Do Window Cleaning Companies Need Insurance?

If you have a window cleaning company, then it’s salient to get window cleaning insurance. Window washers are at enormous risk when they get up on those scaffolds. Unfortunately, these accidents are one of the most common in this industry, so it’s best to check out your options in terms of insurance.

Businesses face daily challenges, and it’s better to be proactive and invest in your company’s future. For example, determining what types of insurance your window cleaning company might need protects your business from potential financial ruin. 

It would be best if you considered financial protection, protecting your employees, and having a policy that protects you against client lawsuits. Depending on how your window cleaning operates, here are some of the most important insurances you might need.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is the first type of insurance you should consider. This one doesn’t even depend on the business type, as most organizations opt for one to be safe at all times. Usually, small businesses are more likely to get sued than corporations, so if a customer sues, this has you covered.

A customer can sue you for causing them an injury or property damage. For example, your window washers might drop their equipment on a person’s head. This person is entitled to some compensation for the injury he has sustained. 

If you have general liability insurance, this will pay for medical treatment, property damage caused by employees, and legal fees, and covers the amounts in case you get sued for slander.

Another thing to consider is that customers always hire window cleaning companies with this insurance. In some states, this is mandatory; otherwise, you won’t receive your window cleaning license.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

All general liability insurance comes with limits, and you usually select those imposed limits. However, sometimes a claim might go beyond those limits, and you must cover them independently. For example, your liability insurance has a limit of $25,000, and the court awards the person suing your company $50,000 in damages. Therefore, you will need to cover the remaining about from your pocket.

An umbrella liability insurance kicks in when you have reached your liability insurance limit. This policy covers the excess payment after the general insurance gets used.

Commercial Property Insurance

Most window cleaning companies have a brick-and-mortar store, a business headquarter. It is where all the equipment gets stored and where employees gather. Property and equipment are considered the most critical assets; thus, they must be protected. They can be stolen or damaged by fire or other types of events.

If you have commercial property insurance, you can rebuild and buy new equipment in no time. Without this insurance, most companies go bankrupt because rebuilding costs are too high. How much will the window cleaning insurance cost for these extreme situations? Customers pay an average of $60 per month, but each business is unique, so the price might vary.  

Overall, getting all the necessary insurance for your window cleaning business helps you against financial ruin and attracts more customers. It will also make your business look more professional.

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