
  • In shopping for your favourite first ‘ride’ options, remember that you may encounter curves and bends along your driving journey. Unexpected vehicle maintenance and costs always arise, and that impacts your finances.
  • Vehicle maintenance, insurance, and taxes can make a severe dent in your pocket or even break your budget. That is why leasing your first car is the safest way to empower you with the elegance of the Cupra brand and keep you in control.


  • Vehicle safety features should be the most crucial consideration when choosing your car.
  • Cupra cars have advanced safety features and protection technology to ensure emergency safety. With top Euro NCAP ratings for safety, choosing a Cupra means investing in your safety and that of your passengers.
  • Smarter driving features allow you to have maximum visibility for driving at night.
  • High-beam LED lights ensure that your path is illuminated for a carefree experience.

Modern Technology

  • Stay connected with the modern technology of remote vehicle control functions for navigation. The Travel Assist function will guide you to your destination without having to grab your phone for map directions.
  • Selected Cupra models include an LCD modern viewing display for convenient control of your car functions.
  • Features include powerful beat-boosting speakers and music connectivity for your favourite playlist.


  • Choose from a spectrum of striking colours, carbon fibre specs, alloy wheels and textile or leather sport seats.

Lease One of These!

The Cupra Formentor

  • The SUV is a crossover model, boasting with outstanding performance abilities.
  • The stunningly striking design and its dynamic chassis control hydraulic suspension mean you can drive your ‘low low’ on all turfs.

The Cupra Born

  • Born to be wild should be the slogan for Cupra’s nippy sports model: Born.
  • Accelerate to rapid speeds and revel in the power of this little high-performance rocket.


  • Dynamite comes in small packages, which means you can cruise in comfort and experience all the technology and safety features of the larger Cupra models in a compact little powerpack, the Ateca.


  • The Cupra Leon hatchback is iconic as the most recognisable model in the Cupra range. The Leon has released new models which look good enough to be highway head-turners!
  • In addition to its racing abilities, the Leon has a two-variant system powered by an electric engine battery and a petrol engine.

Final Thoughts

Expand your horizons and explore your Cupra curiosities. We guarantee you will not be disappointed! 

Make your first car choice a memorable milestone, and get the Cupra show on the road! 

Happy driving, Cupra community!

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