But There Was One Person…


When I first failed out of college – and went to work at a local pizza shop – most people didn’t talk about it. But there was one person who came to eat and visit me in my first couple of days working there.

When I started running poker tournaments for a living, most people were only interested if they wanted to come play themselves. But there was one person who always asked me how the tournaments were doing, despite having no interest in playing.

When I joined and started selling an MLM company, most people laughed at me (and ran away). But there was one person who supported me, even bought from me, and believed I could make it into whatever I wanted.

When I got my real estate license, most people shied away from bringing up real estate around me (I guess they thought I would try to sell them). But there was one person who immediately asked for information, help, and advice.

When Courtney and I told people we were selling everything we own, paying down our debt, and moving to Australia, most people in our life thought we were crazy. But there was one person who cried tears of joy.

And when I decided to start sharing my journey online, most people assumed it would just be a silly little blog. But there was one person who read every early post, celebrated my progress, and believed it could be much bigger.


Courtney, Milli, and I have had a fairly eclectic journey in the past few years, no one can doubt that.

But no matter where that journey took us, there was one person who was always interested…

One person who was always first to offer support…

My mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to Mom, Grandma, Courtney, and all the mother’s of the world!

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  1. I can relate – my mom was my biggest fan, in everything I ever tried (and failed). I miss her, and I miss her encouraging words. As a parent, I’m trying to encourage my kids in the same way – get out there and try new things, fail, learn, grow, repeat.

  2. Your Mom sounds like a pretty cool lady! The world would be better with more like her. I hope I’m that kind of parent. Cheers to your Mom!

  3. It sounds as though you have an amazing support system and your mother actually read the mothers guide book and followed it to the letter. So many have inflating expectations and nag rather than support.


  4. Hi Baker – Didn’t know you failed out of college. Why did you do so? Do you have an old post out there explaining why? If not, would love to understand in a new post.

    thnx, Sam

  5. Adam,
    I work with your mother every day and just cried reading this. Much of her life’s joy comes from her children (and children-in-law and grandchildren). She is so proud of who you are, and I don’t blame her.

  6. Outstanding post.

    I love how you chronicled major life events and related them to your relationship with a such a strong support person. Your mom is a very good lead to follow for all the parents who read this. When we have children of our own, I believe the biggest gift we can give them is self worth. All areas of life become easier when you have inherent confidence. I believe that it is a learned trait, nurtured in the supportive environment of great families.

    My mom sounds like your mom and that is most likely why we have both done tons of things that other people think is “crazy”, or personally very challenging.

    Great mom tribute. Thanks. Bianca

  7. What you are doing is so admired. I just recently retired after 44 full time years in the work force while married and raising three children. It was hard and I’m still recuperating from the daily grind. Our debt was horrendous. We put two through college using credit cards and helped one through troubled times using home equity and credit cards. I’ve always talked about starting a campaign to get people to buy into a debt free life. Credit card companies practice predatory, discriminating, and unfair lending and interest ratings. If we all stuck together and followed your path, credit card companies would become more fair in meeting customer needs instead of increasing their bottom line pockets. I just paid off my car and am paying off credit cards. It’s not the American Way but it’s the right thing to do in my case. I can’t match what your family is doing but I thank you for sharing your story, it just gives me more determination to do what’s best for our family.

  8. It’s so true of who actually supports you even when everything else crumbles around you. For all the moms out there, happy mother’s day all year round.

    Dwight Anthony
    Financially Elite Blog dot Com

  9. Adam, I know exactly what you are talking about. I too had a very supportive mother (my fan #1!) and I cherish every moment I was able to be with her. I’m very happy that you fully understand just how lucky you are to have such a great woman in your life. Best of luck with the blog!


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