Easiest Way To Get Car Insurance in Fredericton

Car owners and drivers in Fredericton consider themselves privileged with a wide plethora of choices when it comes to purchasing their insurance policy. Thanks to the competitive insurance industry in New Brunswick, you have been paying a moderately low premium all these years. Do you know you still have a door to curtail your insurance costs?

Residing in the capital of New Brunswick brings you a strong public transportation system. However, Fredericton has yet to have rail services connecting the city to other parts of Canada. Naturally, residents need to take the long roadways while moving in and out of the city. The two main bridges, Princess Margaret Bridge and Westmoreland Street Bridge, mostly remain congested.

Naturally, you would be hunting for an affordable car insurance in Fredericton policy to cover your car against the perils. Consulting a reputed insurance broker like Surex can help you with valuable policy recommendations. 

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What’s the easiest way to buy car insurance in Fredericton?

Consulting an established insurance broker is the easiest way to purchase car insurance in Fredericton. Here’s why you should work with a broker rather than make the decision yourself.

Insurance brokers are industry specialists who have adequate knowledge of the perks and downsides of each insurance company. Based on your risk profile, they can recommend the right policy to ensure adequate coverage.

Working with brokers eliminates your requirement to research the top companies that offer car insurance in Fredericton. Reputed brokers work only with verified insurers who are responsible enough to process claims on time.

Reputed brokers can help you obtain customized quotes for your policy with specific requirements in minutes. This implies that you need not waste weeks comparing policies online or visiting local branches of top insurers.

One of the finest perks of looping in an insurer is their ability to help you bank on discounts and rebates. They keep track of these offers over the years. Based on your profile and eligibility, brokers recommend the right policy so that you can reap these benefits.

Whether it comes to renewing your policy, reminding you about the renewal date, or completing formalities for filing a claim, insurance brokers do the needful for their clients.

Top tips from insurance brokers to reduce your premiums

Here are some tips from the leading brokers that should help you reduce your premiums on car insurance in Fredericton, NB.

  1. Maintain a clean driving record

In the first place, drive safely to keep your record clean of red marks. All insurers prefer checking the driving record of drivers while determining the premiums. Traffic tickets and demerit points can tarnish your track record as a driver. So, comply with the rules while you sit at the steering wheel and respect the provincial norms. 

This would minimize your chances of landing in a traffic conviction, keeping your record clean. Remember, car crashes can haunt your driving record for up to a decade. This can significantly result in higher cash outflows in the form of premiums.

  1. Increase your deductible

Have you decided to keep your deductible low and claim most of the compensation from your insurer? Well, this is a poor decision if you are an experienced driver. When you are confident at the wheel, consider increasing your deductible to $1,000. This can help you save around 30% or even more on your premiums.

In case of an accident where you are at fault, you need to pay this deductible before your insurer compensates for the rest of the financial outflow.

  1. Drive the right car

Are you driving a sports car or a luxury vehicle with lots of sophisticated features? Maybe this is driving your insurance costs so high!

Expensive models and cars susceptible to theft intensify your risk profile. Naturally, insurers find it challenging to cover these cars at low premiums. To keep your premiums low, consider switching to a car with a high crash-test score. Brokers recommend car owners drive vehicles with low theft ratings or engines that are not so powerful. Consider using a low-profile vehicle as long as your rides are comfortable and safe.

  1. Avoid extra coverage

In case you missed getting professional guidelines while renewing your last insurance, you might have a few unnecessary benefits on your policy. For instance, experienced drivers can overlook add-ons like accident forgiveness. Again, you can refrain from purchasing collision coverage or a depreciation waiver if your car is old enough.

Depending on your budget and risk profile, reputed insurance brokers can recommend the right optional packages and riders. A strategic stance while choosing these benefits can keep premiums affordable for you.

  1. Install safety devices

Installing safety devices like anti-lock brakes, alarms and GPS in your car decreases its risk profile. Since your car would be less susceptible to theft, insurance companies are likely to lower your premium.

Also, consider installing winter tires as per your provincial requirements. This can help you save between 3% and 5% on your annual car insurance premiums. Your insurance broker can recommend vehicle-specific devices to further curtail insurance costs.

  1. Go for usage-based insurance

Young drivers often repent paying larger insurance premiums owing to their high-risk profiles. So, if you are a teenage driver or have been paying high premiums due to any other reasons, consider using telematics. 

With this system, your insurer would be informed about your driving habits. Try to drive safely without indulging in abrupt speeding or braking. This evidence-oriented system can significantly help you curtail insurance costs.


Finding affordable car insurance Fredericton, New Brunswick wouldn’t be a challenge as long as you maintain a safe driving profile. However, not everything on the roads is under your control. In case the inevitable happens, and you end up with a few red marks on your driving record, there’s nothing to worry about.

With experienced car insurance brokers ready to customize policies for you, rest assured of paying lower premiums. Consult these experienced insurance professionals so that you can capitalize on incentives, discounts, and rebates. Besides, the experts will compare quotes from multiple insurers in a few minutes for your convenience.

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