Vanntastic Velocity Banking Reviews: 3 Things to Know

I have been blogging and Youtubing for a long time on personal finance, and I just recently stumbled across Vanntastic’s Velocity Banking’s channel.

Velocity Banking has taken a renewed focus, partly thanks to Vanntastic’s YouTube following. In fact, at the time of the video, Vanntastic has 247,000 subscribers, which is quite incredible given that her first video was less than 3 years ago.

But, what are the reviews of Vanntastic’s Velocity Banking approach? Does it work?

Picture of Venntastic's YouTube video that she published just 10 months ago.

Vanntastic Finances Review

At this point, I would recommend watching the video below that covers one of the biggest issues with the Velocity Banking approach that I could not find Vanntastic ever addressed.

While this video addresses what I would view as the biggest problem with Velocity Banking, the other two problems I would address is below.

1. Vanntastic uses very complex whiteboards that confused me.

Velocity Banking is a rather simple approach, but when I see whiteboards such as the one below, it makes it feel like it’s very complicated. I am not sure why Vanntastic Finances uses such complex whiteboards for such a simple method.

Vanntastic Finances very complex whiteboard

2. It feels like the assumption is that you get paid at the beginning of the month.

I found this YouTube video by William Lee fascinating because he addresses that it appears that many Velocity Banker fanatics provide scenarios where you get paid in the beginning of the month. Then, you use the funds from the beginning of the month to pay expenses. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for most people who get paid potentially during the middle and end of the month.

What Does Vanntastic Preach?

Vanntastic’s approach is that Velocity Banking works not only for HELOC (which is the classic Velocity Banking example), but for credit cards, your auto loan, etc.

She uses catchy phrases such as “knowledge = power” and other phrases emphasizing that you just do the math to see how Velocity Banking can save you thousands.

What’s In It For Vantastic?

Vanntastic can monetize Velocity Banking in multiple ways. First, you can see on her website that Vanntastic charges individuals for help with Velocity Banking. What I found interesting that she charges $26.99 to just email her.

Vanntastic Finances picture of Calendly link.

Second, you can see that she most likely receives revenue through monetizing her videos. Please see the image below that shows an ad on one of her videos.

Vanntastic Finances YouTube video showing ads.

What Does Dave Ramsey think of Velocity Banking?

From my research, I could not find much that any actual financial gurus have stated about velocity banking. For example, I could not find ANYWHERE where Dave Ramsey even mentions velocity banking.

That always makes me skeptical if you can’t find anyone else that promotes or endorses velocity banking.

Should You Follow Vanntastic’s Velocity Banking approach?

It’s unclear to me whether you should follow Vanntastic’s approach. For example, it’s still unclear to me whether you actually will save money when following her approach of using Velocity Banking for credit cards or car loans.

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