Expert Trading Strategies to Reduce Risk for MT4 Users

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Since its inception in 2005, MT4 has continued to give money market traders a platform to put their hearts and money on the line for profit’s sake. MT4’s popularity can be attributed to its easy-to-use interface and programmable algorithms. Despite these amazing features, sound risk management techniques allow traders to enjoy long-term profits. With that in mind, let us look at smart risk management strategies you can use for safer transactions on the MT4 platform.

Risk Management Strategies

The financial market is not without risks. However, smart risk management strategies can help you make the most of your risk decisions. Let’s look at some of them.

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Effective Planning

The first thing you want to plan is who your broker will be. Different brokers meet different needs. Some are built for occasional transactions, while others are designed for frequent trading. While the former charge higher rates, the latter are comparatively cheaper and have more features and tools for trade analysis. Most brokers support the MT4 trading platform. So traders have many options when choosing the right broker for Mt4 trading.

Another thing you want to look at in your planning is at what point you will initiate Stop-loss and Take-profit orders. When you jump into the market without pre-planning at what amount you will buy and at what amount you will sell, you may risk losing it all because your emotions may take over your sense of probable forecasting. 

Emotional Management

This may not be something you can see on paper, but it may determine your trading decisions. According to research, most of our choices, including how we trade, are influenced by how we feel at that moment or about the decision. If anyone is clicking those buttons, it’s you. This is why learning to manage emotions such as greed and anxiety is essential, as these can cloud your judgment and impact your trade outcomes. 

Here, it’s also important to mention that trade outcomes can influence emotional judgment. So, it’s important to only trade with deposits you are comfortable with. An excellent way to do this is to employ the 1% rule. This rule states that traders should not trade with amounts higher than 1% of their entire trading capital. According to experts, this rule is significant for traders whose trading accounts do not have up to a $100,000 balance. Some adventurous traders may want to increase theirs to 2%, but this implies higher risk. For traders who have amounts way more than $100,000, they may want to trade with amounts lower than 1% ‘s worth of their entire trading capital. 

MT4 has a risk management indicator, which is simple to install and apply. A risk management indicator allows you to manage your risk from your MT4 chart, automatically remove orders, and check the account’s total profit and loss level.

Deciding Stop-Loss and Take-Profit Points 

The beauty of this strategy is that it limits losses before they escalate. When you fix a set-loss point, it means that at a specific price, the trader will make a sale and take a loss before it becomes bigger. The Take-profit point, on the other hand, is a price at which the trader may want to sell their stock after an upward run before it reaches a resistance level. Traders can easily set stop loss and take profit levels on MT4 when entering a trade. 

Setting up stop-loss orders and calculating your risk-reward ratio (RRR) go hand in hand. An RRR is a risk management tool that compares your entry point, stop-loss, and take-profit orders to identify variations. Knowing your RRR helps you manage and restrict your risks, allowing you to benefit without second-guessing every order. A minimum RRR of 1:2 is a reasonable starting point if you are a new trader. 

You can determine the probability of gain and loss by looking at historical records for breakdowns and breakouts from their points of resistance or support. You can also evaluate the value of expected returns. 

Here is a simple formula you can use:

[(PG x TP) + (PL x SL)] = Expected Returns

Where PG = Probability of Gain, TP = Take Profit, PL = Probability of Loss, and SL = Stop Loss.

MT4 allows traders to set stop loss and take profit levels when entering a trade. Another essential feature of MT4 is a trailing stop loss order. These are stop-loss orders that automatically track price movements. This order allows traders to lock in winnings by modifying the stop loss level as the price approaches the objective. Trailing stop loss orders are especially effective in turbulent markets, where prices can change fast and unpredictably.

Stay Updated

Profit and losses are often caused by sudden fluctuations in price movements. You can mitigate potential losses by staying ahead via updates on regulations from Central Banks, market trends, and political happenings. 

Learn To Trade Using Demo Accounts

You can use demo accounts if you are still trying to build your confidence in forex. Demo accounts simulate genuine transactions so that you do not lose real money. With demo accounts, you can learn how to make good trading decisions and have a go at reducing the occurrence of losses in the real money market. 

Image credit: PIX1861 via Pixabay

Implementing Smart Risk Management for MT4 Traders

As MT4 traders continue to battle the vagaries of the forex marketplace, it is essential to implement these intelligent risk management strategies. By employing effective planning, emotional control, the 1% rule, and the evaluation of expected returns, one can stay one step ahead of potential losses.

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