What Dave Ramsey Thinks About Dental Insurance

Dave Ramsey, a popular personal finance expert that’s outspoken about a wide range of finance-related decisions expressed his opinion on dental insurance. In fact, Dave Ramsey may have ideas about Christian health insurance. Let’s dig into what he thinks.

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Does Dave Ramsey think that Dental Insurance is Worth It?

Dave Ramsey is traditionally not a fan of dental insurance (See Dave’s video :02), and he sees it as paying for more than you’ll ever get in return. He believes that insurance is not a good deal if it won’t be used, and dental insurance is one that most people hardly utilize. He’s of the opinion that an average person doesn’t need dental services beyond one or two cleanings yearly.

Since the national average cost for cleaning is about $80, it makes no sense to subscribe to dental insurance that requires a premium that exceeds that.

Does Dave Ramsey Endorse any Insurance Companies?

Dave Ramsey has not endorsed any dental insurance company. However, he recommends that users make use of 1Dental, which is a Dental Access plan and not a traditional dental insurance plan.

1Dental sells dental discount plans at a reasonable process. And in return, the subscriber will make savings all year round for orthodontic and dental procedures. An added benefit is that it offers a free vision discount opportunity.

By using 1Dental, you’ll enjoy the following:

  • Dental insurance that’s cost-effective
  •  Saving on some common processes like dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers etc.

What are the Alternatives to Dental Insurance?

As much as 80% of Americans had one form of dental insurance or the other at the end of 2018; something Dave Ramsey describes as a poor financial decision. So what alternatives can you take advantage of:

1. Self-pay

This is undoubtedly the first option that’ll come to your mind. However, you should note that dental fees vary from $60 to $200 to clean your teeth. For X-rays, you may pay as much as $250.

2. Prevention

Most dental problems are something that can be prevented. The most effective way to cut dental expenses is by appropriately taking care of your gums and teeth. For example, the avoidance of carbonated drinks, acidic foods and fruit juices can make your enamel last. You may want to read the recommendation of the American Dental Association on how to floss and how to brush effectively.

3. Federally qualified health centers

There are lots of private dental centers around the country that are subsidized by the government to offer cheap dental services. You can make use this clinic locator to find one.

4. Use a Rural Dentist

Dentists that reside in rural areas usually charge lower than those in urban areas. You just need to locate an ADA member in a rural area to get started.

Dave Ramsey’s Advice about Saving on Dental Care

In one of his articles titled “save on things health insurance doesn’t cover.” Dave Ramsey sheds some light on how to save on dental care. He suggested the following:

Find a suitable deal

If you’re a follower of Dave Ramsey’s podcasts or you’re an avid reader of some of his web blog posts, you’ll notice that he’s very keen on getting the best value for money. One way he advises is by searching around for options before locking in on a deal.  You can search through sites like Living Social and Groupon for a great option. Ideally, you should opt for an option that’s between $50 and $60.

Find another option

If the money needed for your diagnostic is out of your budget range, which is usually the situation with procedures like braces or root canal. Then you should get other options and check through other platforms and offices.

Take advantage of your HSA.

If you have a Health Savings Account, then you should take advantage of it to cover health-related costs.

Ask for a payment plan and a discount

Do you have to work you’ll need to get done in a hurry, and then you can ask your health service provider for a payment plan and discounts.

Visit a dental school

For preventive care and X-rays, you should consider getting your diagnosis done in a dental school. There’s no doubt that this may be more time-consuming than you expected as they have a more strict process for doing things, but it offers a great value for money.

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