Personal Update: Stuff, Fat, & Facebook

No big or bold news on the home front this week!

I did, however, want to thank all of you for an amazing discussion on religion and spirituality on Monday.  To be honest, I fully expected to have to delete or moderate some people (it can be an intense issue).  I should have known better, though.

I didn’t have to delete or moderate a single comment.  There were a wide variety of viewpoints expresses and while some were strong, I considered none over-the-line.  It’s awesome to have that type of community here!  Thank you.

Note: And don’t worry… this isn’t a video blog now.  Both posts this coming week are text!

Add me on Facebook (and other sites)!

I’ve had Facebook forever, but had been keeping it relatively separate from Man Vs. Debt.  No longer!  If you’re currently on Facebook, please add me below:

In case you just can’t get enough, here are other ways you can connect with me!

If you are still bored, just e-mail me:  Baker @ ManVsDebt . com 😉

Updated the ‘Stuff’ page

This week I also updated our list of possessions over on the stuff page.  We’ve gotten rid of a couple things and added one or two we forgot.

I couple of you have requested more information on the ‘gear’ we use (travel, electronics, etc…), so I’ve included some Amazon links and made the items more specific as requested.

I’ve also included a section for items that we are using, but don’t own.  This is actually more so that we remember the items that are being ‘borrowed’, etc…  🙂

Man Vs. Fat

Thanks for all the support over on Man Vs. Fat.

I wanted to let everyone know that although I’ve decided not to respond to comments actively over there, I still receive and read each one.  Some of them have been really helpful!  I appreciate it.

I’m two weeks in and the accountability is amazing.  Having to photograph everything is doing wonders to make me conscious to the eating process.  I don’t have a scale, but I know I’ve lost weight.  More importantly I am feeling MUCH better already.

This is going to turn out to be one of the smartest little side projects I started.  Thanks a bunch!

The Week Ahead

This week I’m planning a really cool resource of quotes, some reflections on giving, and possibly an update on the progress of our ‘war’.

I’m even tossing around the idea of doing a ‘Guest posting’ week in the next week or two.  Where I’ll take guest post submissions and feature the 5 best, 1 per day, Monday through Friday.  I’m not 100% on this, but I’m hoping it would allow me to finish the e-book up.  E-mail me if this sounds appealing. 😉

Look forward to interacting with you all tomorrow!

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