Man Vs. Debt Links Of The Week: 4/3/09

This week’s links come early due to the fact that I’ve recently been battling the stomach flu.  I’d prefer to run these over the weekend, however today is your lucky day as they’ve been bumped up due to my illness!

This week was a great one for personal finance around the web.  The entire month of April is Financial Literacy Month, which means everyone is kicking it into overdrive to bring awesome personal finance content to the web.

My Content!

I’ve gotten a ton of great feedback on my “The Real Price Of Spending While In Debt:  $6.25 Footlong!” If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, please do.  Most of all, thanks for the exciting feedback!


I was really surprised at the great content from the various blog carnivals this week.  I discovered several great blogs I had not yet seen and initiated conversations with many other fascinating bloggers.  I participated in the following carnivals this week:

My Favorite Links

April Fool’s Jokes

There were a lot of websites that were “sold” or “up for sale” this past April 1st.  I guess I should have gone that route since my April Fool’s Joke fell flat on its face.  My favorite by far was at  He mixed thought and humor well, without trying too hard (like me).

Last, but not least…  Personal Finance Hour!

I’m a big fan of the Personal Finance Hour put on by Jim Wang and J.D. Roth.  This weeks full audio can be heard here, which concentrated on emergency funds.  Next weeks show is on “balance”, a topic that is near and dear to anyone who tends to be a little obsessive about their passions (anyone have a mirror?).

Hope everyone had a good week, I know I did.  I’m excited to see the new content that comes out as Financial Literacy Week continues to roll along.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Man Vs. Debt to get free updates!

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