Secure One Financial: 3 Things You Need to Know

Did you receive a Secure One Financial mailer stating “You’re pre-approved for a personal loan…” with rates starting as low a 5.99%? Did you get the loan?

Let’s look at what we found out about Secure One Financial, and whether this is at all similar to Symple Lending.

What Is Secure One Financial?

First, I was curious if Secure One Financial is a lender if they send out pre-approved mailers, so I looked them up in the California department of financial protection and innovation. I could not find that they have an active lender license as it does not appear that they are Secure One Capital Corporation.

Secure One Financial lending license search

When I first searched Secure One Financial, I found that it’s BBB page was actually listed at the top. So, I went back to the mailer to find that the mailer points you to

When I visited, that is when I found out that loans are offered by Secure One Financial affiliates, Kuber Financial, LLC dba Mobilend. I couldn’t actually find a whole lot on Mobilend other than a 2.14 rating on BBB and an A+ Rating and a 3.5 rating on Google.

So, my understanding is that if you get a loan then it would be via Mobilend and not Secure One Financial.

Secure One Financial Keeps Calling?

Three of the BBB complaints I saw is that this company consistently keeps calling. Here’s what 3 people stated in their complaints. I am not sure how this would affect you, but it was an interesting thing I pulled from the BBB complaints.

First BBB complaint about Secure One Financial keeps calling
Second BBB complaint about Secure One Financial keeps calling
Third BBB complaint about Secure One Financial keeps calling

So, what do the reviews say about Secure One Financial?

What Did I Find In The Reviews?

I like to review Reddit first to see whether people had real experiences with Secure One Financial. One individual makes it seem like Secure One Financial is pitching debt relief not debt consolidation loans.

This would make one of the recent BBB reviews make sense as they stated, “GRT is a great company”.

That would also explain why one of the recent Google reviews for Secure One Financial stated that GRT financial has been smooth sailing since they started debts debt settlement with them.

GRT Financial is a debt relief / debt settlement company, so that would partly explain these two reviews.

On BBB, Secure One Financial has a 4.63 based on 163 reviews. It has only 2 complaints in the last 12 months and 5 complaints in the last 3 years. It has an A+ BBB rating currently.

So, my question is how often does someone get a loan from Mobilend and how often does someone get offered a debt relief program via GRT financial or another partner?

I am not sure of this, but if Secure One Financial is a referral service then it may be helpful to see the reviews of the place you get referred to to understand your potential experience.

Is Secure One Financial similar to Symple Lending?

While Secure One Financial may have a similar mailer to Symple Lending stating that you are pre-approved for a loan for similar rates (5.99% vs 5.95%), I could not find anything else that tied the two companies together,

For example, Symple Lending’s Google My Business states that it is a loan agency located at 1821 E Dyer Rd ste 210, Santa Ana, CA 92705 with a phone number of (949) 522-7829 while Secure One Financial states that it is located at 5000 Birch St W Tower, Suite 3000, Newport Beach, CA 92660 with a phone number of (888) 253-4463.

I Google mapped the differences between the two offices as they are both located in Southern California, and it shows an 11 minute drive, so the entities appear close together, but that doesn’t mean that they are at all connected.


Secure One Financial appears to send mailers to individuals stating that they are pre-approved for a loan. I could not find Secure One Financial in the list of California finance and lenders, so it’s unclear whether they are a lender or may be a referral service.

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