Lenders in Florida Who Specialize in Personal Loans

Florida residents may find themselves with unexpected expenses just like anyone else. In addition, however, they may face additional disasters from things like hurricanes and flooding. Furthermore, Florida’s economy is still recovering from COVID-19. Many people may not have the funds to cover financial emergencies. A personal loan can come to the rescue.

Florida has many personal loan companies to choose from. Each one has merits that will meet the various needs of Floridians.

We also found Best Egg for debt reduction and Upgrade for home remodeling are two more lenders to consider for specific funding requirements. SoFi offers the most incredible deals for borrowers with good credit, while Upstart is the best option for individuals with poor credit.

Upstart: The Best for Bad Credit

Upstart is the finest lender for personal loans in Florida if you have a low credit score. Florida is one of the 48 states where Upstart is offered, and it was created in 2012.

Due to Upstart’s low 300 credit score requirement, even applicants with poor credit can be approved for personal loans. Additionally, it enables lenders to change payment dates to suit their requirements. Finally, this lender employs artificial intelligence to qualify consumers, especially if your credit history isn’t too extensive.

Loans from Upstart have durations of three or five years with an interest rate that ranges from 3.22% to 35.99%. Since Upstart does soft credit checks, you may see if you prequalify without impacting your credit score.

The online application procedure for Upstart is quick and straightforward, but depending on your creditworthiness, you could have to pay origination costs of up to 8%. On the other hand, borrowers may manage their accounts effortlessly using Upstart’s web platform.

Pros and Cons

A+ BBB score There are just two choices for term limits.
300 is the low minimum credit score required Sets late fees
No early payment fees No mobile app
Options for flexible payments
sensitive credit inquiry

SoFi: The Best for Good Credit

If you have a strong credit score, MoneyGeek discovered that SoFi is Florida’s top lender for personal loans. SoFi was established in 2011 and is now accessible in Florida and the other 49 states.

SoFi provides personal loan limits of up to 100,000, making it a viable choice for Florida customers seeking large loan sums. Additionally, there aren’t any origination, prepayment, or penalty costs for customers of this loan.

The least amount you may borrow is $5,000, but the online application procedure is quick and straightforward. This lender might not be the ideal choice for more minor lending needs. If you lose your work, SoFi offers unemployment insurance where you can change your monthly bills for up to 12 months.

Since a SoFi personal loan demands a minimal credit rating of 680 and a total income of at minimum $50,000, not everyone will be eligible for one. In addition, this lender might not be the best choice if you need money for an emergency since, in some circumstances, cash distribution could take up to 7 days, depending on the payment amount.

Pros and Cons

A+ BBB score Payment might take up to a week to process.
There are no early payment fees. Requires employment and a $50,000 minimum annual gross income.
elevated loan limits $5,000 minimum loan amount minimum
Zero late fees

Upgrade: The Best for Debt Consolidation

Upgrade is the ideal lender if you need a debt consolidation loan in Florida. All 50 states, especially Florida, provide Upgrade.

With durations of three to five years, Upgrade gives customers adjustable loan limits spanning from $1,000 to $50,000. If the loan is for debt management, you can decide to have your money paid to your creditors directly.

Additionally, loans are disbursed quite rapidly. Therefore, Upgrade is a wonderful choice if you require a personal loan for unanticipated expenses. However, you will be responsible for origination costs, and late payments will also result in penalties.

A minimum credit score of 560 is required to qualify for an Upgrade personal loan. Borrowers do not need to meet minimum gross income criteria to be eligible for personal loans from Upgrade, but they do need to be employed. Additionally, there are restrictions on how the money may be used, including for unlawful acts, paying for college, and making investments.

Pros and Cons

A+ BBB score Sets late fees
Loans are disbursed quickly origination fees are levied
Prepayment costs are not assessed Hefty interest rates beginning at 5.94%
Available prequalification with a soft credit inquiry
There is no minimum required gross income

SimpleFastLoans: The Best for Flexible Plans

If you want a great, complete package featuring an easy application process, flexible repayment plans, and low-interest rates, then SimpleFastLoans is second to none. SimpleFastLoans is a licensed and reputable lender serving the state of Florida.  Please note that fast loans often carry very high interest rates that could put you in a worse off financial position.

SimpleFastLoans has an easy, online application process that only takes minutes to complete. Customers will be pleased to find out if they are approved within minutes after an income and ID check. Once they gain approval, they will get their funds deposited by the next business day.

The amount of money people can borrow ranges from $200 to $3,000. Moreover, they can take out a personal loan, a line of credit, or an installment loan. Borrowers will also negotiate a repayment plan that meets their needs. SimpleFastLoans has excellent customer service representatives who are always on standby to help.

Low interest rates Cannot borrow past $3,000
Loans are in an account by the next business day Not available in some states
Online application
Loans to people with little to no credit
Excellent customer service

Advice for Florida Personal Loan Applicants

  • Begin locally. Your local small banks and credit unions could provide competitive personal loan rates. Because they frequently accept applicants with bad credit and are required by law to have low APR limitations (18% for federal credit unions), credit unions can be especially beneficial.
  • Limit the number of loans you request. Numerous elderly people in Florida are on fixed incomes. If that applies to you, remember that you will need more money to make payments, and a higher credit score, the more significant the loan you request.
  • Prequalify yourself. Finding the finest personal loan available in your state might be challenging. However, many lenders allow you to pre-qualify to determine your chances of acceptance and estimate the rates you could get. The free prequalification tool from WalletHub allows you to check with several lenders.
  • Beware of unscrupulous lenders. There are many excellent personal loan alternatives, but there are just as many lenders who impose exorbitant rates. Never apply to a lender with a maximum APR of 36%. Avoid providing personal details on any webpage that doesn’t have “HTTP” in front of it and be on the lookout for scammers.
  • Think about online lenders. Most internet lenders work across the country and frequently provide the quickest personal loan approvals. Florida is listed as having the third-highest percentage of loans from internet lenders by Experian.

What if You Can’t Get a Personal Loan in Florida?

Applications for personal loans frequently get rejected. Your application might be rejected for several reasons, including not meeting the qualifying minimums. Spend some time asking the lender the specifics of your application’s rejection.

You may use this information to understand better what aspects you need to work on to qualify for personal loans. Additionally, you could learn that you’re eligible for a loan with a shorter period or for a less sum than you initially requested.

Potential reasons you were rejected, you may be able to find a lender at a different firm if you are dismissed. But before reapplying, it’s essential to concentrate on strengthening your creditworthiness. Payday loans should also be avoided as much as possible because they frequently feature high-interest rates and short payback terms.

Final Thoughts

Two other lenders to consider for specific funding requirements are Best Egg for debt relief and Upgrade for house improvement. SoFi has the most amazing offers for borrowers with solid credit, while Upstart is the most excellent choice for those with bad credit. 

SimpleFastLoans is the best option for people looking for loan flexibility and convenience. Their choice of three loan types can meet the needs of many looking for cash to solve an expensive problem. Furthermore, customers will not find better customer service and ease going elsewhere.

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