Smart Money Habits for a More Effective Lifestyle

Most of us desire to become more prosperous and wealthy in life. Yet, not too many of us consider ourselves to be highly successful considering our money, relationships, and even spirituality.  So what’s the secret to achieving financial success? Financial success can be achieved by doing the right things. If you want to accumulate a certain level of wealth, you have to be willing to play the money game. Managing your money is even more essential in the process of job seeking and salary negotiations require a deep understanding of how to deal with our finances. 

What is the Money Game? 

You have to play the money game long enough to become good at it. The good thing about it is that you can learn it. Often, people resist for various reasons to learn to play well at this game. If you don’t like money, including having negative beliefs and thought patterns about it, money won’t like you. We are generally attracted to things and people, which and who are also attracted to us. The money game is also supposed to be one, where you double your money.

The question is, how soon can you double your money? What risks are you willing to take up? You should know the amount you want to reach in a given time. For instance, I want to have a million dollars in 10 years. Then, based on the current amount of money you have, you have to start playing the doubles game. In other words, how many times do you have to double your money to get to one million dollars? If the risks and period are clear, you are on the right path.

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Money in a way needs to be tamed. We, as people, don’t like to be romantically involved with a desperate partner. Money similarly doesn’t like desperate people. You need to learn to attract money in a certain way. The right order should not be letting money attract you, but you should attract the right amount of money into your experience. It’s a kind of seduction game, which, if you learn to play it well, money can start to flow in your life from different sources. It is also important to strategize your money based on your risk to prevent unexpected risks.

The Types of People Money Like

This is not a guessing game; money is attracted to people who know exactly what they are doing. Similar to women who prefer men that know what they are doing, hence are attracted to those types of males. The next thing you should consider is timing in business. It is when you have to cut down on your expenses to be able to expand your business into new territories. You often have to listen to your inner voice which alerts you to cut down on extra expenses on time!

The best way to learn good timing is through experience. The best timing to buy, invest, when you can just maintain your finances without much progress, timing on when you stay liquid, etc. All the decisions you make have a crucial aspect of timing. Money, on the other hand, needs movement, similar to the body’s circulation. Your money could get easily bored. If your money stays too long in an account, chances are, it’s going somewhere where it is used better. 

If you keep money somewhere, and it isn’t working, it usually goes to someone else who understands it more. Don’t we do the same in our relationships? If we get too bored with our partner, we tend to move on, especially in our instant society, to someone who better understands, and treats us, so we don’t get too bored next to this person. If you want to get the best results, make sure that your money is always on the move, making even more for you. 

Having a Crises Account

It is your must-have account no one should know about, anyhow weird that may sound. None of your family members, partner, husband, wife, friends, co-workers, and even kids. What should you use this account for?  This account should be strictly used in a crisis, which doesn’t mean emergencies! 

It can sit on your savings account, or you could keep it as cash somewhere hidden in your home. This should be an extra account besides your emergency one! A secret crises account can save your business, or life one day! No one knows about it, yet it does what it is meant to do: save the things that seem to be inescapable! If you’re having trouble finding your dream job, it is important to maintain mental fortitude. Using job search platforms such as Lensa allow you to test your skills to provide more accurate job recommendations and thus more opportunities.

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Having a Lavish Lifestyle

You shouldn’t lead a lavish lifestyle just to show off. You shouldn’t spend too much on things like first-class flight tickets unless you have at least millions of US dollars in your bank account. If you fly frequently and save the extra expenses on business flights, you could use that amount to employ extra staff in your business, or on advertising. You should think twice about what things you want to spend an extra amount of money on, which could create more value elsewhere.    

Crises Mentality

Crises is being promoted by mass media because when people hear about it, they can be kept in fear. If you look at the credit crunch in 2008, when the financial market plummeted, everyone started to pull their money out of the stock market. If you had left your money in some shares, imagine what it could be worth today! A lot of compounding money was lost because people started panicking out of the end of the world mindset. Better to learn to manage crises times!

The smartest people tend to become wealthy during these times of crisis! In these times the cash that you set aside earlier could bring you unexpected results! This is not the boring money you keep and don’t allow it to move, this should be your crises money, that no one knows about! Do you remember? History shows, when there is a crisis, several people always become wealthy! Because you can get everything at a discounted price!

Study Your Politicians and Tax System

You need to have a clear picture of your tax system at all times. If you study the decisions of your politicians, especially of your prime minister’s, then you can always adjust your taxes accordingly. If they cut down on taxes, you need to change your lifestyle correspondingly. This could be a great time to start your business for instance. You always need to move with the current!

Never Compare Yourself With Others

You should never compare your financial level with your family members, friends, or anyone. You only have to focus on your money game, not on others’. You cannot play your game at the level of someone much higher than you because it is not the same game! If you played on their levels, not learning all the lessons they have to get to that level, chances are, you would lose a lot of money! You need to climb your space on the money ladder.

You may not want to become a millionaire or a billionaire! You may want to have $ 5 million a day, that’s fine! You need to make sure you are happy with your game and don’t do something which isn’t for you. Have a strategy, and put a plan next to it that works for you. Stop comparing yourself with others!

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