Dave Ramsey Videos: My Top 20 Favorite of All Time

The Dave Ramsey youtube podcast is very popular and is a great source to learn all things about becoming financially successful. These YouTube videos can be informative to learn about. Whether it’s an insane financial story or wanting to learn how to be good with money, Dave Ramsey has got you covered with basically everything you need to know. With the top 20 Dave Ramsey highlight videos, you can learn what each one is about and get the inside scoop on what he has to offer. 

#1 Top 10 Unbelievable Calls on The Dave Ramsey Show (Second Volume)

A long one indeed. Dave Ramsey’s 10 most unbelievable calls is a YouTube video that everyone can learn something from or what you shouldn’t end up financially in. From a call about not paying their bills for over 6 years to a person in $670,000 in student loan debt. These calls are pretty crazy situations no one ever should be in. That’s where Dave Ramsey comes in and helps out each situation. He adds his input and what each person should do to try and turn around their situation before it is too late. 

For instance, one of the first situations involve is a woman questioning if she should go back to school. Even though she just bought a 20k and is also getting married soon. She makes an income of 28k a year so if you couldn’t tell, there is already a problem at hand with the car situation. Dave Ramsey’s suggestion was to return the car immediately and use that money towards going back to school while working at the same time. I can see why it is considered a favorite because of the insane financial stories that people are going through. Luckily we have Dave Ramsey’s guidance to help many get back on track to financial freedom. 

#2 I’m 29 Years Old With Nearly 1,000,000 In Debt! 

So as we get into this YouTube video, Dave Ramsey discusses with a 29-year-old who is in debt for about a million dollars. The challenge is, how does one get of out that big of debt without any potential bankruptcy? With this big of a financial situation, Dave Rasmey was shocked but was straight up with her as he explains that the lifestyle she and her husband had will no longer be the same. They will have to endure the next 3 years with no purchases! 

Forget about what people care about and what society thinks because this is the most crucial part of their lives as they now have to prepare themselves for what comes next. Though Dave Ramsey added that his worry isn’t about selling the house there is no need to do that but how the couple is on a “suicide mission” if they continue on this path without his advice. It is a YouTube video one must watch to understand the repercussions of other people’s neglect of their spending. 

#3 Top 10 Unbelievable Calls on The Dave Ramsey Show (First Volume)

As we find ourselves back into another long top 10 unbelievable calls, we get to listen in on what Dave Ramsey has to offer for those callers. Starting in the YouTube video with one of the strangest calls that Dave Ramsey has gotten. A 14-year-old called in for advice about being in 21k in debt to his family and what he should sell off to pay his debt while still maintaining a good relationship with his family. For instance, he owes his 16 -year old brother 6k and his father 15k as well. 

Finding this oddly weird but intriguing, Dave Ramsey advises the young entrepreneur to sell his vintage car to pay off his father and use what he has in the back to pay off his brother. Dave Ramsey also suggests that the father should have been more careful about this whole situation and added to everyone listen to never let something like this get as far as it did to this situation. This is just one of the caller stories, as there are many others like this throughout the YouTube video that you should check out.

#4 5 Things That Will Make You Wealthy – Dave Ramsey Rant 

It is funny how many people out there don’t agree with Dave Ramsey’s advice when most of them are financially broke but that does not stop him from making a YouTube video about financial advice on five things that will make you wealthy. By just following these 5 steps that Dave Ramsey shares in the YouTube video, he will guarantee the flow of money coming your way. You have to remember though that each situation is different for everyone so there is no way to predict how long it will take so patience is key.  

So, the first thing that Dave Ramsey share is to have a budget ready. This will prepare you in the long run as it will help during the second step.  Secondly, you need to get out of debt which can also be done during Dave Ramsey’s baby steps.

Getting out of debt will mean having money again! Now getting into number three, is to not spend everything you got. Sound pretty simple to do but can be hard for many. Next, you got to save money because saving will help you out during emergencies and possible investments. Don’t forget to make sure to have a job that pays well. There is no point working for Mcdonald’s if you aren’t getting the funds you need, this is for you to become wealthy. That is all Dave Ramsey cares about is for you to become financially successful and wealthy. Therefore, this YouTube video can be motivating and helpful to get through that I recommend you should watch. 

#5 How To Become A Millionaire – Dave Ramsey Rant

Want to learn how to become a millionaire, well Dave Ramsey has the perfect YouTube video for you to follow along. Something you should take from this YouTube video is about budgeting. Dave Ramsey suggests having a unique budget fit for every month to help you gain control over your money. As well as where it should be going towards. You have to realize what you are spending on to figure out how to stop yourself from continuing those spending habits.

 By investing $100 every month from age 25 to 65, will come out to the future over $1 million. Sounds like a simple task to do, but many find it hard to complete. That’s why budgeting is one of the main keys to help you achieve becoming a millionaire. This YouTube video is a great way to find motivation as well with the passion from Dave Ramsey.

 #6 The Secret to NOT Being Broke! – Dave Ramsey’s Rant

Dave Ramsey gets straight into the YouTube video about the secret to not being broke. He mentions that the reason why many become broke is that we don’t do the math. Math is an important step to know how much money you have and how much can you spend on it. We have to do the math to figure out what we can or cannot purchase, for example, you can’t buy a car that is worth $10k if you only make 30K a year. 

He emphasizes that it would not make sense at all to do such a thing but people still do anyway. Why? Well, they forget to do the math. We can’t be impulsive because that is where we tend to lose track and start spending money away. This YouTube video can be a great way to wake you up and take another look at your financial plan and what your intentions are. 

 #7 Dave Ramsey Explains His Investing Process

Why not learn from Dave Ramsey himself how his investing process is, because I do! Dave Ramsey starts in this YouTube video by giving an example, sharing that the average car payment is $503. Which sounds insane to him, when instead you could use that $500 towards decent growth stock mutual funds from age 30-70, you will have over 5 million dollars! It is crazy that just investing something like that will make you become a millionaire. 

Dave Ramsey explains for this to happen, you have to do it on purpose and you need to get out of debt. So, what Dave Ramsey highly suggests is to invest in a good growth stock mutual fund. He spreads it across 4 types which are the growth of income, aggressive growth, international, and mutual funds that have at least a 10-year track record. You can also buy others like index funds. This is your money, so use it wisely and towards something that you can get benefit out of later. 

#8 I’m 1,000,000 In Student Loan Debt!

As we come to find out in this YouTube video, Dave Ramsey takes a caller about someone being in million dollars of student loan debt. The caller shares he had just graduated from residency to become an orthodontist but realized afterward that his student loans came over $1 million. He and his fiance are trying to figure out a way on how to pay it off. With an add-on of all the interest rate will probably be paying $10,000 a month. Dave was completely taken aback but said what probably everyone else was going to say, “What were you thinking?”. 

The couple did come up with two possible strategies to tackle these loans. Dave Ramsey advice the caller to go with the strategy that they came up with and it will help knock off some of the smaller loans first, given the income the caller is making which is $250k annually.

He also wants him to start thinking about the mentality of being a broke college student. This way, he is more careful with his money in the next few years of his life trying to pay back all that debt. Which means, no vacation, no buying a new house, and no new car. It is always a good idea to think through what you are going to put yourself through with the type of loans you will take for school. Also how worth it is it, so instead of going to an elite college and being in debt for years, find an alternative community college that is more affordable. 

#9 Why You Should Focus On Paying Down The Mortgage Over Investment

Now let’s focus on this YouTube video about what Dave Ramsey has to say on why you should focus on paying down the mortgage over investment. This caller informs Dave Ramsey that the only debt he has left is his mortgage and is an “avid investor”. He seems to be thinking about not paying off his mortgage just yet since his rate is low. Though he doesn’t have enough to pay it off yet, he wonders if he still should put in a chunk of his money towards it. 

Dave Ramsey mentions his 7 baby steps and brings up baby step 4. In baby step 4 you will start investing in the retirement of 15% of your household income. Which luckily, the caller is doing it already. Dave Ramsey then talks about 2 reasons why millionaires are millionaires and it’s because of 401k and a paid-for house. Many millionaires pay for their house because once paid, they have a more stable foundation and view money differently. Therefore, he suggests to pay put the money he has towards the mortgage and also to his emergency saving funds to be potentially used for paying off the mortgage. Dave Ramsey always uses facts by doing studies on millionaires so he knows what should be done. 

#10 How To Be Good With Money

Who doesn’t want to learn how to be good with money, especially if it is coming from Dave Ramsey. From experience, Dave Ramsey was on top of the world but suddenly came crashing down and filed for bankruptcy. He had to change everything on what he was doing with his money and how to get back up again. By talking to “old rich millionaires”, he got to learn a lot from them because he knew they would be the ones that know it all.

So now we get to learn how to handle money which seems pretty simple but hard to do. He shares how there are only 4 to 5 things you have to do to win in this situation. By going with these 4-5 steps you would have to live like you earn less, live on a plan, written budget, get out of debt, and learn to save and invest. Dave Ramsey swears by doing this you will become good with money and become financially successful. 

#11 The Best Way To Buy A House – Dave Ramsey Rant

Wanna learn the best way to buy a house, well Dave Ramsey has the answer for you in this YouTube video. From experience being a real estate agent at the age of 18, he has learned a lot from the years and has a love for it. He knows exactly when you are ready to buy a house or not. For example, he shares how many people say buy a house just because but don’t listen to those people especially if you are broke. 

So this means if you want to buy a house Dave Ramsey says to first get out of debt. Then create an emergency fund in place to buy a house. If you move into a house broke, you are asking for trouble. Afterward, you will need to make a savings fund for your first down payment on the house. This step in Dave Ramsey’s baby step is considered baby step 3b. Once ready to buy a house Dave Ramsey advises to put as much down payment on the house. One thing that he also suggests to never do is buy a house on a 15-year mortgage or a fixed rate, it is just crazy. There are many other tips that Dave Ramsey suggests throughout the YouTube video so if you want to know more, go ahead and watch it yourself.

#12 I’m 59 Year Old With Nothing Saved For Retirement!

What would you do in this situation and having nothing saved for retirement, well Dave Ramsey may be able to help this caller. The caller shares her situation on what advice Dave Ramsey has to offer her about what she should do for her retirement fund. She did just sold a house as well. Though the only thing she is still paying is her lease which still has 30 months left. 

With his suggestion, he shares with the caller about making sure she has paid off a house. The reason why is because she should not have a mortgage while being retired or else that will cause problems. The other thing he pointed out is that since she is paying the house, all the money won’t be going towards “nest egg” and borrowing money won’t make it any better. Therefore, Dave Ramsey shared what he would do in her situation so that way she has a better understanding of what she needs to do before retiring. This is an interesting YouTube video that you should watch because this can be important to learn about for your future and how you want to use your money by then. 

#13 How Does The Affordable Care Act Affect You?

Let’s dive deep with Dave Ramsey on how does the affordable care act affects you. Regardless of your views, it is always good to think about certain systems and how they could work. One thing for sure we can all agree on is that math still matters and we need to use it for how we handle our money. He shares an example of how your insurance will go up to keep everything a fair amount to pay for those who are sick compare to those who are healthy. Which are the basic rules of how an insurance premium is done. Therefore, it could affect you and your job and cause you to start paying more over time. 

#14 What Makes Poor People Poor?

Ever wonder what makes poor people poor, well Dave Ramsey can tell you why. Dave Ramsey makes a good point about what we see or believe in this world affects our decision-making. So what do you believe about money and how it works? You will either sink or swim. This matters because we are talking about your life and how you want it to be. 

So let’s do what Dave Ramsey asked of us and take a minute and think what causes poor people to be poor? We have to keep in mind that poverty comes in many different ways. He has callers call in and say their opinion about it and what they think could be the reasons. Such bad decisions and lack of effort are some of the many reasons. It is something we should all think about because maybe you could be in that situation. 

#15 What’s Wrong With A Credit Card If I Pay It Off Every Month?

Dave Ramsey shares his insight on what’s wrong with a credit card. In this YouTube video, Dave Rasmey used an example to share his opinion on what’s wrong with using credit cards. He shares studies that have shown people who use any type of plastic card will spend more money than paying with cash. Your brain will naturally see the consequences more when using cash to pay for something than using a card because you aren’t losing it. You still have that card in your hand at all times. It is weird to think about but it’s because we don’t realize it until now. So you will start spending way more money than you should be. This is why Dave Ramsey hates credit cards because you will spend more. The video can be really helpful to be mindful of how you spend your money with either cash or a card. 

#16 I Make 2,000 a Month And I Have a $600 Car Payment

Dave Ramsey takes in a caller who makes 2,000 a month and has a $600 car payment. This caller has been having financial issues and needs Dave Ramsey’s guidance on what he should do. The caller informs his situation about having a BMW car payment of $600 while he only makes $1,200 a month. Dave Ramsey was surprised with this situation and how they allowed the caller to pay for the car at that payment knowing his income. Not only that but the caller is negative $15k in equity. 

Figuring out his income, Dave Ramsey is relieved to hear the type of degree he will get to help get him out of this situation. Dave Ramsey suggests “tread water” until he is graduated. Secondly, he advises him to find another job that will pay more and become beneficial to him and his situation. This is the kind of story you hope you will never end up in or want your kids to but good to listen to, that way you can also learn from other people’s mistakes.

 #17 The 3 Basic Money Skills You Need To Know

Want to know the basic money skills you need to know, Dave Ramsey got your back in this YouTube video. Dave Ramsey shares how many people can struggle spending their money when they have the money to spend. Especially if they have been saving money for a long time and have a lot of money. It is a normal thing that can happen to everyone and is a security. There is nothing wrong with that. 

There are 3 money skills to have which are spending properly, saving, and the power of giving. Everyone has at least one of these skills that they struggle with. Even Dave Ramsey has struggled to save money. He had to learn how to save and he did it to give to others. Think about what you struggle with and see where you are weak to work on it. 

 #18 We Really Need A Car. Are Car Payments Okay?

Dave Ramsey takes in a caller who has a question if car payments are okay. The caller shared his situation about a disagreement with his wife on getting a new car and paying car payments for it instead of waiting to pay full in cash. The caller wants so advice on what they should do. Dave Ramsey shared what he has learned from millionaires of their experience with buying a new car. Most if not all of them said when buying a car, it was the worst mistake of their life because now they are in debt again. So going off of what they told Dave Ramsey he suggests doing what the rich people did because that’s what everyone wants to be at. It is always a good idea to listen to the ones who are on top because they are the one who has experience in it. 

 #19 What To Do With Extra Money In The Bank?

Ever wonder what to do with extra money in the bank? Dave Ramsey has some good ideas for you that he also shared with the caller. Many people get stuck once they have saved up a lot of money and don’t know what to do with it. Especially if they don’t want to invest it into something that they don’t know much about.

Dave Ramsey suggests finding an assignment or goal to have. Such as using the baby steps. So whatever baby step you are on, that is what you will work on. For instance, baby step 2 to pay off any debt or baby step 3 of a fully-funded emergency fund. You can also give away some of the money to a charity you may be passionate about.  It is a good exercise to look at what you have right now and figure out what you need to do with any money that is being sat in the bank right now. 

 #20 The Best Way To Invest Your Money

In this YouTube video, Dave Ramsey discusses the best way to invest your money. Some people say investing can be intimidating but it shouldn’t be. If you sit down with someone who knows what they are talking about, it is not as bad as you may think. With the millions of dollars in investment, Dave Ramsey might be the person you would want to listen to. Using the investment principles will be the key to doing it the best way. By picking the right mutual funds, they can skyrocket. For instance, when you are picking a mutual fund, pick one that is beating the market. Not the one that isn’t doing well because you are taking a risk. This is just one thing he goes over in the YouTube video and with so many more tips you can learn by checking out his YouTube video. 

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