A Detailed Admitad Review (2023 Edition) 

Looking to expand your affiliate marketing reach? Admitad is a leading affiliate network that offers high-tech solutions for advertisers, publishers, and influencers of all sizes. 

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your affiliate marketing to the next level, Admitad’s innovative and ethical approach to performance marketing makes it a winning choice.

What is Admitad?

Admitad primarily utilizes Cost-Per-Action (CPA) affiliate programs, which provide advertisers with reliable sources of sales and publishers with new business models to monetize traffic. By connecting reputable advertisers with satisfied customers around the world, Admitad helps both parties achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

At Admitad, collaboration is more than just ordinary business relations. The company values close relationships with its partners and works closely with them to make their ambitions a reality. With headquarters in Heilbronn, Germany, and branches in Switzerland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and India, Admitad has become a leading global network with seven offices worldwide.

Product Categories

For advertisers, the Admitad platform provides access to more than 100,000 active publishers around the world, who use various models to promote their products of choice. And for publishers, Admitad offers a wide range of options, including bloggers, influencers, price comparison and review website owners, email marketers, cashback service sites, and media buyers. Publishers can choose from over 40 categories of products to promote, ensuring a perfect fit for every niche.

Travel & Tourism: With more than 179 programs, including Booking.com, Emirates, MaxMilhas, and Tez Tour, Admitad’s travel and tourism category is sure to have options for all your travel needs.

Online Stores: Looking to promote online stores? Admitad has you covered, with over 1,686 programs available, including SHEIN, Answear, AliExpress, and Reliance Digital.

Financial Programs: If you’re interested in promoting financial programs, Admitad has more than 117 options available, including Revolut, Zonky, Hotline Finance, and Paisabazaar CreditScore.

Online Games: For those interested in promoting online games, Admitad has more than 146 programs available, including Kinguin, Enlisted, Raid, and League Of Angels.

Mobile Programs: Looking to promote mobile apps? Admitad has over 21 programs available, including MTC Music, Skyeng, Mamba, and Joom.

Online Services: If you’re interested in promoting online services, Admitad has more than 440 programs available, including Harappa, Times Of India, Medibuddy, and Skyeng.

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5 Pros of the Admitad Model

Admitad may be just what you need. Here are five advantages of the Admitad network that set it apart from the competition:

  1. Many Exclusive Offers: With more than 130 advertisers choosing Admitad as their exclusive affiliate network, you’ll have access to exclusive affiliate programs that aren’t available through other networks. This gives you a unique advantage when it comes to promoting certain products and services.
  2. More Tools And Apps: Admitad offers publishers a wide range of tools and apps to help boost conversion rates and unlock statistical insights. From Ad Server and SubID to ReTag, discounts, and promo codes, these tools can help you take your affiliate marketing to the next level.
  3. Publisher Advocacy: Admitad is known for its commitment to building relationships with dedicated and professional publishers. They offer a dedicated representative to handle all of your concerns and questions, advocating for your interests in negotiations with advertisers and helping you develop solutions for any issues that arise.
  4. Direct Contact With Advertisers: Admitad regularly brings together top publishers, managers, and advertisers for negotiations and discussions. This provides you with the opportunity to personally know the advertisers you work with, negotiate exclusive terms, and take part in additional advertising campaigns.
  5. Detailed And Transparent Reports: Admitad understands that success in affiliate marketing is driven by data and statistics. That’s why they provide crystal clear and comprehensive reporting, offering a huge range of data in logical and easy-to-understand form. You can even add SubID tracking to your links for more granular statistics and export reports to use with external software.

9 Different Admitad Business Models

Are you looking for a diverse range of affiliate business models to choose from? Look no further than Admitad! With nine different business models to choose from, Admitad has just the right tools to maximize your efficiency, no matter which model you select.

If you’re new to a particular business model, don’t worry. Admitad experts are available to help you develop the best strategy and explain all the technical details involved. They’ll even help you choose the most effective affiliate programs for your chosen model. Here are the nine lucrative models offered by Admitad:

  1. Coupons & Deals: Launch your own coupon website with coupons from different advertisers and use Admitad’s tools to automate the entire process.
  2. Retargeting: Show potential buyers offers of the goods they are looking for even while they are surfing other websites.
  3. Cashback & Rewards: Provide your visitors with extra bonuses such as loyalty points, rewards, gifts, free services, or cash back to give them an incentive to buy from your partners’ online stores.
  4. Social Media: Post targeted ads in social networks, buy commercial publications in popular groups, or create your own groups with interesting content that will attract new subscribers.
  5. Contextual Advertising: Get targeted traffic by posting ads in search systems. Users searching for certain products or services will also see them on websites from the Google Display Network and Yandex Advertising Network.
  6. Web Banner Advertising: Use graphic images with advertising content designed to get potential clients interested and bring them to the advertiser’s website where they can buy or order something, opt-in, or perform another targeted action.
  7. Price Comparison Services: Offer your users the lowest prices on the products they need to gain popularity and grow profits.
  8. E-mail Marketing: Use mass e-mailing to efficiently reach your target audience and deliver advertisers’ offers directly to targeted clients.
  9. Content Projects: Use a blog, forum, or other website dedicated to a specific topic to attract targeted traffic from search engines, including targeted clients of your Admitad advertisers.


Admitad’s impressive numbers speak for themselves, with over 500 million customers worldwide, 100 million leads delivered annually, and a staggering $5 billion revenue potential. If you’re looking to boost your digital marketing income this year, Admitad is undoubtedly a top choice. With a range of business models to choose from, exclusive offers, helpful tools and apps, and transparent reporting, Admitad has everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. So why wait? Sign up today and start maximising your earning potential with Admitad.

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